WBTB thread

Need a place to spend your hour during your WBTB? Look no further! Feel free to post here and discuss lucidity during the wee hours of the night. I personally will be here 2 to 3 am east coast time.

Hey! I only use WBTB to get lucid. Now I try to stay only 20 min. awake (10 min. @ld4all). I’am sure this will work!
EDIT: doesn’t work-now here is my plan:
-week1 35 min of WBTB
-week2 30 min
-week3 25 min
-week4 20 min
-week5 15 min
-week6 10 min
-? maybe then I can dream lucid without any help

I’ve heard (or read rather). Only trying thirty minutes today,

WBTB in addition to MILD is the only way I can get anywhere close to lucidity. I tried combining WBTB with WILD with no success.

Question: What would be the best time to wake up when going to bed at 11:30?

try WBTB after 4-6 hours of healthy sleep

Is trying a WBTB futile if you’ve slept around ten hours already?

If you’re able to fall asleep again, it is always viable. I once went for 12+ hours in a summer day, with 5+ WBTB, trying to see how much dreams I was able to dream and remember :tongue:

I am trying to figure out what is WBTB? Could someone enlighten me please. I know I can look it up in Google but I will be able to understand better if someone just explains or gives me the link to a thread where it has already been explained.

You can put your mouse over the underlined text for a brief explanation. Moreover, the Knowledge Base covers the most common techniques in detail, including WBTB.