W done, but problem with BTB

Hi all. Tonight i tried for the first time the WBTB method. I woke up after 6 hours of sleeping. I surfed the net to oass the 90 mins required for the technique, but after 1 and a half hours I couldnt fall asleep again bcs i was almost fully awake. Does anyone have some tips about that, or should I start trying other methods instead?

The last three nights I slept, I had 3 lucid dreams and it’s all thanks to WBTB and a very light Autosuggestion. But the thing is instead of the “recommended” time to stay awake, my first time I stayed awake 30 mins. And my second time I stayed awake about 15 mins. Last night I stayed awake for 60 mins and the lucid dream I had was the shortest one yet, even shorter than my 1st one.

My conclusion is this:
These techniques need to be adapted by each individual to work perfectly, so maybe you should try staying awake for a shorter period of time, or when you stay awake do some light reading in bead instead of getting out of it and waking yourself up.

Just one Newbie’s advice to another:)

Here is a tutorial if you feel like reading it : [url]How to make sure your WBTB won't fail]

also you can read about WBTB here : [url]BIG WBTB Topic Summary]

Hope you get what you are looking for


you’re not the first person who has come to this conclusion. i never even tried to stay up for 30 minutes or anything… i knew i wouldn’t go back to sleep, plus i don’t have that time in the night. some people go to sleep immediately (like) and we sometimes call it RBTB (right back to bed), but that term isn’t used much. so we just call it WBTB but everyone adjusts it to their own needs.

Well you are right. I hadnt thought about lowering the time I wait. Also, I had my first LD the night before last and maybe it was bcs of a RBTB. I woke up at around 4 in the morning bcs of my alarm, then slept again and woke up after a short LD at 7.