BIG WBTB Topic Summary

BIG WBTB Topic Summary
by r3m0t and Rue

This is simply a short list of all the interesting posts in the BIG WBTB topic with one-line descriptions.

Note: This is only stuff in the topic which is WBTB related, even though some of the other stuff posted there is interesting. Please see this plea for the dead simple explanation.

There may be other summaries written with this format, so if you have any thoughts on how to improve it, please PM me.

The BIG WBTB Topic

Part I, page 1 (22/09/02)
1.1 If you can’t get out of bed, leave a poster to yourself!
1.2 If you can’t get out of bed, sleep for more before you try!
1.3 If you can’t get out of bed, move your alarm clock further away to cause a painful awakening.
1.4 If you can’t get out of bed, drink some water before getting into bed!
1.5 Brainwave generator + WBTB isn’t working; trying some other activities
1.6 WBTB works best for me
1.7 If you can’t get out of bed, condition your mind…
1.8 If you have a roommate and can’t use an alarm, scare them off! :tongue:
1.9 Try acting weird during your WBTB time to set it apart from normal life…

Part I, page 2 (21/11/03)
1.10 Then again, maybe I should spend almost no time awake!
1.11 I’m often too tired to do WBTB properly
1.12 Naps are better than WBTB, at least for me
1.13 I can’t get up with WBTB until about 6am, and then it doesn’t work
1.14 In that case, you might not be waking up fully, unfortunately
1.15 I like WBTB because the day isn’t over even once you’ve gone to sleep
1.16 Be careful when doing WBTB with schools, especially with exams!

Part I, page 3 (02/02/04)
1.17 So far, napping his been better than WBTB for me. I don’t have the willpower…
1.18 I visit the archive0205 between sleeping and it works
1.19 Naps ever work for me, anyway. If only I could get up without waking my brother…
1.20 That isn’t a problem: just use MILD to wake yourself up after dreams.
1.21 Yes, that worked perfectly! I can remember 2-3 dreams in just 7 hours sleep!
1.22 WBTB works best for me and has given me plenty of LDs :grin:
1.23 There is absolutely no way I can get back to sleep with WBTB, as much as I try.
1.24 I’ve had similar problems getting back to sleep.
1.25 Go to sleep earlier, or give up for weekdays :sad:

Part I, page 4 (23/02/04)
1.26 I go for natural sleep though I think mini-WBTB are the way to go.
1.27 I stay up only a few minutes (and WILD back.) A short waking time might help.
1.28 Started WBTB/WILD but I just can’t/don’t want to stay up for half an hour or more.
1.29 Long waking time isn’t necessary even though I don’t aim for it…but it does help me.
1.30 Try and experiment with your best waking time period.
1.31 Really can’t make myself wake up using what you’ve said due to special circumstances.
1.32 If you can’t stay awake, have a bowl of water near to help you wake up.
1.33 Just wake up a few minutes, recall and do MILD.
1.34 …But be sure you’re really woken up.
1.35 Quick question: How long do you stay up?
1.36 I usually just stay up 20-30 minutes although I’m sure it varies.
1.37 Just enough to write a bit in DJ, which is 3-5 min on average and 10 min tops.
1.38 Ok. I’ll try 5 min (enough to write in DJ) then 10 min.
1.39 5 min and I wasn’t really lucid but I did get to have a few powers.
1.40 5 min works for me since I can’t go back to sleep with more min than that.

Part I, page 5 (06/04/2004)
1.41 How long you are awake isn’t important… its how awake you are which matters.
1.42 You should be up at least 10 min but no more than 30 min
1.43 30 mins work well for me
1.44 Does length of sleep have any effect on performing WBTB?
1.45 More sleep means better WBTB for me.
1.46 …But more sleep means that it’ll be harder to perform WBTB, right?
1.47 I can fall back asleep in few minutes after lying awake for 30 min
1.48 I try for 1-2 hours and it works for me.
1.49 5-10 min plus will is best since 10 min or more disturbs quality of sleep
1.50 Staying up x minutes and the MILD to bed experiment
1.51 …These WBTB numbers would be inversely proportional to success with WILD
1.52 Jump online and read/chat about LDing to help in WBTB
1.53 I agree that if you use WBTB/WILD… its better to stay awake with less time.
1.54 So WBTB seems to work well for me.

Part I, page 6 (15/04/2004)
1.55 Write on a DJ then use MILD when you WBTB.
1.56 Break up your sleep so that you’ve been asleep around 10 hours.
1.57 The idea is sound.
1.58 As a general rule; more sleep the better.
1.59 More sleep = harder to awake -> only for some.
1.60 I downloaded a program that plays mp3 at a specific time to help me in WBTB.
1.61 Playing anything related to LD might help you then.
1.62 My mp3 program worked in getting me up.
1.63 I listened to the LaBerge interviews while sleeping; I woke up but couldn’t fall asleep.
1.64 I used WBTB and a strange thing happened; I said in real life what I said in the dream.)
1.65 WILD is so easy when performing WBTB
1.66 That strange thing happened to me too.
1.67 I’m doing WBTB right now and I actually had a semilucid before waking up.

Part 1, page 7 (01/05/2004)
1.68 As you practice LDing, ND’s becomes better.
1.69 Sometimes you can’t afford to wake up late and that’s a problem in WBTB
1.70 As soon as you’re in an LD, use stabilizing techs to improve dream clarity.
1.71 I can’t focus to WILD when I WBTB because of SP.
1.72 You are focused too much and thus keeping yourself awake.
1.73 You’re right, I was trying to visualize too much since I was aiming for VILD in my WBTB.
1.74 WBTB works since it seems to reset your mind to completely LD related thoughts.
1.75 I believe that WBTB tricks your mind that you have slept more than you did.
1.76 I can’t get up to do WBTB. Any suggestions?
1.77 If you are using MILD/WBTB, try WILD/WBTB.

Part I, page 8 (17/05/2004)
1.78 What is the best WILD method when you use WILD/WBTB?

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