Plea for keeping on topic in the BIG threads

This might sound a bit pompous of me, but can people please remember to keep to the topic of a BIG thread? I’m creating a summary for the BIG MILD one at the moment and there was some stuff about WBTB. Very useful, I’m sure, but in a MILD guide it wouldn’t be mentioned.

Conversly, when somebody wishes to make a WBTB tutorial/FAQ/guide thing, they will not be looking in the MILD thread where you posted to find good information. They will only look through the WBTB thread. And if somebody has posted about MILD there… :neutral:

= When the librarians are compiling information and you haven’t posted it in the right thread, your information is lost into the abyss.

Another annoying, pompous, holier-than-thou, high-and-mighty post brought to you by r3m0t.

PS Obvious exception: A newbie posts a few unrelated questions in their own thread, and you reply to all of them convienietly in the same post. Helpful to the newbie, at least. Chances are, thankfully, you’ve posted your stuff elsewhere. So cool. :cool:

So anyone had luck with MILD latley? :tongue:

Dunno. The BIG topic’s been dead, really.

No, I’m not reading every thread with “MILD” in the title. :content:


Isn’t that the point of getting all the information into oen thread. Oh look at the nice search feature.

You don’t get it! :razz:

My point is that when the information is all over the place as it is now it’s hard for librarians like you and I (or is that me?) to collect it.