Problem achieving lucidity (Can't get to SP)

So I’ve been trying to get a LD for some time now and I got a big (I think, I’m still a newbie) problem. I’ve read in almost every article, that, to get a lucid dream (in begginers techniques) you first need to surpass the SP. My problem is that I can’t even get to SP… Or maybe I do but is far far different from what I’ve read. The maximum stage of paralysis I’ve got was to feel a bit heavy in the core (chest, belly, legs and arms) and started to trip around a little, but eventually it’d stop. :sad:
I never saw hallucinations or anything similiar…

I wanted to know how much time do I need to stay “awake” so I can get SP (which is my objective now)? (Note: I’m asking an average time, I know it is depends from people to people).

I would also like to ask if you got any begginers technique/tips?

I hope I made myself clear, if not, be sure to ask what you didn’t understood so I can be more explicit :smile: And correct me if I said anything wrong, I’m here to learn from you guys

Thanks for reading :content:

Lost Era

I guess I need to let you choose your destiny.

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Try to relax! Try to rest on a recliner, sofa or something like that as well. Convince yourself that it’s getting harder and harder to move. Do it for at least 30 minutes and check if you can actually feel you are getting close to it.


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Maybe you are too excited. Stay calm in there and wait for several minutes. It could take more than 100 minutes actually depending on each person. Pay attention on your breathing and meditate, it should help. Most people have SP without realizing, you don’t need to get STUCK in there, maybe your SP is too easy to break and you are actually attaining it without noticing.


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Why are you still trying to WILD if you have trouble with SP? There are several other techniques that are better suited to beginners. There are experienced LDers that take a long time to achieve their first WILD after several MILDs and other types of LDs. I could write examples.

First of all thanks for answering me Tggtt.
Honestly I tried several other techniques and none of this are efficient. Maybe because I’m not on holydays where I can wake up and sleep whenever I want.
I don’t have any problems trying new techniques so if you could name me some I’d be grateful. So what do you think it fits me more?

Thanks for being honest as well. I greatly respect honest people.

Hello again Lost Era.

For a more specific technique I would need to know more about your sleeping and dreaming.
Regardless of that, we always like to recommend MILD, VILD and WBTB under these circumstances.

Recommended Long Read:
Big VILD topic.
MILD Tutorial
Big WBTB Topic

Short Read:
VILD is mostly about imagining the dream setting you would get lucid. Usually by creating a context you would RC.

MILD is about repeating phrases that you want to stick to your mind, so you would probably recall it during the dream, possibly to RC or to be motivated enough.

WBTB is about waking up and getting back to back. Some people fall asleep faster when getting back to bed in the middle of sleep, which helps you to get into a dream much easier than initial bedtime.

Also, the techniques are not 100% fool proof. You cannot expect them to work at first attempt, sorry, but it’s true. You should insist on them.

Thanks once again Tggtt.
For now I’ll try the WBTB one. If it’s sucessful I’ll tell you. If it’s not, I’ll try the others ones, but for now I won’t reply because I’ll take a week or so to fully test it.