The First Steps to WILD (for all basic WILD related Q&A)

OK … i Know that ur supposed to go to sleep for about 4-6 hours then wake up for 2-4 mins and go back to bed, now what?? :confused: :eh: :confused:

can some on eplease help me i would be very very thankfull :shy:

i am some what clear with WILD
but not very sure what is the easiest way
can u help me
like state some clear examples
in specific steps

There are some contradictions in your terms. If you realized you were falling asleep, then there is a strong possibility that your dream was a little lucid (at least at its beginning). Thus it was a WILD. Now if you have realized that you were falling asleep before you dreamt, and the further dream was normal (though you remembered it very well when you woke up), it was not a LD, hence it cannot be a Wake Initiated LD.

Now practice a WILD method :tongue: (for instance, counting or repeating a sentence until you feel you’re floating, or you see strange images in front of your eyes, or hear curious noises, something like that. More explanations below.)

  1. The easiest way is practising WILD with WBTB (what is said above: going to sleep for about 4-6 hours then waking up for some mins and going back to bed).
  2. From this point, practice a WILD method. Here I can’t say what will be easier for you, you have to find it alone. Some people fall asleep too quickly, it’s better for them to use a “mental” method, i.e. a method that requires focusing on thoughts (like counting or repeating a sentence). Some people fall asleep too slowly, they have better to use a “physical” method, that is focusing on physical sensations (breathing, observing little fuzzy light dots in front of the eyes, hearing the tinitus - internal buzzing, hearing a clock ticking, etc.)
  3. The goal of these methods is reaching the hypnagogic state, that is a state when you have strange sensations (seeing random 2D and 3D images, hearing noises, having floating or falling feelings). From the hypnagogic state, you can enter a LD. It’s rather difficult to explain how. You can find some details in the LD4all LD’ing guide, section “How/WILD”.

i don’t exactly know how serious but
most of the time i try wild it dosen’t work
it worked only twice
can anyone offer some valueable tips
i can never do an RC i just simply cant
in some 6 months i got lucid only 3times
plz help :help:

if that’s a serious problem then I’m ****ed.

Man, WILD takes loads of practice, plus you need to find the WILD method that’s right for you With WILD, you need to be… I dunno, persistent? Determined?

But take it this way, you got farther than I have ever with WILD over six months. You are getting there.

Li10, you killed the topic.

(well, maybe there is just nothing more to say in it :tongue: )

Keep on practising. You already had successful WILD twice, so you do know how to do it. Try to do same thing that this two times. Keep consciouness, do WILD at morning, after waking up.

You do RC’s in dream when you have habit like that. You need to make 15-20 RC’s at day to make a habit. Otherwise, you’ll use RC’s when you will notice that something is not right, so it could be a dream. Just to test out reality. It’s also not wrong, but you have to remember that you can be dreaming everytime.

Dunno if it helps. Maybe you need to try out diffrent techs, MILD, Chaining (It’s a bit simmilar to WILD, so it might be easier for you), WBTB, etc etc.

gargh I always knew I killed off topics…

also, try to keep your timing the same as your successful WILDs, timing is pretty important…

When I WILD, my right eye always seem to crop open. Is there anyway to counter-act this?

try wearing those things that you put on your eyes when you go to sleep. it used to happen to me but that was when i payed too much attention to it… dont think so much about your body while wilding, think about what you experience in your mind more… i never had a complete wild or had any LDs yet so dont put your money on what i just said :smile:

whenever i try to WILD, i always get to the point where my body feels a little numb, but i can still move if i want to. I twitch a little, but ive read this is normal. After i get to the numb-state, i usually try to push myself a little further by imagining something happening to me. Walking somewhere, or falling, or talking to someone, for example. after this i get an amazing sensation like im falling or sinking or spinning then i start to feel like im suffocating so i stop and take a big breath, but by the time ive taken the breath, all the feelings are gone and i have a big adrenaline rush which keeps me from sleeping for a bit. help!

I have exactly the same :sad: I think you shouldnt take a very deep breath but just normal breaths. And maybe you where worrying too much that, once you took the deep breath, you KNOW that it could disrupt the deep trance you are into. Maybe its not only physical, but also a bit mental. just a thought :content:

Correct me if I am wrong :content:

Well, I have had a real wild experience about 4 days ago now (for the first time). The feeling was amazing, heard noises, my body felt REALLY heavy and the electrical feeling was very big.
The problem is that I have tried to do the same wild techinque (I do the 61 point technique) but the problem is is that the sensation that I feel when I try to do it, cant tip the sensation from 4 days ago.

I just want to get to know this feeling\sensation. I want to get used to it and maybe try to keep it as long as possible. I want to make sure I can relax myself so that I have no trouble breathing, my heart isnt racing like hell and that I can step into the next phase.

A question:
I WILD when I go to bed. First I relax myself for 5 minutes. Then I start doing breathing excersizes (how do you spell that? :tongue:) for about 10 minutes to clear my mind from incomming thoughts. After I have done this, I do the 61 point technique (I lost the link to the site as an example). While I am doing this technique I sometimes wonder off, most of the times when that happends, my body will have a sort of electrical sensation. It starts small. So what I do is try to feel a sinking sensation, but that did not help yet.
So my question (finally :content: ) Should I continue with the 61 point technique or should I try to mimmick the sinking sensation, try to focus on breathing or should I do nothing at all?

Oh yeah ^^ I setted the clock early today so that i could try the WBTB, but that failed :slight_smile: Gonna try it again next morning though :smile:

Yesterday I took a nap, and got into a comfortable position and was relaxed and hypnagogic in about 5 min. I then started to imagine myself in a dream, and it felt as though I was lucid dreaming, because I could control what was happening and it felt like a dream at the same time. But it was like daydreaming, where I had to concentrate really really hard on what I was doing, and had to make the DC say stuff. It also wasn’t really vivid either, just as vivid as a day dream.

I am thinking this might have been a low-level LD, but am not certain. -obi

When I try to WILD, I find that if i try too hard to control the
proccess of going to sleep, I get nowhere. If I don’t try to
control the proccess I fall asleep and have an ND.
Does anyone have any idea how you can control the proccess without stopping it? :eh:

I kept looking and found the the following website [From A Link On This Site!]: … Techniques
It has some useful tips on various techniques including WILD.
Just thought I’d post it for anyone who’s interested.

:confused: Question:

I am a little confused by the idea of using RC s to WILD.
Isn’t an LD induced by a RC really a MILD? I understand there’s
no harm in using both methods but I can’t see how RC s have
anything to do with WILD s.

when I tried WILD I’m pretty sure I got close, because my eyes started to tweak out, I started seeing things, and if felt like gravity was changing dramatically every second… lol. Oh yeah, I don’t think I went into sleep paralysis, but I couldn’t really feal my body.

Greetings all
i just tried to wild and i believe i reached SP and i was seeing images HI i believe they seemed pretty random but i seemed to not be able to get past that i tried rolling out of body floating out sinking out and nothing seemed to work i also tried to “grab the scenery” i seemed to grab it but nothing happened :sad: i was then awakened by my cursed grandparents in SP demanding i move being in SP i couldn’t :razz:


You are simply not tired enough to fall asleep. Usually your eyes take care of themselves when you fall asleep. If they don’t, you are probably too excited/awake.


I know what you are talking about. I had these problems when I started practicing WILD at night. The suffocating sensation, well, you can prevent it to a dregree by breathing properly. There was a technique which was posted once which really works very well… (also for other purposes, anytime one gets too excited). I am not sure if I can describe it accurately, but it goes like this:
Inhale deeply and all the way down to your stomach (so it actually bulges), then let the air out. Calmly but quicker than inhaling. Try to relax.
If you feel like you are suffocating, just take a deep breath. No use trying to pretend you are not, because you probably are not breathing properly and not getting enough air. :wink: I have found that taking a deep breath disrupts the technique far less than this suffocating feeling.
Anyway, if you care so much about breathing, you are probably not tired enough for a real LD. If you are falling asleep, your brain takes care of breathing without you being aware of it. But anyway, you may become more relaxed in the process and actually fall asleep.


It is not so much about controlling, it is about staying aware. And like someone wisely said before in this thread, aware is a very different thing from awake. :wink:
If you try WILD you will probably either fail (i.e. stay awake in a very excited state which keeps you from sleeping entirely) or drift off to sleep and have either a ND (nice, but stil not what you wanted) or a LD (good).
It is not too difficult to stay aware during HI/HH, in fact, this may often keep you from falling asleep. However, it is difficult to stay aware what you are doing if a dream starts to form.
Just keep practising and don’t forget to fall asleep. :wink:


It is a good sign if you are not aware of your body, because then you can enter a dream body without problems like worrying about breathing, twitching, tickling etc… :wink:


Next time, ask your grandparents if they are real or if you are dreaming. :wink:

Do’h i’m pretty sure they where real since i then went to the doctor and had a shot and i tensed my arms so it still hurts now… unless this whole thing is a really elaborate dream (does RC)nope just reality poop. ( i was sick if i that has any effect)

Thanks Ionflux. :content:

During the first time I had any success I felt, in control.
[I managed to get to falling sensations etc.]

Perhaps this is where I’m going wrong, trying to control.
Being aware was probably what I was feeling.

A mix of trying to control and the fact I feel excited that I
might do it again is probably stopping me LD-ing and causing
me to eventually fall into an ND.

I’ll try to be aware without effecting the proccess next time, thanks. :grin:

I found my eyes were opening too. After passing a certain
point, sortof halfway though Hypnogogic imagry, my eyes
seemed to tense themselves and stayed shut. :content:

im kinda stuck at the moment also :razz: isnt there any way to get to the Hypnagogic state faster? because when i try to WILD i get desperate quickly, its hard for me to just stay there for hours :confused:

you could always drink some Nyquil or take a Benadrill :tongue: probably not a good idea but hey if you happen to have a snotty throat then i would give it a shot :razz: also try WBTB i achieved a sort of half WILD using that