BIG MILD topic summary

This is simply a short list of all the interesting posts in the BIG MILD topic with one-line descriptions.

Note: This is only stuff in the topic which is MILD related, even though some of the other stuff posted there is interesting. Please see this plea for the dead simple explanation.

There may be other summaries written with this format, so if you have any thoughts on how to improve it, please PM me.

Part I, page 1 (18/06/02)
1.1 Difference between MILD and WILD: With MILD, you fall asleep between waking and dreaming.
1.2 Centre of head thing (mentioned on main LD4all site) surely doesn’t make much difference?
1.3 MILD is surely better, for WILD is a fickle thing :grin:
1.4 Was very successful with WBTB, but had to stop because it messed up my sleep. WBTB cleared my mind for the next attempt.
1.5 It’s from Stephen himself, and you can use it with loads of other techniques. It’s very obvious too :smile:
1.6 Surely you need to develop your “prospective memory”?
1.7 My mind wanders all the time!

Part I, page 2 (27/10/02)
1.8 I don’t want to repeat a boring phrase for ages.
1.9 Whoo, lucid dreams every night with MILD and WBTB!
1.10 You need to master it!
1.11 I do MILD for ten minutes after twenty minutes of rest in bed

Part I, page 3 (06/01/03)
1.12 MILD + WBTB = very good

Part I, page 4 (30/07/03)
1.13 You can try too hard. I like WBTB with MILD too!

Part II, page 1 (13/11/03)
2.1 Whoo, my MILD-WILD-WBTB mix works well!
2.2 MILD has got me 10-15 LDs
2.3 I’m having trouble keeping my mind on it all.
2.4 Improvement over the MILD-WILD-WBTB mix

Part II, page 2 (07/12/03)
2.5 A short success story
2.6 How I do it: with the 61-point relaxation technique and more tricks
2.7 MILD finally worked for me: I stopped WBTB!

Part II, page 3 (11/04/04)
2.8 MILD is a complete failure for me (It started working, read on)
2.9 The mantra is in your head, of course!
2.10 Actually, I sometimes say it out loud. Remember to say it meaningfully!
2.11 My best mantra by far
2.12 It’s more important to keep your mind on it than to have the “perfect mantra”
2.13 Making my mantra myself helped me remember it. I can repeat my mantra for over 30 minutes!

Part II, page 4 (10/05/04)
2.14 I visualise myself becoming lucid
2.15 I visualise a cartoon-style dream bubble!
2.16 Visualisation only distracts me from my mantra
2.17 My MILD kept working after I’de stopped
2.18 Funny how so many techniques are MILD spinoffs…

Part II, page 5 (27/07/04)
2.19 My only working mantra
2.20 I always use my previous dream for visualisations
2.21 Remember: really believe it!
2.22 I can never keep it in my mind when going to sleep
2.23 Visualisations are more important than mantras

Part II, page 6 (28/08/04)
2.24 Another variation
2.25 With that variation, I had 3 LDs with 5 attempts!
2.26 This is what happens when MILD succeeds…
2.27 MILD gives me a variety of high and low-level lucid dreams