Is the MILD summary handy?

Us librarians (or at least me) would like to know whether the MILD summary that I wrote is at all useful, how useful it is, how useful it is, and whether you would like similar summaries of the BIG topics.

Answer whichever questions you can be bothered to. :content:

PS If it isn’t obvious: I’m talking about the MILD summary in the Lucid Library, here. Also note that the problem with links to particular posts was fixed some time after the release.

(I gave it 3 days before release, and it got extra time because the forum had been down, and yet Mark only tells me the fix after I release! Bah.)

are these the same writing skills that make up the MILD summary? :gni:

Maybe you can edit an URL into your post so people can easily find it? :smile:

For me it was both useful and intresting, since I am a real newbie at LDing. (only 1 low/mid level LD so far…) I’m now trying out an intresting method I found thanks to that summary.

I expect you’re the only one who’s read it, then? :content:|)