"I'm going to do an RC every time I..."

Now, i’ve always wanted to try this… but i always fail misserably.

I’ve heard people say that if you perform an RC every time you… leave a room, or see a stranger, or whatever, then you will do the same in a dream.

If this were true, and we put our mind to doing RC’s every time we leave a room or something like that, then wouldn’t achieving LD’s be incredibly simple?

I haven’t been able to make this a habit yet, but i want to know if anyone on ld4all has… and has it truly worked? do you really do an RC every time you would IWL? Was it difficult for you to grasp the concept? or did you just catch on after a couple failures?

If this method has consistant, successful results, then i think we should all look into it as an easy way to induce lucid dreams virtually every night…

I really like this theory. The way to make it extra likely is to encorporate it with your dream signs. I often dream about sex, music, and airplane flights. So if I was going to follow this rigidly I would perform a RC everytime I listened to music or saw something fly either bird, plane, baloon or whatever. See what I’m saying. This might be the best technique (for some). But I like to combine techniques. Doing a WBTB with WILD and RC. In my opinion I wouldn’t just pick 1.

i met once someone who was a real true blue (or green or yellow or azul or what have you) lucid dreamer,

she said that her method was the light switch RC, and that she uses her dreams to attain information and have conversations,
and i somehow think she posts here.

its really a very very good idea,

one time someone said to do an RC every time you drink water, well, just b y reading his words i was drinking water in my dreams that night, and had a truly deep and satisfying and greatly long LD !
the good thing about this method is you get lucid at the beginning of the dream, where if you do chaining like I do, you are often lucid at the end

thanks for your input guys! Of course this technique would be highly effective combining it with MILD, WILD, WBTB or whatever you prefer, but for people like me who have to wake up at 6 in the morning every day, it’s not too practical to do MILD and other things, seeing as how they can keep me awake.

I’m always looking for the easiest NATURAL way to LD, and i think that if i really got this down, then it would require little effort, and i would be virtually garunteed an LD every time i walked through a door or whatever.

I’m looking forward to trying this out. I know it will be difficult for the first little while (seeing as how none of us have perfect prospective memory), but once I got into the hang of it, I think it would be highly efficient.

I think that i will begin doing this on friday… but just as an experimentation type thing. If i feel that i’m getting successful results without too much effort, then i’m most likely gonna make this a long term thing.

If any of you try it with results, don’t be afraid to post them! I would like feedback on this subject.

Actually, I’ve found that this “doing an RC whenever [something]” works best with something you actually pay attention to. Me, for example: I usually RC when I see matching numbers on clocks (10:10, 11:11, so on). Believe me, somehow I notice this REALLY often. Other than that, use your own personal recurring dreamsigns (for me, for example, dirty places and piled objects) and RC when you see them. It all will work better if you do, simply, what works for you :happy:

i’m not really gung ho about this, but i do try to do a RC whenever anything out of the ordinary happens IRL. rodrigo’s example of matching numbers on a clock is a really good one.

other ones include getting turned around in a city (happened to me today and I RC’d), strange noises, any injury you recieve, or really anything you can think of. i haven’t been to successful with having many lucid dreams, but i remember RCing when i started cleaning up frantically, which seemed out of the ordinary.

good luck with your dream endevors!

Whenever there is something out of the ordinary, is not enough I’m sad to say. I would focus on doing it whenever, wherever, and as many times as you can a day. If this 200 times, that’s fine. Penetrating to your sub conscious is not easily done. Well excuse me, easier for some, harder for others. I would pick a reality check you like. I focus on the “hand thing” because I have achieved lucidity through it. Something about tricking the mind because it’s already happened once really helps set it in as a firm possibility. Whatever caused you to go Lucid before, I would use that! Checking your hands is simply not enough, I’ve even asked people around me IRL if I had 5 fingers to them too. I count each hand, and try to stick my finger though it. You need to make it a routine, a habit, a compulsion. And last but not least, enjoy the journey to complete control. I am looking at it as a life long hobby. I mean hey… what else can I do asleep, right??? It may take 10 years to master. That’s cool, I still got the other 60 to “play-around”. I have read cases of people tired of lucid dreaming, stating that “God” get’s old. Or being one (God) I should say. Have fun on the trail to enlightenment. And stick with reality checks, just try to add them to other techniques for a higher success rate. Enjoy!

Do RC s as much as possible!

Yeah, i can understand doing RC’s as much as possible, and i can understand doing them in weird situations. I’ve had many LD’s with spontaneous RC’s, but it seems like there’s a better way to do it rather than simply “everytime you think of it” or “everytime you see something weird.”

Relating RC’s to “strange situations” seems to general… too vague, whereas relating RC’s to everytime you see a stranger is much more organized. Strange situations don’t always happen, and we don’t always spontaneously think to do an RC either. But if we relate doing RC’s to specific events that are GARUNTEED to happen multiple times during the day and during our dreams, then we ultimately are setting ourselves up for success.

I just think that an organized method of doing RC’s is the best possible way to ensure that we do them in our dreams. The only problem is that we can’t associate them with time intervals, because time and situations often skip around in dreams.

i’m not sure if i would be able to do it everytime i saw a stranger. i could just imagine me seeing them then me grabbing my nose as i stare at them! :lol:

i’m not talking about crazy over the top randomness that life throws at us occasionally (although try to do it here too). i’m talking about if you see a friend and he has a haircut, or a car you’ve never seen before pulls in your drive way, or something in the paper.

however, i do get what you are saying trophycase and it probably isn’t the best way to go about it because those things don’t happen all the time and who is to say they will happen in a dream or if you’ll remember to do it when you see something strange in a dream. i’ll try to start doing the doorway check from now on.

haha, you can do whatever works for you… i’ll be my own guinea pig if necessary, and i’ll be sure to tell you if it works out. And i see what you’re saying as well. I think that the difference in our ideas is that yours relies more on awareness whereas mine is more habitual. I would never discard either of them until i have evidence to go on though. and who knows, maybe this will be a total flop, but i’m willing to try it for the sake of LDing.

And just so you know, i don’t think that the noseblow RC is the best one out there. I used to use it with great success… but one day it just stopped working. It’s failed me numberous times now. It makes me sad; it was my favorite. :cry: haha. but i’ve always believed that LDing is the sort of thing where you have to find what works for you. so if it works, then more power to you!

oh no!! the nose RC is my favorite! it is also the only one i’ve had success with. one time i was actually in the water and was breathing through my nose, and that gave me some lucidity.

anyway, none of these techniques really work unless you have an LD (like me, for example! :angry: ) lol, didn’t have any last night so hopefully in the next few nights i’ll have something to report

Yeah, well the noseblow RC works on and off for me now. sometimes i use it as a backup for if my other RC’s fail. It used to be my primary though… i was so sad when it failed me.

But back to the subject. I’ve been doing this since friday now, and i actually had a result! Nothing too spectacular yet, but it’s only been 2 days, so i’m fairly happy (i wasn’t expecting this to be an instant success. i figured it would be a week or two before i actually got results).

So, i’ve been doing an RC everytime i walk through a door. When i walk through doors i say to myself “I just walked through a door. That means I need to do an RC” and sure enough, i did this in my dreams last night. I only stayed lucid for about 3 seconds though because i got too amazed by how neat my watch looked :grrr:

I would also like to point out that i did this without any induction techniques. i just went to bed, and found myself walking through a door. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this were to happen during a WBTB or something like that. but the fact that i got a result this quickly with no other techniques gives me hope to continue this with. :content:

I thought about doing this as well. I TRIED to do it for the past couple of days (Doing a RC everytime I walk through a door) but the thing is that I am constantly walking through doors so about 70% of the time I forget to do it. And when I realized I forgot to do it (which was almost everytime) I started kicking myself in the ass about it. I have a feeling this could really work so I am still going to keep trying it.

haha, i had the same problem at first. when i am in my house it seems like i’m constantly walking through doors! just to get up and go to the bathroom would require me to walk through like 4… that’s why i started saying to myself “i just walked through a door, i need to do an RC!” i think that saying that to myself has helped leave an impression in my SC… hopefully.

I find it a lot easier now that it’s been almost a week of doing this. i’m still seeing small results here and there, but nothing to huge yet. it’s a lot easier for me to remember when i’m at school though because i’m not constantly walking through doors. :razz:

Just keep at it i guess. you’ll get the hang of it. Think of it as something necessary… associate RC’s with walking through doors. It’s like how you tie your shoes every time you put them on… the same rules apply. It’s something you should NEED to do.

Like i said, over time it will become easier.