I'm having a hard time trying to figure this dream out.

hi, i’m new here, and thought maybe someone could give me some more insight to this dream.

(i copied and pasted this from my blog)
i had a dream about marilyn manson (side note- i like manson a lot and have been listening to his music lately) last night. it was amazing.

i remember bits and pieces. i was in school, but it was a house, and i was sitting in a dark small room and manson came up to me. we started talking and i had his book with me; i asked him to sign it. he did and we kept talking. at one point we were hugging eachother and talking. we kissed a few times. there was a general feeling of love between us, more of a friendship kind. he was suppose to play at the school that night and as he was walking down the huge staircase to get backstage or something hundreds of kids ran after him yelling stuff. i ran down the stairs and he grabbed on to me, i was giving him a piggyback ride while running away from them. i turned my head to look at him and at the same time we said to eachother “fucking republicans.” somehow he dissapeared and i was carrying a sheepskin with a red wig on it. he actually went into my body somehow.
throughout the rest of the dream people kept trying to get the sheepskin but i wouldn’t let them have it b/c i knew it was something very very important. i carried around his book with me everywhere as well.
there was another concert at the school i believe and i was waiting to meet manson again. brad, some kid that i went to school with, was in the same area and saw my book that was signed and started to tease me about it. he left and i saw manson again. this time we talked a little and he wrote a quick note to me in the book. i forgot what it said (damnit) and left to get ready to go on. i went on the floor, with laura a real life friend of mine, and stood next to the “barricade” (just a black line). the place where they were playing was a small room with sunlight coming through windows that were covered brown from dust. everything was the color brown, including the people, like old photograpghs. people where sitting on the floor, and i turned to laura and asked if she was ready for this. i said we would get squished and to be ready. she said she didn’t want to deal with it and left. the dream ends.

it was so odd. i can’t even put into words the interaction and feelings between manson and i; some strange love for eachother. odd. i think the sheepskin is something very particular as well. i hope tonight i might get some more clues or a better feel as to what it meant. i feel like it means something really important, not something like “OMFg MAnSon AnD i Are GEttINg MaRRied” but something else. i can’t pinpoint it. maybe it means nothing but i just have this weird feeling about it, in my gut.

i looked into some of the general things about the dream, and over coming problems came up quite a bit. this makes sense to me and my life right now, but i have no idea why manson was in it. i like him and his music a lot, but i’m not sure if he was in it just b/c or if he played a larger role. i also find the relationship we had in the dream strange as well.

if anyone can give me some ideas or just a little insight, it would be nice.

That could be a sign of religion sence he is so out spoken against Christianity. I think Manson represents a part of your personal rebelion against the ****republicans or political system. You said that he was inside of you? The sheep skin could be society, like following the sheep. From what I gather its a dream about teen rebelion, but you would know more about it then me. There are many ways you can interpret a dream.

that’s really interesting. well i don’t really see my self as rebeling about anything, i’m 19 years old and pretty much past that; but i am outspoken about what i believe in. manson and i do have the same views when it comes to religion, but it doesn’t feel like this is what the dream was about. however, what you said does make some sense and something that i hadn’t thought of. :smile:

maybe i’m looking into it too much, but thanks for the words anyway, it was an interesting look that i didn’t think of.

I saw a DVD concert of Marlyn Manson, I dont know what the name of it was, but it was really awsome. I wish I could find it.

Guns, God, and Government?
Dead to the World?
God is in the TV? - how true is that?

With his greatest hits cd he has a dvd of all his videos as well.

I wish more people had respect for Manson, he’s extreamly well spoken, and smart. If people just listened to what he had to say and really got it I don’t think they would think he’s so “bad.” I could go on about this forever, but I’ll stop now.