I'm having difficulty staying focused during my lucid dreams

I had my third lucid dream last night, and I found that-while I was in control of my actions-I could not remember my goals for lucid dreaming.
As I realized I was dreaming, I simply sat down and began petting my dog. I then spent the rest of the dream amusing myself by looking at a page filled with words, blinking, and inspecting the letters that had moved. I feel as if I was a child. Such a simple thing-a thing I expected-amazed me so greatly.
Does anyone else experience lack of memory from the outside world? Is anyone else as easily captivated by things as I was?

Yes his happens to me sometimes. You gotta get the logic section of your brain working. Next time you get lucid just stabilize for a minute. Rube your hands together, do jumping jacks (works for me), ground all five of your sences into the dream, try and remember your name, where your from, what today is, do a math problem like 2 plus 6. Then try and remember your goal and go about it. Also go to sleep with the intent to remember your plans/goals for yur lucid dreams.

For me such things came with experience. During the first LD’s I was also playfully doing nonsense, jumping around etc. However, at around the 8th-7th LD I was actually remembering what I wanted to do, and was fully in control. I did not behave like a child anymore. I guess you can do stabilising techniques as Mr suggested, or, if that does not work, try to get some more experience.

I am pretty sure it’s rather normal that it happens. I’ve had about 10 LD and my problem lately is that I can’t control anything… In one lucid dream I just wanted to talk to my DC, but they were all closed and cold towards me. Trying to fly in my last LD didn’t work as well. Normally I can fly pretty well, it’s just the landing that I can’t do yet. I am looking forward to my next LD, I know it will come soon :razz: . And there I will believe and know that I have control over what happens because it’s MY dream.

It’s difficult to stay committed, I have quit so many times. Now I’ve picked it up again and I been (pretty) committed for 2 months. 2LD in that time, just have to keep on writing down the dreams and doing RC. Time for a RC!

Imagining doing what you will do when you’re lucid really helps to remember what you want to do plus it increases the chance to become lucid. Good luck!