im kinda scared

i gotta admit, this is my first time trying to be lucid, and i got to thinking… what if when i finally do get lucid and after the fun is done…i want to wake up and for some reason it wont let me!? or is there an easy way to wake yourself up afterwards?? im new to this website and this was my first post so any answers would be highly appreciated!!! :shy:

Welcome to the site daydreambeliever.

Don’t be afraid, that will NOT happen :wink:
You’ll be lucky if you can manage to last a couple seconds in an LD.

thanks for the quick reply! it was half what i wanted to know lol. but lets say when i get good at it what are some methods i could use to wake up?

All you really have to do is just say aloud “wake up”.

However, if for some reason that doesn’t work, try just standing in one spot and closing your eyes, eliminating as much sensory input from the dream as possible.
Another idea is the exact opposite: focus on the emotion and try to get yourself as excited as possible.

In my experience, lucid dreaming requires a mental balance, where you’re engaged in the dream world enough to keep your mind in it, but not overwhelmed by it. If either of these happen, you wake up.

thanks man that helped. how long have you been lucid for?

I’ve been naturally lucid dreaming my entire life. I had several a week when I was younger, but now it’s down to 1-2 a month.

why did it dwindle down to like 1-2? y dont u have more?

I don’t know. I wish I had more, but generally children tend to have more lucid dreams than teens or adults.

I want to have an LD, but whenever I do, (once), I get overcome with fear and try to escape my dream. (And unfortunately succeed)

Lol I know what you mean. When I was little (and had no idea about LD) I found myself awake inside a dream and I couldn’t wake myself up, no matter what I did which really freaked me out. But I did wake up, so don’t worry so much. You WILL wake up, even if it seems like you can’t.

If you cannot wake up, just ask your dream characters for new and bizarre ideas about what to do in your dream. Why throw away what has been given to you? I would do almost anything to get more LD’s, i have had about 6 LD’s past 2-3 years

Yeah it would lucky if u could last even seconds in it! i have’nt even had one yet! but its okay. If we wait, the gain will be greater! :grin: