I'm looking for the right time to tell this girl...

I really want to tell her but i dont know how or when etc im gonna do it…

I take it you want to ask her out?
Ask her when she’s alone… very alone. And you’re alone. None of this ‘strength in numbers’ thing, doesn’t work.
Make sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend, obviously :tongue:
You didn’t tell us much, do you know her well? If not make sure she actually knows who you are :wink: nothing creepier than people you don’t know asking you out!
Oh and if you don’t know her very well invite her to do something that’s not as one on one as dinner or movies, something like… um (brain blockage)… bowling? lol! You get my point, something not to thretening and not too long but I guess it all depends on your age…

good luck :happy:

hey this is really cute…

i guess we are all friends…

i dont think you should ask her at all… but just start off by being her friend… and get to know her first… that way she isnt too freaked out… be patient and things will happen…

this is what you are talking about isnt it?

No, actually I wanted to tell her that I just saved tons of money by switching to Geiko for insurance. :puh: :cool_laugh:

lol! Oh my, hope that she likes people with a good sense of humor!

oh i wasnt gonna tell anybody anything. It was a practical joke. XD theres no crush here.

I knew this was a joke from the moment I read the title of the thread.

I love those Geiko commercials. Hehe.

:grin: oh dear! Show’s who’s the gullable one here

lol! well we all fall for something everynow and then.

Some more than others :grin:

charlottedreamer, no need to feel bad that you thought his post was serious. MOST peoples’ posts on here are serious and people ask personal questions all the time. Although when it comes to dnL, you have to watch out. He’s always trying to trip people up! :grin:

I guess thats how i am.

You almost got past it. If

hadn’t been asked then it would have been ruined…probably.

thats what happened when i did it to my friends at school. They were like “dude just do it.”

Wait, you asked your friends the same thing? Gave them the whole phony “insecure and don’t know what to do” thing? You are an odd-ball! LOL.


Ok that was a good one. :grin:

it was hard to do to the two of my friends that i did it to 'cause they both have short attention spans and were really hyper while i was only half awake.
see, we all hang out infront of my locker in the morning, and im just like shut up i havnt had my caffeine for the day and theyre all jumping around and shouting chapelle show quotes.

Heheh, that was good, but evil :eek:


This thread brightened my day. :grin:


that add brightened my day.

acyually… i have geico for insurance, and i didnt save a bunch of money like they say, its the same as all other insurance, but sut. serv. is good. dunno what this has to do with anything