I'm Losing Morale, Please Give Me Hope

In the past, I would occasionally realize at the end of my dreams that they were INDEED dreams, and the sheer jolt of such a realization would awaken me instantly.

But recently I realized in my AP Psych textbook that there is such a thing as Lucid Dreaming, and picked up a copy of LaBerge’s EWLD (which consequently has become my new bible).

After only a FEW days of forcing myself to recall my dreams and 1 failed MILD attempt, I had two (!) lucid dreams and regained my ability to recall much of my dreams. Perhaps it’s just my nonstop motivation, but last night, the third night, I had no LD’s…only regular dreams. I’d probably blame the amounts of alcohol I’d consumed, :content: but I’m still feeling a little confused, and worried that I have…“beginner’s luck”. My LD’s were not overflowing with the vividity described in the book, leaving me a little confused. I know I’m really impatient, but I REALLY would appreciate some success stories. It’s a HUGE motivator…

Here are some crucial questions about the “Quest for Lucidity” which I would EXTREMELY appreciate being answered:

  1. Do you HAVE to do WBTB to be successful? I’m in High School, with a schedule that does not really permit WBTB. Right now I’m on winter vacation and well-rested, so I have had success with LDing thanks somewhat due to WBTB (awakening from a dream and then going back to sleep).

  2. How long did it take the people on this board to acheive full-blown lucid dreams?

  3. Does there come a point after much practice with MILD/RC/etc. when you simply LD no matter what you do?

  4. Is it possible to have many LD’s each night, or only possible in the late hours of sleep?

Thanks a billion for the info on this board already…I believe I can succeed with a little encouragement.

  1. No you don’t. I’ve never done that and I’ve had heaps of LDs.

  2. I managed to do it almost as soon as I found out about it, but I think that was just luck, generally most people will have at least one within a few weeks.

  3. Yup, practice makes perfect. Well thats not definite, but generally speaking.

  4. Yes. They’re just normally longer and more vivid and easier to remember in the late hours of sleep.

Don’t give up, everything takes practice, and LDing is no different. And when you do get the hang of it, it is simply amazing.

What type of practice did you take up, Jabbervock?

  1. None of my LDs came from WBTB.
  2. I had begginners luck, so my first LD was a couple of days after reading about it.
  3. Its not like, no matter what you do, you can’t control it, you’ll always have LDs. If you wan’t to stop you stop doing RCs, MILD, WILD or whatever you use.
  4. Its possible throughout the night though the first dreams are really short, and it’ll be very blurry.

P.S: All my LDs came from RC’s. I do it every time I see something strange, its an instinct allready.

WBTB has helped me have about 3 WILDs and I continue to use it. Everyone’s different, and for me WBTB is the perfect method. I have a Dream Journal and all of my LD to present date. My LD are my source of motivation and the thing that keeps me going even if I lose all hope.

  1. I’ve had about 1 LD induced with WBTB and that was on accident when my brother had his TV too loud and I heard it. When I went back to sleep it was more of a nap :smile:

  2. My first one was limited, second more intense and it’s gone even more intense ever since.

  3. I haven’t achieved that but practice is definately worth it. I’ve forgotten to practice for a long time and I haven’t had any LD’s for the longest of times.

  4. Dunno - never had 'em. But I suppose it’s possible.

Just keep practicing. Do the RC’S!!