I'm Lucid....now what?

Well, as of now I’ve had somewhere near 10 DILD’s and I think maybe one WILD. However I seem to be having a problem.

Almost everytime I become Lucid I remain calm and think something like, “Okay, I’m lucid now” and I always lift my hands up closer to my face and try to focus on them. But I always end up either waking up or having this really strange sensation as though I have two bodies, (wakeing body and dream body) and I can switch awareness between the two, (ie. feel the bed I’m laying in as I sleep, switch over and feel and see the chair I’m sitting in in my dream) This usually is’nt intentional and always leads to me waking up.

I guess my question is, has anyone had anything similar to this happen and if so, how did you keep yourself dreaming/lucid?

The trick is to pay more attention to the dream world than to the real world. Since you can feel your real body, you are probably in a very light sleep. For me, it works to focus on a sensory impression from the dream, such as a sound. You could make a sound in the dream, talk to yourself or sing. Or you could grab something in the dream and focus on the feeling.

Instead of just looking at your hands, rub them together and see what it feels like. Another technique is spinning which I personally have found to be a very helpful in stabilizing a Lucid Dream.

I had an experience very similar to that. I was having trouble convincing myself that the very convincing “reality” around me was actually a dream, despite the fact that I could breathe through tightly shut nostrils. So I purposely started thinking about what it would feel like if I were actually asleep right now, and I started to sense exactly that duality you’re talking about. I could feel both my “dream body” and my real body, and then the world started going black. This scared me a bit because this was my first truly lucid dream and I didn’t want to lose it. I was determined not to wake up, so I rubbed my palms together and began closely examining the woodwork in the room I was in. Everything became vivid again.

If this happens to you, just immerse yourself in the dream as much as possible. Focus on your surroundings. If looking at your hands seems to trigger this feeling, tell yourself as you fall asleep that you will NOT look at your hands in your dreams.

D’ForceMaster i have the same ‘problem’ and i dont think you really feel your real body. For me it’s that i think i can feel both the dream and the real body but the real body is just another dream body for me.
Like sometimes i wake up from a LD when i feel that way but it always turns out that it was a FA. So my subc. somehow wants me to believe that im between both worlds but im 100% dreaming.
Rubbing hands or doing anything in your dream (the primary body) helps me to overcome that phenomenon.

Try that next time 2, wish ya luck :wink:

this happened to me before but before i could try to save myself it was like i got sucked into a blackhole and i woke up

Well I hav’nt gotten another chance to try yet, but I really don’t think its a FA because whenever I wake up while I’m in the “real” body I do a reality check and I’m not dreaming. (although one time when I woke up, and did a reality check, instead of staying the same, the BBC logo started popping out of the t.v. screen…I woke up from shock) :sad:

However, if I am concious throughout the FA and then wake up, I could easily beleive that I had been awake the whole time while in fact I was dreaming.

I’m not sure.

Nah, it’s your real body, I have that problem too a lot. Especially with having closed eyes in a dream, opening them, and seeing my ceiling.

Another problem I have with real/dream body mixups is if I fall asleep with my legs curled up tightly, I can’t straigten my legs in dreams.

The way I solved the first problem was by turning my dream head. Creating something new to look at seems to make the dream more vivid, so you could try that.