I'm New and have a few Q!

As long as I can remember every once in awhile I would have these dreams that would just seem to stick out; but usually after a couple hours after the dreams the excitement would slip my mind and I would forget about the experience. But the older I got the more complex and frequent these dreams would occur. It wasn’t until a couple years ago I would have spontaneous LD about 6 times a month and then in one of my dreams I just said to my self “Wait this is a dream its all in my head” and just like that I realized in these dreams (as long as I focus) I could do anything. The only problem was this experience would only last for a minute or two then I would wake up! But within the last week I have had 4 LD and they have been quite different.(More Intense) It all starts when I think I just fell asleep and start dreaming I will immediately start to realize its a Dream But in these dreams they seem to last for hours and I can see so clearly and smell things so clearly and literally do what ever I want and its one of the best feelings I have ever felt. But when ever I wake up from a strong LD my body will be numb for up to a couple hours and I will feel almost weightless but also EXTREMELY dizzy for a couple hours too! I was wondering if any one else feels like this after a LD and/or why I feel like this after a LD?

i was in a bit of a haze after my first few LD’s, but wow, that seems like one heck of an experience there

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What you experienced was Sleep Paralysis. It happens sometimes when LDing, completely safe. Actually, you can use that to get lucid once again. :grin: There’s some info about it here.

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Every seen a movie that completely captured you attention and put you in a particular mood? (Recently, the movie “Birth” did that to me). And after the movie you’ve still got this feeling that lasts and lasts. LDs of short duration don’t have the same impact as ones that last for hours. You’ve just spent a long time in an altered state of consciousness and it will take a while to “get back to reality”. You might speed up the process by doing some deep breathing, touching things around you, paying close attention to your movements, maybe some jumping-jacks, etc.

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I don’t think it has something to do with sleep paralysis. Some people say they feel dizzy after having LD’s. It never happened to me though.