Im new and have questions

Im new to LDing and was wondering when you are in your dream and aer fully aware you are dreaming well is the picture like perfect (when you wake up and remember) and can you recall what people look like and what you have said to them?
And I really want to know about Lucid dreaming. Can you actually control your dream like in real life?
I have bought a dream journal and am on my way to becoming a LDer!!

Me again I have another question, I have a twin. If she and I become good at LDing would we be able to see eachother in our dreams?? And would we both remember when we woke up?
Please help! I’m off to bed now! Wish me luck! This is my first night trying, i know it will be hard, but practice makes perfect!! :wiske:

actually ive decided to try MILD but differently, im trying to get my head jammed packed with info then go to sleep later so ill be on here for another hour or so. So ill be waiting for answers, thanks!!

:welcome: to LD4all!

I have moved your questions to another forum, so you will have answers sooner :smile:

If you browse around, you will find that a lot of questions have already been answered :dream:

sends you LD vibes for tonight

I have been looking but cannot actually get any answers so if anyone there knows anything please let me know, by emailing me or posting.
Thanks!! :wink:

Hi hsmit131,
welcome to lucid dreaming. Most of us here are also still learning about LDs.

Some LDs are picture perfect, you can’t tell you are dreaming unless you do a reality check!
Other LDs can be grey or fuzzy, and you need to use dream control to increase the visual quality.
Control in LDs varies. Some people get a very high level of control quite quickly. It is YOUR dream, so you can shape it.

Keeping a dream journal and developing recall is important. If you don’t recall your regular dreams, you might also forget your lucid dreams.

Your question about your twin relates to dream sharing. Most people find this very hard to achieve. But some people claim it can be done. You will have to experiment and find out for yourself. :smile:

On the other aspect of his post, I beleive your asking about when you wake up is it picture perfect. Ive only had one but found it very frustrating that it was great while I was in the LD but upon waking it seems like nothing because its just a memory.