im new at this... please answer my questions :)

ok… im kinda new to lucid dreaming and i have a lot of questions… sorry in advance for the really long post :smile:

  1. can you think that you are lucid in a dream and not actually be lucid? (like your dreaming that your lucid but your really not). ever since i found out what lucid dreaming was (which was about a week ago) i have had (or thought ive had) 4 or 5 lucid dreams but only 2 i know for sure were lucid… the others seem like i wasnt really as aware as i was in the 2 that i know i was lucid in.

  2. can you be lucid in a dream for a short period of time and then lose your lucidity? (i think this might have happened to me in the lucid dream i had 3 nights ago) in my dream i was completely aware i was lucid but then i started talking to someone and told him “hey! im dreaming right now!” and after i finished talking to him it seemed like i was just in a regular dream but more vivid.

  3. i have been trying to summon things in my lucid dreams but i havent been able to (besides last night :happy: but ill talk about that later lol). the first lucid dream that i remember i tried to summon pam beesly from “the office” (im IN LOVE with pam beesly/halpert XD) but i couldn’t seem to do it, i tried again in another dream by trying to summon a mirror that would lead me to her but i couldn’t summon the mirror so i tried the imagine her behind you and turn around thing and that didn’t seem to work either, in another dream i tried to summon a green lollipop in my pocket (i want to see what it tastes like in a dream lol) but that didn’t work either. is there something im doing wrong?

  4. last night i had a false awakening that turned lucid and i tried to summon that green lollipop again but when i put my hand in my pocket i felt a wallet and not the lollipop (which was still an accomplishment because i managed to summon something haha) so i then tried to summon pam beesly with the “imagine her behind me and turn around” thing AND IT WORKED!!! (it may have been one of the happiest moments of my life :grin:… so my question is, why did it work last night and not the other times i tried to summon her and why on earth did i get a wallet instead of a lollipop???

  5. ever since i found out about lucid dreams ive been doing the whole “check to see if your dreaming while your awake” thing and its kinda messing with my head because ill get to the point where ill panic and wonder if im dreaming and cant tell if i am or not (i need to note that a couple of months ago ive started having moments of depersonalization which im sure doesnt help the situation) and even when i prove im not dreaming i still am not sure about it so my question is have any of you ever had this problem? if you have how have you dealt with it? and if this is an issue should i just stop trying to have lucid dreams?

  6. i am currently using the “pinch your nose and breath” reality test and its sometimes hard to tell if its working when im awake so are there any better methods?

  7. my last question is when im lucid i try to do the rub my hands thing and the spin around thing but im not really sure if they are doing anything or if im doing them right or when im supposed to do them or even how im supposed to do them so… how do i know if theyre working? how do i do the spin thing? and how will i know when to do them?

thanks :smile:

welcome to the forum :happy:

yes, but it’s a superficial thinking that you are lucid as in a storyline plot. You aren’t really aware but just going through the motions

yes, it can change back to a normal dream or fluctuate between levels of lucidity and unawareness.

no. Just expect it to happen and practice, practice, practice and experiment :happy:

luck :smile:
using abilities in LDs is not an exact art especially at first when we are just getting our confidence about doing different things when lucid :happy:
the wallet instead of the lolly?
I find it fun that we still come across the unexpected in LDs :content:

  1. Just reinforce the fact that you are dreaming or awake by using RCs.

  2. if you want a RC that gives a more definite answer then do something that gives no room for doubt. sticking a finger through your palm cannot be done in real life. noticing an event or thing that cannot happen in real life eg seeing a real live dinosaur or unicorn etc gives no room for doubt either.

  3. rubbing your hands together is easy. you can either do it continuously or just when you feel the dream fading a little.
    personally i don’t like spinning and prefer using spoken commands like “More lucidity” “more colour” etc