I'm new.. LD is cool

I’m new here. I’ve been excited knowing that such thing as Lucid Dreaming exists… I probably had one which was ‘False Awakening’ many times on just one dream, but that was years ago.
I want to exzperience lucid dreaming so do you have personal suggesstions or advice?
also, how hard is it to summon a new Dream Character whereas you give him it’s own personality and stuff so it’ll act like real, and also9 how hard to make a dream scene…


Welcome to the forum! ^^ I hope you have a long and happy career in lucids…

Well-- as far as lucid dreaming goes, there are many many techniques you can try!
Like WILD, MILD, WBTB… there’s alot!

Choosing a technique is a useful thing to do first:
[How to Choose Your Technique)

Mostly, as personal advice goes, time and practice are important-- a relaxed approach works well, as you will know you have a lucid eventually-- just in time as long as you think about it! ^^

Summoning dream characters can be fun-- as long as you have a good idea as to the personality of them, you can visualize them being there by closing your eyes and imagining they’d be there, or even opening a door and expecting. :D~ There are lots of threads about summoning that you could find…^^~ Making them have realistic personalities depends on if you’re making them IWL or not… if you are, it depend on you, if you’re summoning a random dream character (or a recurring one) it’ll depend more on your dream… ^^~

As for the creation of scenes? It depends… a certain area/place, certain peoples or actions?
It all becomes easier with time and practice, as I said! XD ^^~
Less detail might be easier to call up on first try, but it really repend from one person to anothe for how easy that is…

Calling up a new landscape is moderately easy for me at least ^^~

Hope that helped!

i guess i’ll try those techniques…

welcome!!! just take it easy, do non stress yourself and practise… the main thing i would say is a dream jurnal! start it now! and you will enjoy dreams every night! good luck!

If that doesn’t work, try my Sigil Induced Lucid Dreaming technique! (Shameless plug)

Welcome to the world of Lucidity, Hero_Bash! :welcome: