I'm not experiencing SP when I try to WILD

Naps, WBTB, just going to sleep in the evening, I cannot seem to get my body to go into SP, no matter how long I stay calm and lay there, I do however start to see and hear HI. Now I know my body eventually goes into SP otherwise I’d be moving all over the place when I sleep, which I don’t. Maybe it’s a relaxation thing, maybe I’m wanting it too much. I’m taking baby steps towards WILD and I want to go through SP first and foremost. I get the tingling sensation, the numbing sensations, the sounds and sometimes some images when I’m not concentrating, but no SP. I’m going to continue trying, I’d just like to see if anyone could offer advice that might or might not help me out with this. Thank you in advance!

ahhh now I’m starting to read the “Make WILD your own post” https://community.ld4all.com/t/making-wild-your-own-updated/34203 heh…

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I didn’t even realize I’d experienced SP before when waking up from dreams and such until last semester when I did a DEILD… I felt this light buzzing, and realized I’d felt it before. That’s when I thought “Oh, so THIS was SP?” For some, it can be strong, for others, not. It can be different for everyone. :content:

Yeah, I figured as much. But as I read more posts, they tell you if you have to ask if you’ve gone through SP or not, you probably haven’t. I know I have, just can’t recognize the feeling, and I’d like to know the sensations. Whether they be strong or not. What did your SP feel like exactly if you don’t mind my asking ZRVera?

Well, I don’t know really how to describe it, but it’s more this “buzzing” feeling I’d get throughout my body. It wasn’t a lot, just a light buzzing. Dunno how else to put it, really… :shrug:

It’s not necessary to feel SP to WILD. Most of my WILD’s are SP-less :wink: I usually only feel SP when I wake up in SP, for whatever reason.

If you’re trying to WILD, I’d suggest paying attention to any images or sounds you get and let them evolve into a dream. But if you’re after SP then that might not work :tongue: I’m not sure if there’s a way to induce SP per se, but if there is, someone else might be able to help you.

I’m not experiencing SP when I succeed at WILD. I’ve suffered SP without these SP’s becoming LD’s, but when I have LD’s from WILD it’s not that the SP is milder it’s that I don’t feel SP at all. Hypnagogic imagery begins to enrichen and become hypnagogic sound, smell, textures, even tastes-- I never am aware of my sleeping body at all to tell if it’s paralyzed or not. Everyone has their own biochemical tempo, so I advise against keeping too closely to any guidelines.

I like the way you guys put it. I never feel my body doing anything when the HI hit me. I’ll keep that in mind. Note I’m not using WILD as my only option, I just want to do it durin naps or practice at night to remain calm when I hear and see things. I usually hear things first, and it can be a knocking or someone speaking but I get soo excited then I snap out of it. Blehhh.