I'm not sure what to do.

hey, I’m sort of a newcomer to lucid dreaming. well I’ve known about it for quite a while, about two years and I have tried on and off but not very hard. But I really want to get into it now and start lucid dreaming, but I’m not sure what to do. I would like to do wild because I just prefer the idea of it, and I’m not keen on waking up 5-6 hours into sleep, mainly because id have to set an alarm and I’m pretty sure i would wake up my family. but i have heard that wild is hard, I have tried a few times but never had success and i was just wondering what everyone recommends.

Welcome mikey.

That’s great that you really want to get into it. My advice is to start creating a dream journal and write down very single dream you remember when you wake up. Provide us much detail as you can. This will increase your dream recall which is essential for you to remember your LD s. Second of all. do RC s throughout the day as often as you can. For best results you should do one every hour or so. This way when you are on a regular dream you’ll increase your chances of doing a RC and realizing you’re dreaming. As for techniques, WILD is my favorite and incredibly effective if you can pull it off. You don’t have to set an alarm… instead set your mental clock. Every night before going to sleep just say to yourself with a strong conviction that you’ll wake up after every day. For me it was worked 100% of the time. When you wake up, that’s when you proceed with WILD. If you want my advice, I would say it’s better to start out with MILD because it’s really not that hard and still very effective.

Good Luck!

As LucidHvn said, WILD can be very hard for beginners, and it’s nearly impossible for anyone to do if they don’t use WBTB. It’s nearly guaranteed it won’t work right when you go to bed. You can always try suggesting when you want to wake up like LucidHvn suggested, then going right back to sleep for a WILD.

However, I also would still recommend starting with MILD and a DJ, as I usually don’t try WILD myself unless I’m going for a DEILD.