I'm not too fond of any of the methods listed on the site so

How would experience LDers think about me trying something completely different from everything listed. Should I go for it, or what?

wEll like go ahead nut its gonna be really difficult.
Well it depends on if you count the RC method as a listed method. ANd how id you think you are going to do it with out anny tqnike

I’m going to birth my own method by mixing the appealing aspects of the methods that are listen. SO really it’s nothing totally different. But it will be different at least…

Well tah sounds ninja. Go ahead im excited to c da result.

I’m not an experienced LDer but I think you can try it, if it’s not totally different. But from already created techniques you know if they’re succesfull to others. But if you do a technique everyone will do it a little bit different anyway.
But I do think that experienced LDers easier can try a new, selfcreated technique, because they’re alreayd experienced. In the beginning it’s a lot harder.

But what kind of technique will it actually be?

I’m not sure what kind. Give me, like, five minutes, I’ll gather some things, and see what things I like best…

There’s only 2 basic techniques possible with a lot of variations, so you either do some form of WILD or DILD (which boils down to MILD). I’ve never heared of any tech that isn’t remotely connected to these 2. So, good luck :smile:.

Just do whatever comes most natural to you… :smile: