Im really

I am Really new to this i just started like 3 weeks ago and i had my frist lucid dream!! last night! umm i think i woke up im not sure though because i remember feeling a wake and i tried going back to sleep and it happen really fast and i was aware that i was about to dream and then the dream started and i was like wow is this a dream so i look at the my watch so i blink to see if the time will change and it did i was like awsome i dreaming but i remember to not get excited to much so i wont awake so yah i was just posting my experiance so yah i still have a couple questions though is there a step by step guide for wild or whatever there is plz link me to it and what technique do you think a beginner should start off with

oh yah and in this dream i wanted to teleport but it never happen but i new i was in the dream is there anything i need to know in order to things like teleporting flying etc. because i was really dissappointed when i tried teleporitng and didnt get to do it…

ps the site looks great!!

Welcome to the forums. As for the teleporting thing that did not work, maybe you were not highly lucid. Try shouting Increase lucidity xinfinity hehe. As for WILD, don’t start with it, try MILD first or maybe instant lucidity (use the search tool to find it.)

hmm well how do i get more lucid? plz answear fast i have to go soon and where can i learn how to mild?

You can learn MILD here, aye?

In your dream you can get more lucid by shouting “Increse lucidity”, rubbing your hands, spinning or grabbing hold of a dream object.

Did you read my post at all? MILD is, like saying In my next dream I will be lucid, for an example.

hello longwalk, you should find this link useful
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

and … :welcome: welcome to LD4all :happy:

And you have the Lucid Dreaming Guide on the LD4all home page (purple button on the top of the page).

DILD methods are the best (autosuggestion, MILD or reality checks).

hey guys thanks for all the responce!! I just wanted to update yall that I had another lucid dream that i was in this house with this girl and there was a huge worm attacking us so i started to run away from it then all of a sudden (idk why i said it) i said is this a dream and yah so i told my self that then i learned that it was a dream but i still cant do what i want to do though i try to fly i cant do it i try to teleport i cant do it either (let me remind you i have been getting lucide with out any techniques i have been just falling a sleep) soo if any can tell me if it helps to use these techniques plz tell me well im off to bed wish me luck on reliezing it is a dream :smile:

well, my first actual dream power i achieved was summoning, by saying “I wish (name) would be around the corner” then i’d go around the corner and there they, or it, was.

Flying is still difficult for me, as i’m yet to get a good technique to start, and i havn’t mastered teleportation yet.

Flying has been rather hard for me to accomplish, too, Hemming.

I guess I just have to believe in myself a bit more.