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WILD: Wake Induced Lucid Dream

Generic explanation (in the LD4all Guide)

When using the WILD technique, you go from being awake, directly into the dreaming state. That’s why it is called Wake Induced Lucid Dream.

The trick is to recognize the hypnagogic state and stay conscious while it develops in dream images. You will then be able to literally step into your own dream world.

The hypnagogic state occurs on the border between waking and sleeping. It can be anything from colored dots to flashes of color or complete images. As you keep paying attention to it they will develop into more detailed images and if you stay aware you will find yourself inside your dream.

There are a few useful threads with general information about WILD:

  • The First Steps to WILD (in Quest for Lucidity)
    This is the topic in which you can ask basic questions about the WILD technique.

  • Chilla’s tips and thoughts (in Quest for Lucidity)
    Here are some great tips, thoughts and techniques from Animahngo (Chilla)

WILD Variations: * Combining HI and visualisation to WILD (in Quest for Lucidity)
You combine HI and visualisation to enter a dream consciously.

  • Xetrov’s WILD variation (in Quest for Lucidity)
    You visualise that your dream body will roll out of your body into a dream.

  • CDILD: Conscious Daydreaming Induced Lucid Dream (in Quest for Lucidity)
    First you get relaxed trough a breathing exercise, and then you think up your own story.

  • Visualizing Colors (in Quest for Lucidity)
    You visualise a color and will fall asleep during the visualisation, so you end up consciously in a dream with that color.

  • Ysim’s Technique (in Quest for Lucidity)
    You start by thinking of a dream, kinda like reliving a dream. After a little bit, you completely forget about you physical body, and you’re in a dream.

  • Building your dream (in Quest for Lucidity)
    You build up a mental image to such a great detail that it becomes a dream.

  • PWILDing: Passage or Poem WILDing (in Quest for Lucidity)
    Instead of repeating a short mantra, you repeat a poem or a passage.

  • Failure initiated Lucid Dream
    By trying, but failing, WILD before going to sleep and in the middle of the night, you get a LD nevertheless because of all the thinking about Lucid Dreaming.

  • Eye Induced Lucid Dream
    (In Quest for Lucidity)
    Keeping yourself aware by constantly looking in one direction while falling asleep

MILD: Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream

MILD in 3 easy steps (in the LD4all Guide)

1 - Remember
Tell yourself that you will awake from a dream and you will recall that dream upon awakening. When awakening from a dream, try and remember as much as you can.

2 - Set your intent
While drifting back to sleep, concentrate on your intent to be aware that you are dreaming. Repeat the following text, or one you write yourself:

I’m going to dream now. I’m in a dream. I’m aware of my dream.

If you find your thoughts wandering, bring them back softly, and keep repeating the words.

3 - Visualise
Now imagine yourself becoming lucid in your dream. Go back to the dream you had before you woke up and imagine you realize it is a dream. (If you couldn’t remember any dreams when waking up, use another dream you previously recalled). See yourself realising you are dreaming. Visualise what you are going to do once you are lucid. (for example flying)

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you fall asleep.

There are a few useful threads about MILD:

  • The BIG MILD FAQ (in the LD4all knowledge base)
    A list with the frequently asked questions and answers about MILD.

  • The BIG MILD topic summary (in the LD4all knowledge base)
    This is simply a short list of all the interesting posts in the BIG MILD topic with one-line descriptions.

  • First Steps to MILD
    This is the topic in which you can ask basic questions about the MILD technique.

  • Self-hypnotism induced lucid dream
    This is a MILD variaton. You lie in your bed and spell “lucid” over and over until you fall asleep.

WBTB: Wake-Back-to-Bed

Generic explanation (in the LD4all Guide)

WBTB stands for Wake-Back-to-Bed. It is one of the most effective ways to become lucid.

Set your alarm clock a few hours earlier (I know, it is difficult, but this method is worth it).

Then get completely out of bed and do something lucid dream related. Read something about lucid dreams so you will have your head completely filled with the subject. Surfing lucid dreaming sites for an hour or so does miracles too.

When you are confident that Lucid Dreaming is the only thing you can think about, go back to bed.

There are a few useful threads about WBTB:

  • BIG WBTB Topic Summary (in the LD4all knowledge base)
    This is simply a short list of all the interesting posts in the BIG WBTB topic with one-line descriptions.

  • How to make sure your WBTB won’t fail (in the LD4all knowledge base)
    In this article darxide mentions things to do during your hour of WBTB to guarantee a lucid dream when you return to bed.

  • The BIG WBTB Topic (in Quest for Lucidity)
    If you have any questions about WBTB, you can ask them here.

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