First Steps to WILD part V (Basic WILD Q&A)

I have a question about WILD , more of a problem, here it is:
When i start trying to stay focused and keep repeating 1, “i’m dreaming, 2 i’m dreaming” etc. I find that my mind just naturally wanders off, I start imagining without even realizing and completely forget about staying focused.

So in other words, how can i keep focused on keeping focused :tongue:
Maybe another way instead of “1 i’m dreaming”?


Yesterday I had my first LD, and it lasted for ~2 minutes. I was semi-lucid, and the man who was there asked me to do something and come back today, so he could help me. I didn’t remember any dream today, so I tried WILDing at ~5 PM. Everything goes well, but I get to a point that I get a bit “mixed up” with what I’m thinking, and I jerk my leg. I tried it again, and I did the same.
Does this “jerking” happen just before the dream? I suppose so because the things I were thinking about just before I jerked were more vivid than when I started to relax.
Thanks for your time :smile:

i need some help! today i tried wild in an afternoon nap and after about 20 minutes my whole body went numb and i felt like i was falling and spinning on my axis and my hands were waving around and all this crazy stuff but i didnt know what to do. like i think i could feel my dream body trying to disconnect from my real one but i didnt know how to do it. i tried imagining climbing a rope out of my body or falling through the bed but those didnt work. any suggestions?

ok… I know its supposed to be hard to WILD without WBTB, but I just lied motionless for 3 hours and never saw any HI. My entire body was “buzzing” though. Is it normal to lie there that long without results. It is possible I fell asleep without realizing it,though, and I actually have some evidence that happened judging that I don’t remember hearing the second of two hour long binaural beat tracks when I was there longer than an hour. I think I will try to WBTB. I’ll let you all know how that god in the morning.

p.s. I’m writing this from my iPod touch, so sorry if I have some typos or any weir out of place words. AND I’m really tired :smile:

Anyone who has ever had a WILD I need to know how you did it. Please help me. I don’t understand it and would like some descriptions of it.

Tygon and SlyPT, when I WILD, I try to focus on my body relax it. After that, I imagine each individual part (first my feet, them my legs, then my torso, etc.) is falling into my bed. That’s when I come very close to SP and start seeing HI. I then imagine a dream scene, usually that I am flying over a meadow. I try to make it first person, but I flit in and out of first and third person. Eventually it starts to feel like it’s real. I don’t get much further than that as I lose consciousness, but I’m getting closer and closer each day! The point is to fall into a dream that I am flying over the said meadow. Don’t give up and try to come up with a technique that works for you. If you look here you will find many different ways to WILD.

Can i use an alarm or do i just have to use autosuggestion?

using an alarm is fine

I tried WILD last night and for the first time I actually got close. Contrary to most advice, I tried it right when I got into bed instead of after several hours of sleeping. I’ve tried it the other way as well, but I think my body only needs ~4 hours of sleep because every time I try it in the middle of the night I just lie in bed awake. So this time, I went to bed ~2 hours later than I usually do, and focused on WILDing. I got close, and probably would have made it if I didn’t get scared.

My question is: how do you deal with the “choking point” of WILD? It felt like my body was trying to swallow my tongue, and my throat was tightening up. Despite my body naturally doing this I still had control over it, so after going what seemed like 30 seconds without breathing I made myself stop. I also tried breathing while my throat was that tight and it made me start snoring - I guess now I understand why people snore. :smile: I also heard a ringing noise at first, but over time it changed…it sounded weird, I guess that’s normal though. Also random muscles in my body started twitching, I don’t think they actually were but it felt like they were moving. Overall, it felt like what I imagined having a seizure would feel like. :tongue:

So how do you get past that? What exactly are you supposed to do when it feels like someone is grabbing your neck and you can’t breathe? Are you supposed to go long periods of time without breathing, because it freaked me out…

Actually, you ARE breathing :wink: What happens is your SC gets control of the breathing and then when you try to consciously breathe you can’t. That’s why it feels like you’re suffocating. Nothing to worry about because your SC is taking care of everything.

The trick to get past this is to try to completely ignore it. It might be hard, but try to not think about the breathing and focus on what you would want to dream about or on any HI if you’ve got them.

I have a question about WILD. It seems like everyone is having a problem getting into their dream, but my problem is staying in my dream. I can get into my dream in a matter of seconds, but when I try to become conscious of my dream and get lucid, I fall back out of the dream. I can’t spin around or rub my hands together in my dream because I would have to be conscious to do that. Any suggestions?

Okay so I have only recently started experimenting with WILD. I am familiar with relaxation exercises and have been practicing maintaining awareness while relaxing the body.

Let me briefly describe my experiences so far. At first I just try and passively observe my thoughts and let them go. I then systematically relax my body starting with my facial muscles. I then try to silently observe my thoughts while my body is becoming relaxed. I have experienced slight visuals taking the form of a very dim swirling whitish/gray light I suppose you could call it. Today while practicing I reached this level where there were no visuals but suddenly my body felt very “energized”. My heart began to beat faster and I kind of told myself to come back to my body. I didn’t know else where to take it.

Could someone explain to me what I have experienced so far? How close am I towards the level of carrying this over to lucid dreaming?

i have felt the same thing i think you are talking about i had no visuals after a long time after i had layed down and then sudenly my body just felt like a surge of power went through it.

i aint sure what it is but from what people say i think its sleep paralysis

oh btw my heart raced after the surge of power went through my body and i think it woke me up to much so i just quit

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I tried WILD this morning for the first time (used in conjunction with WBTB) and I found it suprisingly quite easy :content: . I kept my mind clear of any thoughts and my body slowly started to fall asleep and I felt the SP kick in, after about 15 minutes white light filled my vision. After passively observing the white light it resided and I knew I was dreaming.

I looked at my hands and they had a faint glow around them so I knew I had entered the dream. My problem was that I was stuck in blackness, like a void and before I knew it my body was sort of free falling in the void which ended up waking me up after a few seconds. :eh:

Does anyone know what I could do the next time im in a situation like that?

ok i was just trying WILD and i could always see things like dots behind my eyes before i sleep but i never got the buzzing kind of high in my body till now i was telling myself im going to dream and im going to be aware of it then i could see the dots apear into translusent shapes but then i got to exited and i shot out of it and had to start again and a few times i could feel my body twisting and turning kind of like i was falling out of a tunnle and i was about to enter the dream world but my heart started beating fast and i got to exited and i shot out of it again and had to start over i also find it easier to let my mind drift and still try to be aware that i’m about to dream instead of thinking about dreaming and telling myself im about to dream and try to be aware im about to sleep its hard for me to sleep when im thinking about dreaming and sleep will i get used to it?? a couple of times i sarted to see color and i could see what was around me and i think i could tell i was in a dream but i got to exited again and had to start over maybe i just need practice?? i also think i had a small OBE i was sleeping on my stomach but all of the sudden it was like i was on my back looking at my celing is that what is was?? is there a certain position i should sleep??

After trying WILD a few times without success, I got pretty far yesterday, I think. After relaxing and repeating a mantra I had several somatic HH (numbness, tingling, suffocating) and then somehow, suddenly my consciousness opened up into a different state, I was awake but somehow in a different world, my mind floating in some kind of fuzzy darkness. It felt good and light and new, but I didn’t know what do next. Finally I dozed off into dreamless sleep. Do you have any suggestions where to go when I reach this different state of consciousness?

BTW, later on I incidentally had a lucid dream, it was very short though and I don’t remember much about it.

hmm, I’m not quite sure what this different state of consciousness was… Did you get any HI or auditory HH?

In this state what did you feel? I’ve had “something” a couple times where I’m perfectly conscious and I can feel my body increadibly relaxed in bed. It’s so relaxed that, although I can move it if I want, I just don’t feel like it. My mind is relaxed and very calm too. My breathing gets very deep and seems to be almost automatic. Was it something like this? In this state I felt like my body was asleep in a dreamless sleep, but I don’t know.

Otherwise I’m not sure what this state was so I don’t know what to do next :tongue: I bet someone else will be able to help you better. :smile:

Thanks for the response, Mattias…I didn’t have any “tangible” HI, just sometimes amorphous patterns of light and darkness, sometimes flashes of images but all with a certain “imaginary” quality. I would expect HI to be more concrete. I’m not sure about auditory HH either, sometimes I heard something, but it sounded more like a tinnitus that came and went.

About that state of consciousness…I tried my best to describe it :content: …it was a feeling of lightness, maybe like floating, but not as a bodily perception, more like as if my mind was floating.

Sounds very much like it. The point for me was that suddenly something had shifted in my state of mind and I felt different than before.

I tried WILDing again last night but it went differently…it somehow felt as if I was running (or drifting, for that matter) against a wall. I was in a relaxed state, counting, etc. and trying to follow what I think was an early form of HI, but nothing happened. Maybe I was to awake? I tried to relax more, but this got me nowhere, and after some time I gave it up and went to sleep.

I set my alarm clock btw and tried WILD again in the morning, but it seems to never work for me in the morning…before I am fully relaxed I’m already sleeping.

does anyone else have the problem of the swallow reflex? whenever i try to wild i get stuck on the fact i need to keep swallowing which throws sleep paralysis off completely. iv never been able to wild. And mild has never worked really either, dild is the only way i ever ld. luckily that happens pretty often tho.

PS. And another thing, am i the only one who (occasionally when im really tired) start dreaming as soon as they close their eyes? Im talking about really complicated full-on scenes within seconds of closing my eyes. It only happens when im really tired, but everyone iv ever spoken to has never experienced it. I can sometimes describe my dreams out loud to people as im dreaming them, in this state.

anyway, this post was mainly about the swallow-reflex thing, i would love to learn to wild. I can get to sleep paralysis and mild HI really easily, but the swallow-reflex throws me off completely.

pps: Sorry for rambling