The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 49

Ah kewl!! Didn’t know that! :smile: Awesome.

Welcome! :smile:

(and welcome to everyone else, I don’t post here often but I should! LD4All is awesome! :happy: )

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Spud Sabre … before you know it you will possess the quality of being a 'seasoned veteran" at LD4all :wink:
I hope you enjoy your time here :happy:
/me rushes off to look at your DJ :content:

Q (pasQuale) has brainwashed me since that is how I read it just then :tongue:

:welcome: spud_sabre and all you othere people whom i missed :happy:

Hey, im Rosalie from Finland. :smile:

Since im finnish I sometimes have problems with my english, but im trying. :wink: I have been interested in lucid-dreaming for years. I have never really had a proper WILD-dream, and im here to read more about it, hoping ill manage to experience lucid-dreaming and meet people who are also interested about it.

Hello Rosalie, my northern neighbour (I’m am Estonian :tongue: )
I hope you will have a proper WILD dream soon, but hey, don’t rush it or it won’t come at all :smile:

:wave: hello Rosalie :happy: welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

remember that WILD isn’t the only technique … I would suggest that you have a look in the knowledge base forum and read
“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
BTW visiting LD4all will soon improve your english :boogie: (I couldn’t see any mistakes in your post … but I suppose it is sometimes difficult to remember the right english word :content: )
/me hopes you experience a great LD soon :thumbs:

Hello everyone.

I am glad to join this, and look forward to learning new things, being somewhat proficient at conscious dreaming.


I’m Matt, from Florida.

I’m new here, but I have had LDs before.

Looking forward to meeting all of you :smile: .

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, shininglight and dreamwarrior :smile:
I hope you both get a lot out of being LD4all forum members and that your LDing abilities improve in leaps and bounds :thumbs:
I’ve already seen your LD4all DJ dreamwarrior :happy: it’s a great start :thumbs:


I’m form Poland. I’ve got 17 years old, and I think this site and forums are really great ideas!

I had LDs only 2-3 times (unlucky I always awoke in short time).
Now I gonna train, and enjoy LD :wink:

Greetings to all!

And sorry for my bad English. :smile:

:welcome: to LD4all shininglight, dreamwarrior, czikenator, Spud Sabre, and Rosalie!

hey there shinilight , dreamwarrior and Rosalie (i already welcomed you spud , right ? ) :wave: … hope you all make great progress in your lucid journey

:welcome: hello czikenator, welcome to the forum
my first LDs were really short aswell, but now my longest is about 30 minutes, so your’s should improve in length too :happy:
Being a forum member not only means you have access to lots of first hand LD experiences and advice but it helps to keep motivation up too :thumbs:

As long as we can understand it (and we can) … it is no problem :smile:
actually a side effect of being a LD4all member could be that your english improves a lot :happy:
We do have quite a few polish members so if you spot one you may be able to chat about LDing via private messaging :content:

I’m new too! :content: My english is pretty poor and sometimes I struggle to find the right words, but im sure we will both learn to speak (write) better english. And I understood your message completely. :grin:

[size=75]// And many thanks to moogle! Yeah, im aware WILD isn’t the only technique, ive just heard that WILD - dreams are really great quolity, and since some of my DILD-dreams were very foggy and bad quolity, I feel WILD is the target I should aim to. But ive been missing so many dreamsigns recently I would be happy to experience any type of lucid - dream. :neutral: [/size]

Hi everyone,
Joined the forum yesterday and have already posted a couple of things in the dream journal section. Hopefully I will soon be posting some LD’s.

hey there armchair_philosopher (be prepared of people abriviating this in their posts :happy: )

hope you like it here , and hope that you soon have something nice to post :cool_laugh:

:wave: hello again Armchair_Philosopher :happy:
It seems odd seeing an intro post here when I have already read so many of your posts :happy:
:eh: if you actually are a ‘philosopher’ you may enjoy some of the philosophical topics that appear in the lounge forum :happy:

Here comes…
Allright. I’m here and I’m new here.
Things 'bout myself: uhm dunno…I’m from Czech Republic (do you know the country? It’s in central Europe), GMT+1…and I’m cool :cool: :tongue: .

By the way: Hello :smile:

:wave: hello LukeJ :happy:
We have the Show everybody where you are in the world :happy: in which you can place a marker at your location :content:

/me looks at the box showing age under LukeJ’s username … :smile: and hides her own :tongue:

I hope you enjoy your time spent at LD4all and try not to get eaten by a wolf in your first wolfgame :wolfbite: :wink:

U passed the IQ test :happy:
Now seriously, I didnt realise I submited my age…sometimes I just act before thinking. Ull probably see in my future posts :content: