The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 49

This is Part 49 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .
(please remember to not carry on long chatspeak conversations in here, we have a wonderful private message system, chatroom and playground for that :thumbs: )

Hello, I’m Alec from Texas (no, I’m not a cowboy)
I have mega-big insomnia, and also, am a therian wolf, so most of my nights are spent out in the woods with the three red wolves out there. (no, Im not one of the …shape-shifting people.)
I decide that I should probably sleep more, and have fun doing it, so, I found this place.

:wave: hello Crazy Wolf welcome to LD4all :happy:
I moved your therian topic into an existing older topic (click) … you will see there are other therians here :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all

Ahhh, thank you muchly.

Welcome, crazy wolf you dog you :happy:

:welcome: Crazy Wolf to LD4all

I’m from Texas too! But I moved to Kansas last year :wallhit:

Whoo! HOoo! Welcome Crazy Wolf!!!

Hello! I am Rachel the Wanderer. Many of my friends just call me Wanderer or Wand. I haven’t had any lucid dreams (purposely) yet, I just discovered LD this summer, while surfing the internet. I got a lot of information from this sight and decided I might as well just stop lurking, so a got an account, and here I am!

I find dreaming very interesting as I haven’t had I nightmare since I was seven years old, I have had a few slightly prophetic dreams, and a few recurring dreams that turned my life around a few years ago.

I was kind of excited to discover that there are some RPs going on in this forum, and I hope to join some, as I love RPing.

I guess that’s about all I have to tell about myself for now!

:welcome: Rachel_Wanderer to LD4all!

:wave: hello Rachel_Wanderer, welcome to the forum :happy:
So you got a nice surprise when you registered and saw the Wolfgame forum :wink:
If you wish to play in the next vampire game you should post in the sign up topic in the playground forum :happy: … you just need to be able to visit everyday.

If that isn’t possible I think there is an RP topic in the playground, if not you could just post in one of the many fun topics in there :boogie: or start your own :wink:

You may like to post in the first dream I remember topic or nightmare diary (for that last nightmare)
There is also a precog dreams topic in beyond dreaming or you may like to start your own personal dream journal in our DJ forum :user:

I look forward to reading your future posts Wand :content:

wecome rachel crazy wolf … enjoy your stay ! :wave:


:welcome: Hi Rachel_Wanderer! Stopped lurking and came to join the party! :partying_face: :mrgreen_hat:

You might be interested in this topic. CLICK!

hey guys im niall… im new here so i wanna get to know you all

Ive never lucid dreamed before and i am only just learning to recall dreams so dont be too harsh if i dont understand half of what your all saying :smile: .

Hope to hear from yah,


:thud: :yay: /me spots a fellow Blue Magnetic Eagle :boogie:
:wave: hello Niall, welcome to the forum :smile:
if you are working on your recall, we have a big remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum :wink: … keeping a dream journal either on paper, your computer or on-line is also a great way to really improve recall :content: (you can start one in our DJ forum if you wish :happy: )

heya niall , hope you like it here , you will find that this board has a friendly tone , so there isn’t really much “NOOOOOB” calling around here :happy:

Welcome to the forums! This is a friendly community, like Sakoda said. Everyone supports everyone.
Have a nice time here :content:

thanks all. ive gotten my self a notebook and pen and ive tried the glass of water technique but i can onyl remember one word of my dreams last night

ive wrote it down nontheless

Hello everybody, my name is Mattias and I live in Brazil… although I’m from Sweden… :tongue:
I just “discovered” LD this year (after watching the movie Waking Life), and I’ve had 3 until now (although short), but only one intentional… The one I had the other day was simple but incredible so I want more!!
and then I found ld4all! :woo: which is just great…

From what I’ve seen looking around the forum, everyone here seems great and very friendly, and I hope to meet you all! :wink:

:welcome: to LD4all mattiasdavis! Glad that you found us and have a wonderful time on our forum!

@ guitar9307
“ive wrote it down nontheless”
:thumbs: :happy: as soon as you start getting a little more, it may be an idea to start a dj here :grin:

:wave: hello mattiasdavis

I’ve just read your first lucid dream
it was brilliant :boogie:
I hope you post them all here, you could put them all in a first post of your personal DJ topic in the DJ forum :happy:
I’m wondering why you are in brazil :eh: may be you will let us know in the Sticky: Show everybody where you are in the world :happy: topic :peek:

I hope you continue to enjoy visiting LD4all in the future :yay:

Heya mattiasdavis!

Welcome to LD4all, we seem to get a lot of people into lucid dreaming from waking life, I’ve never seen the film myself (I was referred to lucid dreaming from a friend of mine) I plan to someday.

Hope you have a fun time!