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In the past year I have been having strange dreams, dreams that I know are dreams. It was just my last one that I wanted to know how or why. I discuss with my co-workers and they can not belive the amount of detail of them. I know in my dreams that its only a dream but still think kind of feels like a predetermined path. I find myself telling me to stay asleep because I have to know where this dream is going to lead me, but I do have some say on the outcome.

So tonight I decided to do some searching on dreams and it has lead me to this dream called a lucid, to meit seems the best explanation. I really enjoy having the dreams that I have been having, I even feel extremely rested after. I am a volunteer firefighter and this week I have had two nighs with little to no sleep. On the second night I went to bed at midnight to be woke up at one for a call, got back home just to lay back down and get called out again. When I got home at 5:30 to get a couple hours of sleep before work and not looking forward it, is when I had my most spetacular dream ever. I kept telling myself not to wake up, stay asleep because I was having so much fun. When the alarm went off I reached over and turned it off and had to lay there for about five minutes just to go over the details of that dream. The thing is I felt like I had a full nights sleep, fully refreshed and ready to go for the day and ready to tell the guys at the shop about my dream.

I do not know if I am having lucid dreams but I sure can’t wait to have the next one.

Hey all!
So as you can tell i’m new here and have started attempting to become lucid a week ago. I first heard about lucid dreams, controlling dreams, etc. from a friend who had heard it from a friend (yes i know it seems very confusing lol). After coming home from school that day, I immediatelyy proceeded to find websites about LDing. LD4all was the second and by far the best and most informative site i found. After reading allll of the guide that night I tried to become lucid the next 2 or 3 nights and also to recall my dreams with more accuracy. So far, I’ve become a lot better at recalling dreams simply by completely focussing on wanting to before falling asleep and when waking up. I believe i had one dream so far in which i had low-lucidity. I managed to sense that something was odd but couldn’t link it to being dreaming :sad:. In the morning I felt like kicking myself for not realizing that cars don’t drive themselves ^^ Anyways, I hope to get to know a lot of the people here and to achieve lucidity sometime in the nearby future!

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Hello, I’m new here and interested in lucid dreams (kind of obvious) and learning how to do WILD. I’m hoping to learn a lot here and enjoy my time. I’ve only really had one lucid dream which only lasted for maybe 2-3 minutes (it seemed).

:wave: hello Mighty Mutant, rustic_comfort hermione and Dark Matt, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

well … I had noticed you peeking out of your shell. So next time I will lay in wait and pull you out completely :wink:
LD4all is a friendly community so it’s safe to open up here :smile:

:wave: rustic_comfort, once you are aware of lucidity and that you are free to totally leave the dream plot … it gives a real feeling of freedom :yay:
If you spend time increasing the lucidity level by using commands (eg lucidity x 1000 or more lucidity) and find out ways to stabilise the lucid dream. It will really make the experience even better. Plus you appear to have natural LD ability already :happy:
At the moment your dreams sound like very vivid, low level LDs since you feel you only make minor changes to the dream. But I’m sure this will change :content:
:peek: /me points to the 30 years of older link in her signature :shy:

That could be a pre-lucid dream, but you are on your way to your first LD :yay:
Will you be sharing some of your dreams in our dream journal forum?
It is amazing how quickly dream recall can improve just by focusing on dreams a little :happy:

You didn’t make an error, a gathering moderator splits the topic on 10 pages when it gets to about 12 pages :smile: So you can :whew: :wink:

:wave: Dark Matt,

congrats on your first LD! :boogie: don’t forget to post it in our big My First LD Collection in the dream journal forum. :thumbs: I hope you experience your second LD really soon. oooo don’t forget WILD works best with WBTB :wink:

I hope you all enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

:welcome: Dark MAtt , the more you train , the easier it becomes :yes: (old , but true most of the times :happy: )

Hi there, I’m James, pleased to meet you all.

I’ve had LDs at random since I was little, but never been able to predict or induce one… Until last night that is, when I was playing with SP, which I’ve been getting for a few years now. Turns out I did the classic techniques of WILD and I never even knew what it was until a couple of hours ago, I was just Wiki-ing SP to find out what the hell had happened last night, and when I read about WILD I figured ‘o right, THAT’s what I did’ :happy:

Looking forward to lots of new experiences with WILD now!

hey there , cool you have experience already :wave:

I had no idea what I was doing, seriously! I’ve known about lucid dreams and SP for a while and had both to varying degrees, had no idea I was in fact training myself to do WILD though :happy:

Hello all!

I am new on this so i don’t know much about this… :cool:

Hello Bollemaple & Stavveers! :hyper:

Nice to meet you two. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of experience and support here on LD4All! At least I did. It feels good to be a part of this community.

You may start your own Dream Journal, too!

@ Bollemaple: You should check the guides here on LD4All to get more info! :razz: There are also user made guides somewhere here on the forum.

Have fun and get plenty of LDs! :happy:

Thanks from the information… :wink:

:wave: hello Stavveers and Bollemaple. welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

:lol: well the first people to use WILD would have done it all by themselves in just the way you did :content:
The frequency of your LDs will really go up now :happy:

Bollemaple :smile: in addition to the guide on the main website page. There are also some good topics in the knowledge base. The biggest advice that I can give is to use WBTB (wake back to bed) with the method that you choose. It really improves the chance of having a LD :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy being LD4all members :happy:

:welcome: bollemaple :happy: , have a good time here

Hello, everyone! Im Court, from Kansas. My boyfriend actually was the one who started my new OCD on lucid dreams. Ever since he first cornered me about it, I have been trying my hardest to get an LD. =D

:wave: hey AbsentMinded , nice you found your way here
a thought … maybe you were trying to hard ? … that can happen i heard , well
have a nice stay and many LDs in the future

Thanks! :content: Yeah, I tend to try a little too hard when I want an LD. :tongue:

Hey, in my opinion there’s no such thing as trying too hard! Anyway, welcome to LD4All, and good luck with your dreams!

Hi …new here…
Posted: Fri 01 Feb, 2008

i havedreams that scare the *** out of me…
i have alot of false awakenings, and when that happens i can here people in the room having a good time talking loud but i cant see them… it scares me so much that i try my best to wake up and stay awake…
i take a shower and that helps some times,
i guess what im trying to learn is, if i have anything to be afraid of,
i know exactly what causes it, and i know how to have them be more intense,
but im afraid to step in so to speak… anyways hi!


Hello DopeSickDreamer :welcome: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I’m sorry for the delay in welcoming you :cry:

If they are false awakenings then there is nothing to worry about, they are just dreams :grin:
Another possibility is that they could be some form of HI (but sounds) so you would be awake but still a bit sleepy.
Either way there is nothing to fear. :content:

:welcome: dopsickdreamer , moogle is right , FA’s arent anything to be scared about
My guess is that its HI … but thats just my impression :yes: