A diary to be used by all... The Nightmare Diary

Post your nightmares here. Partly because I’m curious, and partly because…idunno… maybe it’ll help you get over them or something :tongue:

I think this is a great idea! Next time I have one I haven’t put somewhere already I’ll post it.

Well… I have a weird nightmare that I dont mind sharing: I was walking through a forest, when a monster suddenly appeared. After chasing me for a while, it stopped. I asked it what was wrong, and it took a shape of a little girl. She then started screaming as her face rotted. I screamed as well, and ran away. I then bumped into some twisted version of myself. It was just like me, except the fact that it had no face. It chased me for a long time before I fell into a hole. After falling for something that felt like an eternity, I hit the ground. Strangely enough it didnt hurt. I discovered that I was in some kind of hallway, filled with caged abominations. One that looked like Britney Spears yelled " I am the great cheese!". Then, a re-occuring DC came running towards me. I recognized him from earlier dreams, so I did`nt run away. He asked me “What are you doing here?” I told him about the monsters and the falling. Then something REALLY weird happened. He said “Crap! You should have woken up LONG before you got here! You have to wake up now, before you find out anything more crucial!” He clapped his hands, and I woke up.

You’re right that is weird!

As you probably can guess, I did a shitload of RCs that morning…

Sounds like your brain is keeping secrets from you, Krueger… “find out anything more crucial!”? Sounds like a cover-up to me. :eek:

Yeah man… it did rock though! :razz:

Yes, cool dream. Tear out your brain, slap it on a stool in a dark room, put a spotlight in it’s …uh…“face” and interrogate it! INTERROGATE IT I SAY!

Yes, that seems like the most logical plan to me! :wink:

Hmm… The next time that DC takes me out to eat kebab, I will ask him what the hell that crucial thingy was.

He won’t tell you- it’s crucial! :smile:

He has told me things earlier. But only if I buy the kebab. -__-

Hey Krueger, that nightmare there reminded me of bizarre idiots who are always like “before he/she/you find(s) out more!”. Really annoying…

Wow, ur subconcious is hiding something from you 0_0?!
I’d Buy him a kebap and interogate him about it next time you see him. lolz

In this dream, I’m a girl. I’m with a couple of other people, in a car. We can’t go into the darkness – darkness means death. Something is killing everyone in the shadows.
The something is a girl. Pale faced, rotting.

We’re in a car park, all of us terrified. A man comes up to us and asks what is going on. We tell him to run for light (it’ night). He refuses to believe us. We’re worried he may want us to get out the car, out of the lights in the car.
One of us throws something out the window. The man picks it up and looks at it. We sue to the time to get away.

As we drive off, we hear his screams.

We have to get out the car. The light’s no longer working. We get out – trying to stick to the light patches, caused by street lamps. One of the people I’m with steps into the shadows – he disappears. Another misjudges and step and dies.

There are only two of us now. The lights are going. There are more and more shadows. My terror builds up, as I run through shadows, praying that I’ll survive.

We come to a building. One story tall, fairly long. I don’t want to go inside – it’s probably dark in there.

And then…
And then…

Everything suddenly seems brighter. I turn around. We’re suddenly surrounded by loads of people – the people who had been killed! Dogs, who have also come back from the dead, running around, barking happily. Joyously.

I bend down and hug one of the dogs. I had survived! We had all made it!

I stood up, smiling and thankful.

It… it got darker again. All the people knelt down in front of me… all the dogs – they laid down. It was like I was their master.
The last person I was with – the one who hadn’t died – he came up to me. He held onto me firmly and led me over to the building. I didn’t want to go. I already knew what I would find in there.

A sudden mental flash – a foetus in a womb. But… there’s something wrong with it. It’s deformed…

I’m at the door of the building. The man wants me to go in. But he won’t go in himself. I realise I have no choice, and go in.

It’s a brightly lit bathroom. Nothing special. Lots of white, like in most public toilets.

I know what I have to do. I have to look in the mirror. But I already know what I will see in it.
I will see the demon girls staring back at me. Realisation kicks in – the demon… is in me.

I open my mouth to scream when…

I wake up.

:scared: Geez Sureal! That’s gonna give me nightmares!

Okay, that scary, they could actually make a horror movie out of that one @_@!

Hey, if u know some1 who’s in movie branch, send it to him ^^!

What a good read…

/me sips his coffee

Geez, Sureal, that reminds me of every scary movie I’ve ever seen!

Myself, I’ve never had a nightmare. The closest thing I’ve had was more of a hallucination when I was awake I think when I was really young (like 4 or 5). And all that was, was that I thought I saw snails on my pillow. Not so scary after Sureal’s story!

The whole time I was reading it I suspected you to write something at the end like, “Just kidding, that was just some movie I watched last night!” Haha.

Mine aren’t really things that you guys would find scary. I was brought up on scary movies, so when I have nightmares they aren’t consisted of Freddy or Jason. Mostly they have me getting in trouble with my parents. They still happen today, my mom is the scariest person alive when she’s mad. I would rather fight with zombies than face her in a bad mood.

Now THAT, my friend, is scary! :razz: