A WILD variation

Hello dreamers,

Lately i’ve been exploring a variation of WILD which has brought me a very high succesrate, so i thought i’d share it with you. Probably this looks a lot like what other people do, but still i think this technique has enough ‘new’ elements in it for most people to justify me posting it here … :smile:

Well first of all I do not (at least, did not yet) attempt this technique while i goto bed 1st time in the evening / early night. I do it when i wake up during the morning, like after 4-7 hours of sleep (I made that a habbit), when the mind is still in ‘REM-mode’, so to speak. This is inportant since in this state of mind WILD-ing is much easier (to me at least, i suppose it counts for others aswell).

On to the actual technique. It actually comes down to forcing your brain to ‘open up’ a new dream, without any chance for failure once the process has started. I say forcing, since this is what happens, you don’t have to wait and paractise any relaxing our focussing/counting exercises. For me, it goes as following: I wake up during the night, im still very sleepy. Before i fully wake up, before i open my eyes, i imagine myself spinning around my length axis in my bed. This in itself could already cause a new dream to emerge quickly (some people actually do it just this way i think). However, i then use this spinning sensation to roll myself out of my sleeping position. This creates for your brain the illusion of an out of body experience. The trick is to do this ofcourse without moving your real body. You have to do it with your imagined spinning dream body! (On occasion, you will move your real body, if you do, you were too early and have to wait a few more moments longer next time.) Once you are ‘out of body’, your brain is instantly forced to ‘project’ your awareness into a dream. I say ‘project’, since this is what happens actually, you are mentally launched, or projected into your dreamworld.
Let me stress here that you are not actually out of your body, only your perception of what actually happens might make it look like a genuine OBE (what that realy is, is beyond the scope of this threat). When you stand there beside your bed, being lucid, it would be the same as a dream in which you became lucid and created your house and went up to your bedroom, nothing more or less. I must admit that at first with this technique i was doubting if i were perhaps realy out of body, but this is clearly not the case (i did a lot of tests to come to this conclusion). Also it looks perfectly like a normal LD, so why wouldnt it be one? Right… well this is the technique i have been experimenting with, it has worked for me almost everytime i tried it (assuming im not already too awake, then it doesnt work so good anymore). I suppose one could call it O(be)ILD … :wink:

If anyone uses similar techniques or would go and try this one i would gladly like to hear of it. I will continue this way of WILD-ing for sure :content:

i see this working but is there no chance of you losing grip and falling asleep?

Hey C_mon,

You mean, falling into a ND? Because, falling asleep is exactly what you want. I think there is a chance you could lose grip, but like with all techniques, pratise makes perfect. The transition from 1/2 wake to LD is also so fast (it amazes me every time) that it would be pretty weird to lose lucidity all of a sudden.

Xetrov- did you come up with this technique on your own, borrow it from someone else, or modify another tech? If your did borrow or modify someone else’s tech, where did you find out about it?

I understand very well how this could be so successful a method. Before school started, I was experimenting with a WILD tech in which as soon as I woke up during the night, I would remain motionless and try to “fall” into a lucid dream. I had some success with this and was amazed at how the process took only seconds to complete the WILD, but since school started I’ve not been keeping a steady effort at LDing. So anyway, your tech seems like mine except for the visualization that, as you say, is very effective in entering a conscious dream.

How did you determine when to wake up? Was it random, with an alarm clock, or what? With my tech, I would program myself before going to sleep at night to wake up after every dream and follow my tech’s steps. I think if you’re not already doing it, it would be very useful to rehearse and program yourself the way I did except with your visualization added on. This way, you’ll try it after every dream so there will be many chances.

Good luck with your tech, maybe I’ll try it

wow this sounds alot like what I attempted last night. I attempted to Force the WILD like trick the mind into believeing I am falling asleep without losing site of consciousness. I tried falling backwards to simulate the feeling you get when you are in that stage of WILD. I will try Your method Xetrov tonight

Miklos - I have kind of re-invented this technique by accident. One night i was waking up a bit and i thought, what would happen if i visualise rolling out of body? To my surprise, it actually worked. I was pretty confused back then, i thought perhaps i would be ealy OBE (i was medium lucid only, i didnt realy think it through). Later on i talked to some people who also use this method or ones very similar (like Dm7). I was also thinking about this method and i realised it is very close to ‘traditional’ WILD, but for a few twists to increase the speed of the process!.. (i can never seem to accomplish traditional WILD easily, only sometimes by accident).
I do not have a fixed schedule to wake myself up during the night. An alarm would to that, but then i would be too wide awake to do my technique, since it requires slowly waking up and realising you are in your bed. Since i started my explorations into LDing (almost 2 years ago), i have been getting somehow (subconsciously) accustomed to waking up automatically a few times during the night. I think my experiments with WBTB might have been the initial trigger for this (which i did with alarm), and i have been keeping this custom ever since. Also during the morning when my parents get up and start acting noisy i can use this to my advantage with my technique (providing they do not entirely wake me up, which happens from time to time unfortunately)… being able to sleep long is one of the advantages of the bad economical tides (im jobless hehe :tongue:). I will try to incorporate your idea into my technique and see what it brings me.

Whitewolf - if you try the method, i’d be happy to hear about it! good luck…

xetrov, few questions:

  1. In your technique you say you start to spin. Do you imagine yourself spinning from a 3rd person view or first person view (as if you were looking up at your ceiling)?
  2. When do you imagine your falling out of your bed, because you could do it too early and you are not asleep your just imagining that you are standing in your bedroom and your not Lucid.
  3. Is there any indication when doing this that you have fallen asleep like weird feelings or sounds?


hey C_mon,

  1. 1st person view.

  2. I did not say, too early means imagining! Too early means, you are actually realy rolling from your bed on the floor (ouch)! This can happen if you are not deep enough into the spinning visualisation yet, you (your body actually) are not yet asleep enough. When you are not asleep yet and you start rolling it will result in you realy rolling your physical body. You have to roll your dream body. I know the transition from where you roll your real body to where you roll your dream body is a very elusive one, for some it might take time (few minutes perhaps), for some it goes probably very fast (like for me, sometimes 1/2 a minute or faster). It also depends on how much awake you are when you start this technique. If you are very close to sleep it will be much more easier then when you are wide awake.

  3. I dont realy understand this question. Falling asleep (body) is what you need to do! At the very moment your dreambody ‘rolls out’ and you stand in your bedroom, the LD will have started, and you know you have fallen asleep.

I guess the only way to understand this realy, is to try it. When you wake 1/2 during night, give it a try as soon as you are aware. Just spin around 1st person and then use this momentum to roll to one side of the bed.

Good luck :smile:


I’ve tried your technique mixed with my own ideasfor the past two nights and last night it worked! However, the rolling out of my body thing didnt work, but after spinning I just could feel that I was asleep. I opened my eyes and there I was, in a lucid dream (although it did not last long)

You seem to describe waking up and a process that might take a few minutes. Well, this is not the case for me; I try to make a point of not moving when I wake up, so the transition from half-awake into the dreamstate is extremely rapid (a matter of seconds).

Of course, the main problem with my method is the not moving part. It’s a habit to roll over whenever I wake in the night, but I think that I can reverse this habit with practice.

So anyway, thanks for the spinning sugestion. Since reading your post and how similar your method is to mine, I’ve had renewed interest in lding. :content:

Lo Miklos,

Nice that it worked! Its true that the spinning alone can create a LD already, and yes at first those lucids might be short and/or unstable. I would suggest doing the familiar tricks to stay in the LD, rub hands, feel objects, focus on details etc.
I do not however say that you should wake up for a few minutes. When you wake up start the technique as soon as possible (as soon as you are aware that you wanted to do it). The sooner the more chance it works! If your mind becomes too awake it will be considerably harder. Also, yes, you should not move your physical body, but only your ‘dream body’ after a while of spinning.

I hope you will have even more succes with it in the (near) future! :smile:

This method seems to help. I reached the stage of WILD where you see shapes and people begin to form. but as I have never been good with WILD I lost myself and fell asleep. But this is the first time in months I actually made it that far! I would see myself spinning, after visuallizing it I begin to feel it, after I being able to feel it, I feel myself getting the WILD vibrations. At this point I am still visuilizing spinning around, however I am also trying to pay attention to HI. I cant decide which one to pay more attention to my HI or my spinning/falling back. The times I tried this I focused on HI while I spun, I seemed to get pretty far.

I’ll try this. It’ll be a nice change from the VILD technique, which no one except Pedro has seemed to be working for.

A quick question, Xetrov-

Do you spin clockwise or counterclockwise? I ask this because two nights ago I was using your method and I remember me suddenly seciding that one of those two options works much better (at least for me). But now I dont remember what I decided

Miklos - I do it clockwise, because that way i will use the momentum of the imagined spinning to imagine myself rolling to the right side out of my bed / body (the other side is a wall).

Whitewolf - You should try both options and see what works best. Myself I do it without focussing on actual visuals / HI. I just visualise (which is more like a feeling) myself spinning in the darkness. But perhaps for you, focussing on the HI may allow you to enter into an actual dream (preferably a LD :wink:).

Good luck to those who try it!

i may have to use sitting up instead of rolling out of bed as i sleep on a high bed making it kind of impossible to roll out of lol.

Hey Xetrov yoru method is really good, will try it tonight… I tried my own method well i thought it was my own but i then read that many ppl have tried it… The WBTB [NILD], and then the WILD after awakening… i use an alarm clock though… could tyhis effect the waking up too much? when i do this normally i just keep my mind thinking of situations i had during the day and try projecting my mind into a thought and then 1 time i went lucid, your technique seems quiet good.
how many succesful times have you gone lucid through it?
I will try it tonight and let you know how it went… thanks

Hello Shroom,

Using an alarm clock might bring you out of your ‘sleepyness’ quite fast, and make you be fully awake. For me, this is not good since i need to be barely awake and drowsy to have good succes with this method. But if you are naturally good at WILD, or fall back asleep very fast, then perhaps it s not a drawback at all. I would suggest to try wake up by yourself if you can, and if you cannot, try an alarm clock. I have only succeeded in this technique now for perhaps 10-15 times at most, but when I do try it, it gets more succesful these days because of more experience. Also i have only been doing this for about 3 weeks max, and i dont do it every night. Past week also i have had little succes as i slept to deep and did not wake up, or woke up too fast. But i hope to have a chance at trying my WILD tech soon again (meanwhile i’ll ‘just’ go lucid by MILD :smile:).

Good luck Shroom when you try it!

i tried your technique, it was really rather odd, it half worked which is good, and i do go to sleep easily [answering your question about the alarm] and i relaly would rather keep the alarm and when i turn it off im still relaly sleepy and then i can still do the spinning thing… at first i had a hard time imagining it from the first person view… kept seeing myslef doing it from above, finally then visualised it!! yeay, well i half went lucid… it was really good though because i was in my house and it was familiar territory. but i half took advantage of being lucid… my brain went along with the dream while i kept telling msyelf its a dream but i didnt do it strongly enough so i didnt do what i had wanted to do… i just went along with what the dream did and enjoyed it… but didnt take advantage of it… tonight i will do it again since last night i couldnt cuz i went to bed too late…
Could i also ask you to explain in some detail MILD to me? i would appreciate it thanks… :smile:

By spinning, do you mean visualizing yourself standing up spinning, or just a spinning sensation while lying down?

Shroom - Nice to hear your succes. I had the same problems in the start, I went ‘out of body’ and then i either forgot it was a dream, or i would be so convinced I had actually REALLY moved my physial body that I went back to bed and became non-lucid. This was because the method, when it works, goes so fast that you will be amazed you are already in a LD.
The trick behind MILD is that you make a strong sugestion to yourself about something by repeating a mantra (with MILD, to know that you are dreaming). It is i guess a form of self hypnosis, and it can also be done with other suggestions, for example that when you succeed in my technique, that you will first of all try as hard as possible to convince yourself you are really dreaming so you wont lose lucidity (for example, use the mantra “when im out of body, I will do a RC”). Good luck with it when you try next time!

Paradox - I meant a spinning sensation while lying down indeed. This is needed because you will imagine after the spinning yourself rolling out of your body from a lying down position, using the momentum you build up with the spinning.