the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 51

:wave: hello Albireo, welcome to LD4all
you will probably get a culture shock here :tongue: since i believe you are from dreamviews and our forums have different atmospheres. which is great since it gives LDers a choice of forum home :happy:
I hope you find what you are looking for at LD4all :happy:

Thank you, moogle.
Actually, the forum I come from is a video game based one. XD
The community has nothing to w/LDs. I’m the person everyone goes to though. Meeh though.
PS: I hate posting on my PSP. T.T xD

i didnt know you could go on the internet with a PSP

welcome albiero, lol quacks and frauds. wouldnt that be if we were doctors?
anyway. youll like it here. its oddly… welcoming. since you have LD’s you should remember all your dreams. so ill look forward to reading them

Hi there, my name is Karol, I am just a simple Polish boy from Koszalin near the Baltic Sea. I have had some lucid dreams when I was quite young, mostly consisting of flying and telekinesis :smile: . I have tried to get some LD recently, but with a little success.
I play the trumpet.

Yes you can get onto the internet with a PSP, same with a DS. shudder
I tend to type more than needed, or make my posts long and actually try to uphold an educated discussion. And when you are using a PSP or DS, it’s freaking hard to do. xD
By the terms “quacks” and “frauds”, I was simply refering to how whenever my student came up to me with a question and showed me what was said about the problem here, I would normally come up with a better way that was the polar opposite to what was said here. I do LD naturally, but there is a slight problem, either I simply don’t dream often (which is possible, you can sleep without dreaming) or I have the worlds crappyist recall ability. Oh well. XD
I look foward to seeing what this site can do for me, and what I can do with this site.

On another note, welcome to LD4all k.moroz. Flying and telekinesis are nothing new to me, so feel free to talk to me whenever. I play the trumpet also.

EDIT: By “DS” in this post, I am referring to the “Nintendo DS”. Not “Dream Signs”.

:wave: k.moroz, welcome to LD4all
:cheer: it’s good that you have had some previous LDs in the past :yay: - after picking up knowledge about the different LD induction techiques, you should soon be experiencing LDs again :boogie:
I recommend the “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader topic and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques :smile:

I have actually tried some MILD and WBTB, and I had some dreams I even remembered, but still they were not lucid, and I didn’t even try to become lucid.
But, most of the time I have no dreams at all, so I am happy I can dream again.
Oh, and I love walking barefoot. Not just in dreams.

It takes more than just to methods to gain Lucidity. Although if you LDed in the past, it shouldn’t take much to trigger the ability again.

Welcome to all the newcomers!

I hope you all have a good time here.

Thank you kT4all.
I plan to enjoy my time here.

Hi! I’m new! :happy:

Thanks to moogle for linking me this topic so I could introduce myself… I’ve also written my first two lucid dreams in the respective topic. ^^ link added :moogle:

So… I guess I’ll start by telling you something about myself. ^^

I’m Italian, first of all, so I give my apologies in advance, should I cripple English in any way. :happy:

I’m 18 (will be 19 in a few months ^^), still attending high school (last year, will have my final exam in June and then, hopefully, I’ll be studying eastern languages and culture at the university), and I had my first two lucid dreams in the last week… even though I first heard of lucid dreaming when I was about 14, I think, I decided to seriously try it just recently.

My other passions are wrestling (I even went to a wrestling school here in Italy for a couple of years, before having to quit because of lack of money and motivation), books (I read a lot ^^), music (well, that’s obvious I think… who doesn’t like music? XD), RPGs (especially online, textual ones… I also like videogame-like RPGs, a la Final Fantasy, but not as much… textual RPGs are way better as they let you interpret a character just the way you like it ^^), animals (in fact, I’m vegetarian… formerly vegan, though I had to stop as I wasn’t able to follow a rigorous diet, as a vegan diet that doesn’t aim to kill the practicer is), Japan (yup, it’s pretty specific… I like its language more than its culture, and as I said before I hope I’ll be able to get in an eastern language university… who knows, I could end up as a manga translator, or an interpreter… or a waiter in a pizzeria, like I’ve been till now XD), and uh… well, I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’ll be sure to let you know should something come into mind. :razz:

Sorry for the long post, and a big hello to everyone!

Hi umm well I just joined today and well, I’m not really new to Lucid dreaming but the site is really nice and everything sounds really interesting. I never would have found this forum if it weren’t for my best friend. It’s nice I never thought of joining a forum before, so yea Hello everybody =D

:welcome: Meo Kyoto!

If you’d like you can start an online dream journal here on the forums if you haven’t seen that yet. Check it out! It’s also good for reading other dreamer’s dreams, great place to get inspiration if you ever need any.

Hello all, I’m not used to forums so if I screw up I’m sorry in advance. I’ve never experienced a lucid dream and I remain bored with life with the passing hours I spend without Alice (my rifle, yes, i named my rifle; I was required in boot camp) feeding Midgard with corpses. I’ve never experienced a high like that (being in a shootout) and a friend of mine recently told me to research lucid dreams. The ability to control your dreams… I envy you all.
So, anyways, after looking across the net I came across this site, and because there’s no groups on Camp Lejeune based on lucid dreams I thought that this place could help me with my humble quest.

whats going on pyro, im cody. i cant say ive been in a shootout. so im going to ask if your in the army. which would be very weird if you werent, and were in bootcamp and a shootout :confused:

you should start an DJ if you want to become lucid, DJ’s improve recall and help you learn to point out DS’s
welcome to the forum. and if your really obsessed with not screwing up just read the rules :tongue:

btw, theres no point in envying us :content: you will learn just like everyone does

I appreciate the help cody and i’m not in the army, im in the Marine Corps and I know you didn’t mean anything by it and I dont take offense but many other marines will get very mad considering all the comparisons that have been done between us and the army.
But thanks for the tips. I’ll start a DJ now and hopefully ill be able to experience something soon

o.o my bad, my cousins in the marine corps. sorry

:welcome: Damon89, Meo Kyoto and Pyromouse :grin:

Damon89, I put a link to your lucid dreams in your post :content: so members can find them easily. Long posts are great since we find out more about you :yay: Good luck with your exams and I hope you get into your first choice university. :wiske:

Well you found a good forum, since it is a friendly welcoming community :grouphug:
We have the dreaming boards, off topic boards (garden, gathering, lounge) and then playground where it is just a place to have fun :happy:

Most of us aren’t natural LDers and had to learn how to increase our LD frequency … so we aren’t an elite group of lucid dreamers :wink: and as chickenleggz said you will be able to experience them too :boogie:

I hope you all enjoy your time on the forum :happy:

:welcome: Pyromouse!
As moogle said, a lot of us aren’t naturals, we just learn and practice. Lucid dreams are easy to accomplish, it’s just that people think that it’s hard to get them and that thought is keeping them not from having them.

Hi Everyone!
After lurking here for some time and reading alot of the fantstic Posts and Topics I finally decided to submit my first post.

I have always had an interest in Lucid dreams, and astral projection. My success with both have been very minimal with the lucid dreams happening once or twice a year at best.

Lately I have been trying the U-WILD technique from “Reaper” and getting some interesting results including my first ever WILD!! I am looking forward to more and hope to being a full time lucid dreamer every night. There is just so much to experience in the dream and astral world and I don’t want to miss it.

Thanks for having me in the group!