the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 53

I’d just like to say hi 'cuz I’m new here.

So far I’ve only had one LD that I remembered properly but I didn’t even know what they were then. I’m pretty sure it was a WILD now judging by the way I got it but I didn’t notice any SP. I still remember it really well and it lasted for at least 30 minutes. I had a lot of control over what happened in the dream, like I could decide what would be behind a door then open it.

That happened when I was 12 but I’m 15 now. It was a great experience and I really want to have more but it’s not too easy for me, I’ve got a lot of stress in my waking life and I don’t get anywhere near enough sleep (avg. 2-4 hrs on weekdays). I don’t know if lack of sleep affects my chances of getting an LD but it doesn’t seem to be helping and I don’t think the stress is doing me any good either.

Oh, and while I’m here I’d like to ask if anyone knows if “white noise” (like the sound of a fan) affects the chance of getting a WILD.

Well, I’m off to bed now (It’s 2.30), I’m too tired to try for a WILD tonight.

If anyone has any advice for me I’d really appreciate the help! :happy:

Hi DJsnypa welcome aboard!!! have fun and stay Lucid

Hi! I have been reading ld4all for about 2 months, and now im tired of just looking for single posts giving answers. Time for some posting :woo:

I´m from Finland, and im a 14yo boy. I´ve tried to LD for about 4 months and i´ve had LDs about every night for the past 2 months. What triggered me to join was that I had a sleep paralysis this morning, and I decided to join… Well, ill do some posting soon about it. I hope i can help others as others may help me :wink:

hi Ghost nice user name. welcome to the Forum, this is a great place to get help on Sleep Paralysis :happy:

:welcome: to the forums number1strat, DJsnypa, & ghost

:wave: hello number1strat, I’m sorry you didn’t have much luck in your earlier attempts. :sad:
As long as your general recall is good, I would suggest reading “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
They will help you decide which technique will probably work best for you :content:
I really recommend WBTB with whatever method you decide to use. Since it really increases the chance of having a LD :smile:

:wave: hello DJsnypa

:grin: I think it helps if you have had a LD before hearing about them because then you know you can become lucid and you don’t have that little bit of doubt in your mind.

ouch! :sad: … stress can kill dream recall and 2-4 hours isn’t a lot of sleep :sad:
Can you catch up at the week-end? or increase the hours of sleep on week-days?
Most dreamers report that LDs are more common near the end of the night when REM periods are longer.

I would think it would have a positive affect if anything, since you could concentrate on the sound while WILDing. (But that is just a personal opinion).

:wave: hello ghost

wow, congratulations you appear to have a natural talent for LDing :boogie:

I hope you all enjoy your time spent here and make some great friends and enjoy some awesome LDs :grin:

I’ve been browsing here for a few days, I only just recently got interested in lucid dreaming. I must admit that I’m not a very spiritual or “new-age” person, but the idea of “living” in a dream world for any moment of time and having even the slightest level of control over it is too appealing to pass by. I haven’t had any LDs since joining, but I can vaguely remember one or two from my past. I’ve been having horrible recall abilities lately, so I’m also hoping that visiting this forum will help improve that area as well.


:welcome: hello Gaius, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
The good thing about having had a few LDs in the past is you know you can become lucid :smile: so you don’t have that tiny doubt in your mind if it takes a while to start having LDs :dream:
We have a big remembering dreams topic in the stuff dreams are made of forum [LINK], I’m sure you will get a few tips to improve your recall from that thread. :happy: Keeping a DJ and laying still for 5 minutes or so when you first wake (to allow yourself to recapture those dream memories before they vanish) make a big difference. :content:

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

Welcome Newbies :wink: :wave:

Thanks moogle. I’ve been trying to work on WBTB and WILD, and I feel I’m doing pretty good so far. No LD’s yet, but I feel I’m getting pretty close. Thanks for the advice! :grin:


Hello Gaius and gouranga!
Good luck with your recall Garius :wink:

Hey everyone. I’m new to these forums but I’ve observed lucid dreams for a while now but i have only managed to recieve only two of them. I just need help on keeping my consciousness as i drift off to sleep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea this site is really awesome!

It is :yes:
Couting is a good method … another is moving your index finger while you fall asleep …

:welcome: welcome to the forum gouranga :grouphug:
I hope you enjoy your time spent here and that I can look forward to reading a lot of interesting posts about your dreaming experiences etc

:wave: hello TwilightNaught
Have you read the information on the main site yet? FILD seems to be very effective, you may wish to read about it in the pathways forum. Finally make sure your recall is ok, since it would be frustrating to have a LD and not be able to remember it :cry:

Oh I can recall several dreams. I just have a problem staying conscious as I am drifting off to sleep. I’ve never even felt sleep paralysis and don’t know what hypnogogic imagery exactly looks like. The only lucid dreams I had were by luck. I just so happened to recognize something in my dream that made my aware that it was a dream. I was just a matter of chance. I can’t repeat luck though :neutral:

Hi i’m Mew151 and I have had a lucid dream before. :sad:

Hello and thank you :smile:

I hope I’m posting this in the right place. :smile: I’m new and my name is Adri.
I learned about LD about over a year ago (can’t believe I missed it for so long, I’m 23). I read about it A LOT and love it. I was having LDs 2-3/week at least! All different levels of course. The best one was the first one I ever had. But now they’re gone. :sad:
So I’m back to doing as much as I can to bring them back. I learned that you always have to practice and do your part. But good news, last night I had one. I looked at my hands and they were sticks! But it only lasted like 3 seconds…got too emotional. That’s my story.