the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 51

:wave: hello NamiWaters, welcome to the forum :grin:

:lol: somehow I don’t think it will take you long to experience a lucid dream :content:

why wait? :happy: starting a DJ now could motivate you with keeping up your recall… and if you make an online one in our DJ forum, you would also get some feedback and comments :user:
I hope you enjoy being a part of the LD4all dreaming community :grouphug:

Just a quick note to say hello to all

Have had some LD’s and good dream “vibrations” in the past and am seeking more :wink:
My intuition says to come here now and to explore :angel_fly:

Its a great day today to say hello and spread good vibes

Blue Planetary Night

I perfect in order to dream,
Producing intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
With the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of magic.

:happy: so you are into the dreamspell
:wave: hello 96 I hope you spread a few vibes in our are you 30 years or older topic :wink: (the link is in my signature)
There is a guided tour topic in the knowledge base forum which is a good way of finding your way around the sub forums etc :content:
I look forward to reading your future posts :happy:

:welcome: 96!
Explore everywhere yes!

Hi, I’m a lucid dreamer since I remember but I just discovered the studies and tecniques and discussions about it… I’m here to learn more and improve my “natural abilities” :grin:
Sorry for my english, but I’m italian and I’m trying to do my best!!
See ya around! :content:

/me finds an italian flag hello MilenaOne, welcome to LD4all :happy:

I would suggest browsing the pathways forum and checking Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
It’s good to have you with us and I hope you enjoy your time on the forum :happy:

:welcome: MilenaOne!
I hope you have a good stay here. Cool that your from Italy. :smile:

Hi MilenaOne!! welcome to the forum, your english is good :happy:, and you came to the right place to learn more, and to have fun :happy:

hey MilenaOne 96 &NamiWaters … nice you found your way to this forum :wave:

Hi, i’m marie from Ireland. I’ve had lucid dreams for years, and generally muck about flying, transforming into animals, and such playacting. I don’t know how it comes about but i see here on this site how to go at understanding the process and becoming better at it etc. I also ran into Dreamspell for the first time yesterday and am completely blown away. Coincindences!!! Flip me, this is incredible stuff. Its a lot to take in, all this. This is all totally amazing! Look forward to getting to know you guys and learning more.

Welcome to the forum Marie. I envy your natural ability with lucid dreaming.

Have fun.

How’s it going guys. My name is Ben and I’ve been lurking unregistered for some months now. Seeing as though I recently had my first intentional lucid dream, I decided to start my DJ and now to say Hello.

Hello :smile:

hows it going ben my names cody :content:

:welcome: hello marie and Armistice0, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

marie, I saw your post in the 30 years or older topic first :content: I’m glad you found it :happy:
The dreamspell is great, I love finding people who are my antipode, analog and occult kin and working out the holons of groups (holons are made by adding the kin together :grin: )
We do have a dream journal forum if you wish to start a topic containing your dreams :wiske: … there is also a do you have the most interesting LD topic near the top of the DJ forum. I think you will find the adventures forum interesting, you may find some new goals to achieve in your LDs :smile:

:eh: Armistice0, I just looked what was in your other post and found you had already started a DJ :yay: I will go and read it right away :hyper:
congratulations on getting your first LD :cheer: it would be great if you posted it into our My first LD collection topic which is near the top of the DJ forum :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy your time here and make lots of friends too :smile:

Hello marie and Armistice0! Welcome to the Forum!! :happy:

hey all, :peek:
My name is Liam, Im 16
and im from Boscombe, UK,
I have been into dreams and nightmare related things since i was about 5-6 when i used to have really terrible nightmares, I have always been able to remember all my dreams, in full detail, everynight, without fail.from about 99’ i kept a journal of my dreams and nightmatres until 02’ when i lost it in a small house fire.
When i was younger i had high scale night-terrors, which i remember all of, but, i can remember times when i was about 8 in my “Dream” seeing all the ngihtmares creatures, and also i remember seeing my mum trying to wake me up at te same time, this was the closest i had come to lucid dreaming, because i became aware of the earths plane and the astral plane of my dream at the same time, as if i was stuck in a tair between both worlds.
Latley, in the last few weeks, from no where, my reacuring nightmare from the night terror stage of my childhood started coming back, and as i have been reading about lucid dreaming and astral projection recently, this gave me the thought to become lucid, as i knew i was in a dream through my old nightmare. this also helped alot, because i used it to “Call out” the night mare and defeat my fear,
As my name gives away im 4:20 friendly, and use alot of marijuana to calm myself because since i lost the dream book and family problems came up, i cared less and less about dreams, until reasently, i got “i-Doser” and all doses, and wanted to try “astral project” and “lucid dream”, and small mod edit, please read the LD4all guidelines i hit lucidity with ease,

I would love to learn way of hitting higher lucidity, and usng it to induse OOBE’s and use it to naturally hit my astral plane, without the I-Dosers hlp

Hope to get to know you all

4-20_ :woo:

:welcome: 4-20_ :smile: Good luck to getting your lucidity Higher :smile: And WELCOME to US

:wave: hello Liam (4-20_) welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I’m sorry about the DJ lost it must be a big blow to lose all that dream history :sad:
Have you checked out the choosing your technique topic in the knowledge base forum? It might help you to choose a more natural method to attain lucidity so you won’t need to depend on I-Dosers :smile:
I hope you enjoy your time on LD4all :happy:

My names Liam and i also live in England :eek:

Anyway, welcome to the forum :wave:

Hello, whole forum! I am 2 weeks old here and I am very happy and enthusiastic about lucid dreaming. So much hard work got me a lucid dream within 1 week of getting in here. So far my only one, but I haven’t definetely given up, that was only warming, I just scratched the surface. What hasn’t helped me is that I’ve been very inconsistent with my thecniques, but I am going into meditation, self hypnosis or both, I think both are pretty much the same. My biggest reason to attain lucidity is shared dreaming. I should also mention that my brother tags along in my, no, our quest for lucidity.