Chaining - New Technique

Okay, this isn’t really a new technique, but I wanted to make sure everyone would read my post. :tongue: I haven’t seen anyone present it as a “primary” lucid induction technique, though, so I guess it’s kinda new. Plus it’s a neat name, isn’t it? Much better than all these -ILDs we have floating around…

Anyway, what you do is go to bed, not even worrying about having a lucid dream. Instead, focus on not moving at all when you awaken. Don’t open your eyes, don’t lift your head, don’t do anything. When you wake up, you can’t move at all; stillness should be instinctive.

From this point, you should be able to get into a lucid dream without much trouble. For me, it’s like floating in a black void, and all I have to do is imagine a little bit and a dream forms in front of me. Reapeating that I’m dreaming probably helps too. Once your lucid dream is over, you should be able to get several more through the same not-moving stuff. So far, the longest chain I’ve had was about 7 lucid dreams, but 3 is probably a safer number… Get too greedy and you might lose lucidity.

So, to sum this all up…

  1. Have a dream.
  2. Wake up and don’t move.
  3. Have a lucid dream. Improvise!
  4. Go back to step 2.

Now, the reason I’m posting this is because it’s a much different mindset than the normal LD techniques, and so it might work well for people who’ve been not-overly-successful with other methods. If you’re new to lucid dreaming, don’t try this. Try the well known and established methods instead (napping, reality checks, etc). But, if you’ve been practicing for a year or two without much success, then by all means give it a go.

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sounds like an awesome idea… ive never heard anything about it at all.

i will definatly try this… think a little bit of caffine before bed might help you to wake up once in a while? i dont have much input… but im going to try it tonite…

It might be that you awake many times in the night without remembering that. Maybe you could try to concentrate on awakening fully from your dreams when going to sleep?

This technique i have tried before too, it takes less than 20sec before my body goes to sleep, if i do it this way, so its really an awesome method.

I was adviced to do so by Tomas while ago when i was trying to somehow learn SP.
But little problem lies here that when i wake up i usually wake up for a reason:im thirsty or need to go to the toilet,or im hungry or…so on.Very hard to keep still.
Ill be trying tho,it sounds really promisisng.

I’ve read about this method. When you wake up, just PLAY DEAD. I didn’t give this method a fair go yet, but I think I’ll try it in the next few days. Problem is, most of the times when I wake up I at least change my sleeping posture in nothing else. Problem is to remember to stay absolutely still…

dunlar: then, all you have to do is focus a little on those hypnogogic images that start to form right? In my case those images get extremly vivid if I play dead.

Yeah, you gotta lay completly still, even moving you arm a bit might screw it up. :neutral:

Yes,sounds like it is worth a try… or some more tryes.I think most times when i wake up i move before i am “full there”,but with some practice…
Also a very good one to use with other methods since it doesn´t need much afford or time.Or without others,for lazy people such as me :wink:
With waking up from time to time i don´t have much problems,i just have to want it.And at the weekends i normally wake up several times in the morning till i finally get up

thanks,looking forward your experiences with this

Yup, that’s the problem all right. It’s especially hard if you have an alarm or somebody wake you up, as you’ll tend to jump. But it still seems like an easier habit to cultivate than doing RCs in a dream, and if you can learn to do it every day out of habit… Well, I haven’t gotten that far yet…

I think that’s all I do, with the visuals, though that transition is the thing I remember least from the times I’ve done this… The one I remember best, I was just floating in darkness with a pair of keys in my left hand (which I had picked up in the previous dream). I could feel them perfectly, and then all of a sudden I was outside my house… I’m not sure exactly what it is I do to be honest, but I know it’s really, really easy to get a LD from that point. Almost every time that same thought goes through my head, “Oh, is this all I need to do? Man, this is soooo easy…”.

If you wake up with the sunrise, it ain’t bad, though I don’t know how that’ll fit in with your (active :wiske: ) lifestyle…

I’ve been thinking this! In fact, in one of my posts very recently, i suggested about the same thing. I left out the playing dead thing cause I haven’t tried it. Just today I woke up by my dad coming in. He said I have to go to work. I replied “Huh? uh… you’re makin’ that up.” And drifted back to sleep again. I got back into the very same dream, at the same moment I had left it. That was my intent, too, cause it was a cool dream (no need for the details of it here though). Anyways, maybe the playing dead thing can help me remember to remember that I’m dreaming. I’ll try it!

I’m really sorry to be the one who have to say it but it’s just another way to do WILD, it’s not anything new…

But i must say that it’s a great method and i’ll give it a try in the next few days, what you have to do is wake up after 5-6 hours of sleep using an alarm clock near your bed, after you turn it off just return immdietly to the same position you where in, or any other position that you feel good with, just stay still and don’t move at all, in a few seconds or in a few minutes not more, you are back in the dream world!

As i said, this method is one good way to do WILD, i’ll give it a try today!



Dagnabit… :content: I know it’s not exactly brand new, but it’s almost-sorta like new, isn’t it? I mean it works great (cough - 5 this weekend - cough - cough), and I haven’t heard anybody talkin’ about it on the forum here… So why not attract a little more attention?

And I do like my name for it… Doesn’t everyone? It has such a nice ring to it… C’mon say it, say it! Chaining… Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue? :tongue: Much better than the Don’t-Move-When-You-Wake-Up Technique. DMWYWU? NO!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! :scream:

I haven’t seen it used for WILD though. On the webpages I checked, the only similar things I could find were that it was used to enhance dream recall, and used to get back into a lucid dream after it had ended. But, it doesn’t surprise me that other folks have used it. And it works, doesn’t it? More folks should know about it, shouldn’t they?

Hmmm… I’ll hafta try that. That would make it easier (if it works for me), but when I wake up without moving, it’s almost like I’m not waking up. It’s more like the dream is in intermission and I’m just waiting for it to start up again, rather than waiting to fall back asleep. And it hasn’t taken more than 20 seconds or so.

Could anyone post their expieriences in detail?

I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 5:00 in the morning to try it!

All i remember is that i waked up and i turned off the clock…



Yeah i know but compared to how regular wilds are done, this method puts me in vibrations/paralysed stage just after less than 30secs after i woke up.

The regular methods for doing wild takes an awful lot of time for me and im rarely succesfull…

I haven’t read all the replies, and dont care to, but I saw the last one and agree that this is a new metode and it sounds very smart and I’m gonna go for it. wish me luck.

sounds like a pretty cool way 2 get lucid…but i havent even had one lucid dream yet so ill get better at it before i try this one…
ill remember this technique, thanx for putting it up :cool: :smile: :tongue:

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sorry…ill change it now :content:
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Hey, could some of you post some experiences with this technique?

“Chaining” is a badass name :devil: