Chaining part II

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I am totally trying this right now! I will have an alarm on my ipod and then I will try to do my first LD while I know what LDing is unlike my first LD.

An alarm might be a bit too much of a surprise. By all means try it, but one of the big points of this tech is to not move after you wake up. You might try to use autosuggestion to tell yourself you will not move after you wake up after your dreams. Trust me when I say it’s much easier if it flows more smoothly like that.

Rehwin. Lol the alarm did wake me up and I had to move to shut it up. I had to move alot. I was super confused though because I was on the other side of my bed and I ha moved my dream dictionary to the side I always sleep on. I guess I don’t need an alarm cause I woke like 2 other times but didn’t try to chain.

gotta try this tonight! will post results tommorow :wink:

I’ve tried this for a few nights now, and I always end up moving/opening my eyes - then quickly going back to sleep as if nothing happened. Silly me, trying to trick the mind.

I’ll keep at it, and see if it works. Trying a few WILD’s here and there as well.

well i tried tonight, i did manage to keep in position and not open my eyes, but the trick is that i use the “I will wake up after each dream” mantra every night, and when i do wake up after a dream, i am usually too awake to fall back to sleep immediately…but if i don’t use the mantra, then i simply dont wake up after dreams or I don’t realize it… can someone help with this?

It looks like you are trying to build up your dream recall. Maybe you should stick with that for some time. And then continue with LDing. Although if you feel like you remember enough you can easily achieve DILD.

Maybe it’s not that bad to wake up a little more then usually, it’s easier to stay focus and not just fall asleep. Try this combination for little more time and see for sure if suits you!

Success :smile: I tried this chaining last night and it worked very good for me. When I went to bed I talked to myself that when I’ll wake up I won’t move and use this state to induce LD. After four hours I had a dream in which I said: “ok, I will now woke up and don’t move”, and I did it! Then I had a short SP and then woke up in my bed in lucid dream, which last couple minutes :smile:

This technique is like a WILD but without this waiting for the SP state, very easy!

Congratulations Mattata :content:

As you can see, this tech really does work and it’s reliable. Now the trick is to keep yourself from moving after your ND’s more frequently :tongue:

Does a little move of a finger break the whole thing? I’m gonna fall asleep with the alarm clock in my hand and I need a lil’ move of my finger to shut it off.

Yes, generally any movement will set back a DEILD/chain. At that point you’ll basically just be performing a WILD, though it should still go a little faster. The best times to try chaining are if you ever wake up naturally and can remember to keep yourself from moving.

Hi guys,
I really like this technique a lot but one thing which sets back is remembering to wake up after a dream…I have no prob in remembering dreams but waking up after a dream is something i never practise, except in cases of nightmare which is rare for me…
I am giving an idea to u for those who have trouble waking after a dream.
First find out your R.E.M period. Its usually 3 hours after going to sleep at night and 1.5 hrs after first R.E.M period.
Instead of alarm, i have ‘Remainder’ in my cell phone. i set a specific time in my remainder and when the time occurs in beeps for 2 seconds. I keep in loud volume and close to my bed. I set the remainder at the end of my R.E.M period and when it beeps i awaken and stay still…U try this idea too and comment how it works…

I found out that even if you move after wake up and move you still can chainig dream.I wake up go to toilet back to bed sleep stay still and suddenly I was in dream before I wake up.

Technically that is actually a WILD if you’ve already gotten up. They’re essentially the exact same technique, the one thing that separates them is that DEILD (or chaining) is to be done immediately after you wake up without moving to make the process instant. WILD can be near-instant as well… it’s just only a chain if you haven’t moved and go straight from one dream to another.

Now I’d like to point out how easy WILD can be if people only wouldn’t try it when they first go to bed :razz:

Thank for point out :content: I have try WILD before but experince is differrent if that any movement make it WILD then can say that WILD is very easy. My point is don’t too worry about make any move because I often wake up and need to move but still can get into lucid dream very fast. (that why I thought it chaining it really fast I not even focus to anything just stay still and 3 sec later you in dream)