New Technique!

But you can’t get it yet. I don’t know if it’s alright. It’s called a MELD though. Memory Enhanced Lucid Dream.

OK a Memory Enchanced Lucid Dream, or a MELD is quiet easy. You pick a “Topic” to study. Then whenever you come across that topic you do 1 reality check. Make it a good one, since it will be easier to remeber 1 instead of 5 or 6. Make this topic very wide. I’m talkin about you see it every day. You’ve got to be like, addicted to doing this reality check when you see this topic. My topic, which I find the easist to remeber, and see in my dreams and Green. Yes, the color green it my topic. Whenever I see green on tv, the computer, or around me, I plug my noise and try to breath. Like I said you’ve got to be dedicated, because I plug my noise like three hundred times a day. During this topic I’ve plugged my nose twice. It doesn’t sound like much, but try to do it with your topic, every day. I’m telling you this because I’m warning you, this isn’t for the lazy. Ok anyways. It works quiet well. I’ve done about 4 lds in a week because of it. My usual is 2 in a month. Because in my dreams I see green everywhere.

This is a great technique, it works quickly, if you follow the rules, which are as followed.

  1. don’t be lazy

    There are side affects. Like I said earlier in all my dreams there is a lot of green. I find it that in some dreams everything is green. So I think if you study something for so long it might be that in the dream. So I could dream of just me in a green room since I studied green for so long.

Topics I find are the easiest.

  1. All the colors
  2. Water
  3. Your hands, or your feet
  4. Lights
  5. The sky.

Hope this works out for everyone! Cheers!

You do know, that you’re just talking about regular RCs that oneironauts have been using for decades to enter the lucidity state while dreaming?

Sure, you’re just proposing to take a big activator for doing the testing with.

hey, but it’s a great idea, instead of doing RC everytime something odd happens (it’s hard to see odd things in dreams) you do it everytime you see a common thing.
Anyway, I’m not going to try this, it’s a lot of work…I am trying the “move your fingers” tecnique now(don remember the name, it was the name of the creator).

I’ll try it! :grin:

Right. It’s different from regular Rc’s. It’s a technique, not a check.

It takes work, and it’s more reliable than RC’s.

Also when you do it in a dream it feels better. Because after all those times of not breathing through your nose, then when you finally do your like, HOLY CRAP I’M IN A DREAM! YAY!, kinda feeling.

It really is a great technique. I’m glad I came around it.

This seems like a good technique, I’m going to use it and keep trying WILD and VILD.

BTW, I’ve chosen metal.

ive chosen something electronic,
randomman plugs nose and tries to breathe

Ugh, metal is way too common in my house, I’m dying of asphixiation, I’m going to use green as well.

I would actually call that a combo of a tech and dreamsigns. Dreamsigns are recurring things that appear in your dreams that are supposed to make you realize you’re dreaming when you notice them. :content:

This sounds almost identical to the Critical Reflective technique, it’s still a reality check, all that your doing is performing it for common events, not strange events. Incidentally, common events are also dreamsigns (for me :wink: )

Only one RC? That sounds like a mistake to me… I’d personally use at least three.

Sure Surreal. Use three. It’ll just take longer. I provide advice that you pick your most reliable so you can start lucid dreaming using this method in a matter of 3 days or less. I’m doing it every night!!! =D

The WELD is my favorite!!!

Seems like a good idea…
Im picking green too =P

edit: I’ve already did 20 RC’s since when I first posted this XP!

My RC’s, more often then not, don’t work - which is why I prefer to use lots. My most reliable one is the clock RC, which works roughly 80% of the time. After that is the nose breathing one (which I use if there is no clock) which works roughly 50% of the time.

U mean, in ur dream when u shut ur nose, u can;t actually breathe IRL?! that’s frigging scary @_@!

I’m sure, I don’t know, but I’m SURE that your RC skill will actually increase with this tech. Try to do just one, and after a while it doesn’t improve. Use many.

I’d still call it just a regular RC -technique, just using a smarter tricker - just like it should be.

But still it IS a technique, and not a RC.

Oh yea in your dreams you can breathe through your nose plugged :tongue:

I do an RC when ever I enter or exit an interior.Any interior! Home,car,boat,etc.
I don’t see the point in doing RCs when something strange happens.
Because that’s rare.