the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 54

:welcome: here TC_1986 ! :smile: I hope you will enjoy it here :smile: You can also make some quests here or write your experiences :wink:

:welcome: to LD4all, hope you enjoy the forum. :boogie:

I was reading the forum for quite some time and I think it’s time to introduce myself :content:.
I think that by registering here I will get some help with my dreams as I try to have LD since april 2008 and still nothing. I also have problems with vision in my dreams. What I mean is that I mostly see action in a 3rd person view.
Anyway, hey all :smile:

Welcome to the forum Ishmur :wave:

I have a suggestion for trying to have a LD, try and meditate. That helps you to focus, and might increase your chances of having a LD.

Also, you can try Meditation and its effect on Dreams, that’s an experiment I’m hosting, it might help.

Hi! I’m new at LD’ing and i really want to try it, i just don’t have so much time for it (I go to school and work) which method should i use for best succes??

:welcome: hello TC_1986, Ishmur and Monkeydude, welcome to the LD4all forum :grouphug:

TC_1986, you have made a great start with your dream journal, I hope you keep it up :thumbs:

:yes: plus now you are able to read the dream journal forum too :smile: Some of the DJs in there are very inspiring and you may also like to read The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part IV and Your Most Interesting LD :grin:

When you become lucid, you should be able to change that :content:

I would recommend WBTB combined with MILD. But really you should look at
“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
so you can find which technique really has the most chance of success for you
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
for an overview of all the methods.

Two easy techs which don’t take any time at all are…
just performing reality checks
FILD when you wake in the night and are really tired.

I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all and experience your first LD :dream: in the near future :smile:

Hi everyone, I’m Bumbeak and I’m new too! (What a coincidence.) I’m a dragon and I live under a couch. I also happen to be chief of the couch. That means that I rule everything that is under, over, near or is the couch.

I’m a writer and I play violin. I also like drawing and eating faces. I’m going to be a 3rd dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do soon.

The first and only time that I remember lucid dreaming was when I was five. The experience was so much fun that I decided to do all the most insane things I could imagine. As I grew up, I kept trying to induce lucid dreams, failing. When I mentioned it in school, one of my classmates gave me more information. That was the first time I heard the term “lucid dream”. Once I googled it, I found LD4ALL, and here I am.

Dats it. Go see my website. =-)>

Hi, I’m ninja9578, some of you may know me from the other big lucid dreaming sites. I’ve been lucid dreaming for about two years and consider myself fairly skilled at willingly inducing lucidity and controlling my dream.

I love to meditate, specifically to help me get into a WILD or for doing a WBTB.

Hehe, like the guy above me, I’m also into martial arts and have had a 3rd degree black belt for 7 years, but am too lazy to get my 4th. :razz:

Welcome bubeak! Ah dragon ey? You will feel right at home among the other dragons :content: :dragon: the couch, however is mine! :tongue: :hide:

Welcome Ninja9578, I always wonder what the numbers mean, are they just random, or related to anything special? there is a meditation experiment in the lab going on right now, maybe you like to join that one :smile:

Let me figure out the short & sweet introduction, otherwise, I’ll be here forever!
I had a life-altering experience with sleep paralysis/hallucinations when I was 17, although I didn’t understand what was occurring until just recently. My lucid dreaming began around the same time. Throughout my early 20’s my lucid dreaming was very controllable. I was able to recognize when I was in a dream state and manipulate my dreams with ease. These lucid dreams occurred very frequently, I’d say at least 2-3 times a week.
Fast forward into my 30’s when my sleep pattern became a little more irregular, with kids, waking at night, etc. I am able to recognize when I am in a dream state, but no longer able to manipulate as easily as before. I might get “halfway there” so to speak - Lets say I’d try to will a ferris wheel to appear in an empty field and I get a roller coaster instead. I have also been experiencing multiple false awakenings, one on top of another, on top of another.
In recent years, I have learned more about the connection between lucid dreaming & sleep paralysis, and although I cannot know for sure, (how do you prove something like this??) I believe I have gone straight into a dream state from an awake state. I would feel the sleep paralysis kick-in, the hallucinations and noises begin, and when the noises/lights stop, I am in my quiet room, but the furniture would be out of place. Or the walls a different color. This is how I would recognize I was dreaming. (Is this WILD?) These were my “flying” nights - i would get out of bed, open the window, and fly away - like swimming breast-stroke through the air. I could land, take-off at will, go higher, soar, you name it. I’d stop and meet people, some strangers, some people I know. Almost makes me feel as though they might have really been visited by me. I don’t dare ask
Last night I had one of my paralysis into lucid dreaming experiences, but it was not a good one. The lucidity was coming and going, and many times made me question whether I was dreaming or actually experiencing things in real life. I am here because I would like to find my way back to controlling my dreams like the way I used to.

:welcome: hello Bumbeak, ninja9578 and kmd415, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

We have a Big My first LD Collection in the dream journal forum, it would be great if you posted what you remembered about your first LD in that topic :content:

And now you have all the accumulated knowledge from the LD4all forum you will soon be having frequent LDs :yes:
I recommend browsing the knowledgebase forum first, especially the choosing your technique topic. :wiske:

You may like to attempt our monthly LD quest and earn some LD4all wings that you can keep forever :yay:
There are quite a few ideas of what to do when lucid in the adventures forum and you may like to check out the lucid lab.
Since you are experienced, I hope you are also willing to give people new to LDing some help in the quest forum :thumbs:

:wave: hello kmd415,


The best way to deal with that is by doing reality checks, it will act as a confirmation that you are dreaming and will make the lucidity stronger. :smile:
You are a 'natural lucid dreamer, so once you start reading about methods to increase lucidity and stabilise dreams you will be able to experience even better LDs than before :smile:

I hope you all enjoy being LD4all members as much as I do :happy:
Oh :boogie:
/me notices that you are over 30 and points to the 30 years or older link in her signature :grin:

I was getting mad at AOL trying to get a name with meaningful numbers so I hit the number pad and submitted it. That’s how I got those numbers :razz: I just joined the meditation study :smile:

If I get lucid tonight I will, otherwise I’ll wait for next month’s quest, and of course I’ll help others out, it’s part of why I’m here. :happy:

Hi everyone! I joined today. I’ve been interested in LD’s for some time but haven’t got any yet. I’m working on it.
I’m from Finland, so my grammar isn’t always very good… Try to be patient with me.

The dan for your black belt is a further rank. In Tae Kwon Do, there are nine dans, firsts dan being the new black belt and ninth dan being the grand master. Each time you go up a dan, it takes a little bit more time and is a little bit harder.

Hey everyone!, thought it was time to introduce myself been browsing the site everynight for weeks! but only just joined up… soo HI :grin:



Enjoy your stay! This place is really awesome for information, or assistance, or even just good 'ole fun.

Hey guys, I’m Draglan.

I tried LDing once or twice before, but I failed so I gave up on it. :neutral:
But I’m back and trying again, so hopefully I’ll learn something here so I can lucid dream!

Some things I wanna do in my dream are: To fly, to summon unlimited pizza, fight in a space battle in deep space, be on star trek, and of course rule the world. Muahahaha! :grin:

Hey Draglan =D
Good your back, im sure joining here will help you in having lucid dreams, it certainly did me :happy:
Maybe you should check out the BIG fave thing to do in a LD, where you can post what you have above, and read through what other people want to do, and maybe pick up some interesting things youd like to try :mrgreen:

Hi all im from greece just call me seithrah i like that name :tongue: i think im’gonna have a preety good time here:):):):):):):):):slight_smile:

:yay: lots of new members :yay:

:welcome: hello meridia, I’m sure you will enjoy being a LD4all member. Feel free to start a dream journal in our DJ forum as soon as you feel ready to share. Keeping an online DJ is a great way to keep your motivation and dream recall high :content: I look forward to reading all about your first LD :boogie:

ooo a want-to-be lurker :tongue:
/me waves a UK flag
Glad you decided to finally register :grin: - you can now get some inspiration from the dream journal forum now :content: and also visit the lucid lab :smile:

:wave: hello seithrah
and I’m sure you will have a great time here :grin:
good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs: