the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 54

Good morning, I’m wannabe lucid dreamer from Lithuania. Right now I’m holding on WBTB technique. It is 06:39 AM and I still have 21 minute before I get back to sleep :smile:

Lots of newbies, welcome everyone.

Hello kugelis & thebunni :hugs:

I hope you enjoy your stay here :colgate:

Im sure you’ll love it, and it will definently help you with you lucid dreaming, it helped me, and from joining ive had 4 LDs and an outer body experience! :woo:

Let me know if theres anything you need help with, i can send you a few links to some useful topics on techniques to help you etc - that goes for all new members :content:

Enjoy your time here :aww:

Harriot :wink: x

I was sure I had already done a welcome post :confused:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, thebunni and kugelis :grouphug:

thebunni, I just looked and you didn’t post your first LD experience anywhere… when I found the other mention it was just saying about having a LD [LINK] It would be great if you posted it in the big My First LD Collection or in a personal dream journal in the dream journal forum :smile:


WBTB really makes it more likely to become lucid. So even if it doesn’t work at first … just keep trying and it will happen :yay:

I hope you both enjoy your time on LD4all :grin:

Well I would have, but it was rather short lived and I don’t remember what happened after I lost lucidity. And I was only lucid for what seems like a few minutes. So it wasn’t much of a story to post! =]

My name is Casey. I have had a few lucid dreams that I can remember. A couple before I knew what it was called, and a couple since. I’m joining this community to… I guess “fortify” my dreaming ability, strengthen it, and hopefully develop as a dreamer. I enjoy discussing dreams, the dream world, and lots of dream related things.

Nice to meet you all!

:wave: hello Dimitrius, welcome to the LD4all community. I think you will get a lot of inspiration and ideas from being a LD4all member :content:

If you have any questions about where to find something just pm one of the moderators or indeed any active LD4all member (we are all willing to help new-comers find their feet :smile: )

i just started researching on LD last week and am soooooooooooooo amazed. i mean we always had all the answers but just needed to wake up!!! lol am so glad i started researching on google! i love GOOGLE!! :smile: and dream journals i used to hear and read about all the time but thought why i dont need one! but now i know how fun and useful they can be. :smile: i love LD and will try to have fun everynight. :wink:

Hello, astral_kitkat here.
I am 19, and live in the US. I have recently (about 3-6 months) been interested in LD, AP, and OOBE and eventually found this awesome site. :smile:
Umm, I’m not really good with introductions so I will just leave it at that…(very shy :peek: ).
Anyways, glad to be here!

:welcome: hello soulconsole and astral_kitkat, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

soulconsole, I hope you decide to keep an on-line dream journal in the DJ forum> I feel it is easier to keep motivated when you have the support and advice of an whole forum behind you :content:

astral_kitkat, I’m sure you will feel comfortable here before too long and lose that shyness :happy: Due to your interest in AP and OOBE you will probably like our Beyond Dreaming and Spiritual Corner forums :smile:

Good luck with your lucid quests :thumbs:

This is like gaiaonline. lol well send me a pm if you wish to befriend me.

Hello :wave:

I’m Peridot, and I am a major lucid dreamer . I have many dreams in which they are extremely vivid and lucid.
Anyways, I found the forum 'cause I was looking around for constructed languages and found this site.

Glad to be here :content:


:welcome: hello AmaratheUnknown, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here :grin:

:welcome: hello Peridot

That’s an unusual way to find us … you must have googled up My constructed language - Come and contribute! :eh: We do have quite a few interesting topics about subjects other than lucid dreaming and dreaming :content: . I wonder how many others have been brought to LD4all through one of these topics
:thumbs: I’ve already read your dream journal, it’s great that you decided to begin one immediately. :yay:


Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m new here and new to LD. I’m going to be starting a dream journal to track my progress, etc.

I tried to will myself to wake up during my dreams last night, to no avail. I DID, however, remember having 6 dreams, which is the most that I can remember ever remembering (that sounds weird). I guess that’s a start.

:welcome: here TC_1986 ! :smile: I hope you will enjoy it here :smile: You can also make some quests here or write your experiences :wink:

:welcome: to LD4all, hope you enjoy the forum. :boogie:

I was reading the forum for quite some time and I think it’s time to introduce myself :content:.
I think that by registering here I will get some help with my dreams as I try to have LD since april 2008 and still nothing. I also have problems with vision in my dreams. What I mean is that I mostly see action in a 3rd person view.
Anyway, hey all :smile:

Welcome to the forum Ishmur :wave:

I have a suggestion for trying to have a LD, try and meditate. That helps you to focus, and might increase your chances of having a LD.

Also, you can try Meditation and its effect on Dreams, that’s an experiment I’m hosting, it might help.

Hi! I’m new at LD’ing and i really want to try it, i just don’t have so much time for it (I go to school and work) which method should i use for best succes??

:welcome: hello TC_1986, Ishmur and Monkeydude, welcome to the LD4all forum :grouphug:

TC_1986, you have made a great start with your dream journal, I hope you keep it up :thumbs:

:yes: plus now you are able to read the dream journal forum too :smile: Some of the DJs in there are very inspiring and you may also like to read The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part IV and Your Most Interesting LD :grin:

When you become lucid, you should be able to change that :content:

I would recommend WBTB combined with MILD. But really you should look at
“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
so you can find which technique really has the most chance of success for you
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
for an overview of all the methods.

Two easy techs which don’t take any time at all are…
just performing reality checks
FILD when you wake in the night and are really tired.

I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all and experience your first LD :dream: in the near future :smile: