the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 54

:welcome: welcome to Tommyboi and Rflyon, I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

Visiting the forum will be a great way to improve your fluency :happy:
Good luck with your lucid quest, I think it’s good to have a balance of fun things and ‘improvement goals’ :content:

I think that actually joining LD4all will help you to keep motivated this time Rflyon :thumbs: and now you are registered, you can also browse the DJ forum :happy: which can be a great source of motivation

hey everybody :smile:

I joint few days ago as this seems to be a good forum to exchange about lucid dreaming… and to learn it, hopefully, as I had no LDs so far.

My first step was too start a dreaming journal few months ago which I do quite unregularly :meh: Sometimes I remember my dreams really clear and then I wonder why I didn’t recognize that they are dreams as they are so unreal.

Now I try to solve this with the “Am i awake or sleeping?” -asking method during the day.

Oh, I can’t wait to lucid dream. There is so much to discover.

Hope to have a great time here and wish you the same,


:wave: hello mira :happy: welcome to the LD4all community

may be if you started an on line DJ here, it would help to keep you motivated to recall your dreams :content:

The good thing about having no LDs so far is that you have that first LD experience to come! :hyper: Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

Hello dreamers,
I’m Ludvig, a 17 soon-to-be 18 years old Media student in Sweden.
I have known about for some months, but I didn’t read in the forum for some reason. It has some very nice tips and techniques!
I wish I found this site and joined pretty much earlier, like a year ago.

I’m interested among other things, quite mainly in Photography, Nature&Wildlife, Drawing, Computers… etc. And not to mention great dreams and possibly LDs!
I also have some “spiritual believes”(non religious) and some other interests, some of I don’t really know if/how I could tell about here and now.

Writings and ramblings about dreams and such will come here, as a spoiler cause i think it take quite a lot of space for being in this thread:

[spoiler]I usually get Normal Dreams, but when I’ve really wanted to get a controlled Lucid Dream I might have wanted it too much, but getting to sleep too late or sleeping for to few hours probably affect my dreaming too. Sometimes I can visualize rather vividly how it probably could be with being like in a totally free dream, like the universe’s most awesome and advanced VR-experience. Running very fast and jumping very high, flying, transformation, create things in the air and so on… Hope I eventually will get to do such things. :slight_smile:
Some dreams, like one I had yesterday was a bit LD-ish I suppose. I had not gotten such dreams for quite a while - One part of it, or one of the dreams was about that I had started my computer, and files on it was missing on it… my desktop was almost all empty and I remember right now that I was regretful about cause of it, but I then just used my finger to “push back” things that were gone and one after one I recovered things, for some reason I didn’t think that the dream was getting lucid and I could go try and make my own flying portable supercomputer instead… :wink: I like when I meet some nice wild animals in dreams.
Oh! And those times I’ve wished the photos I took in the dream would be in the camera when I woke up! :stuck_out_tongue: One time I even tried to look if something was there… xp
Back in 2006 I had quite many dreams I wanted to have, but 2007 I don’t know of that many. This year has been some though.
I also remember a lot of (special) dreams from when I was a little, I had nightmares then and then which I luckily barely have now. But some of the nightmares I think are a bit interesting… I should write down some childhood dreams.[/spoiler]

That is all now, and now it’s very late here and for me, I think I kind of overdid my introducion(?) I think I do seem pretty interested though. :stuck_out_tongue: So I may hang out here a bit, I’m also quite a lot in a LD-mood now.
I hope that my writing won’t sound strange or so.

Hi, gordofrog here, been here about a week and decided to post this here real quick, I have had 2 lucid dreams i guess, but both sucked cause i woke up right after i realized i was dreaming

:wave: Ludvig :smile: welcome to the forum

You should be able to post about most on the forum as long as they don’t go against the forum guidelines.
Your spiritual beliefs would probably fit nicely into the personal Spiritual Beliefs topic (link in my sig) … it was created for sharing beliefs and how we got there and not for debate :content:

If you are in doubt where to post anything, you can always pm a mod asking where to post it or rely on a mod to move the topic to the correct forum later :tongue:

:hugs: it’s impossible to over-do an introduction :wink:

:wave: hello gordofrog
the first couple of LDs are often very short (my first lasted the amount of time it took to realise it was a dream :tongue: and the second a bit longer … just long enough to levitate and spin around). You will soon be experiencing more fullfilling LDs :happy: … though I must admit even those early blink and you miss them LDs are breath-taking at the time :smile:

hello, I am brand new to lucid dreaming. Whenever i try it though, my heart starts beating insanly fast, any tips?

hi i came 2 this site after Dv kicked me out b/c im 13

hey all,
i have been here before but just looking about, but now i am trying for more vivid, frequent lucidity, i decided to join,
i have a thing for forums, so ill be on quite alot, and i hope to get to know you all,
tho i may be under a new name soon as moogle has asked me to have it changed =/
hope to meet everyone =D :woo:

Hello Azndude108, welcome to the forum. :wave:
I don’t practice WILD myself but being aware of a fast heart beat seems to be fairly common. So don’t worry and relax and concentrate on counting or whatever your WILD method entails :content: - you won’t come to any harm :content:

:welcome: hello techyguy, I hope you enjoy your time here. We have members of ages 13 to 80 and everyone gets along fine :smile: So make yourself at home and enjoy your time here :happy:

:wave: hello Lil-P

That’s good to know :happy: it will be great having you around :content:

Will you be posting your 3 LDs so far in the DJ forum?

Hello all. I just found this site yesterday and I have not been able to stop reading the forum since.

A few years ago I learned about lucid dreaming and was very interested but didn’t really have the motivation needed. For some reason yesterday LD popped into my head out of the blue and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this site.

When reading that dream recall was crucial I began to get worried because I cannot ever seem to remember my dreams, so I bought a journal and told myself that I would remember what I dreamed lastnight. And it worked.

I remembered 2 of my dreams from lastnight, althought not vividly. Nevertheless I was pleased with the results of just setting my intentions before sleep. I am looking forward to my first LD and will probably begin posting my DJ.

Hello all.

Joined a while ago, been lurking on and off but never really considered myself a part of the community. Starting trying to induce LDs about two years ago when I bought myself some melatonin as per your advice. Anyways, I’d like to finally say hi (and thanks)!

:welcome: hello BMach and theMaxx welcome to LD4all :grin:

:yes: it’s really amazing how recall can improve so much just by wanting to remember the dreams :smile:
Please start a DJ soon don’t wait until you think you are getting more vivid dreams or closer to lucidity, keeping an online DJ can really help to keep you motivated since you aren’t doing it alone anymore :content:
:thumbs: good luck with your lucid quest

So how is it doing? Have you been making progress with LDing?

I hope you both enjoy your time spent on LD4all :grouphug:

hi :smile:
I’m no good at the whole introductory stuff…
I’ve always had weird sleeping habits, and sometimes LDs, although I never realised that’s what they are called.
I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis several times, and it still scares the hell out of me every time it happens.

oh, and I’m almost an insomniac, I like to sleep in fetal position, and with a pillow tucked between my knees. :content:
what can I say? - I’m weird, and proud of it. :happy:
(and I have a thing for smileys and emotes :woo: )

Hi everyone :wave:

I learned about LDs about two months ago (and started to try to have some… 2-3 so far, but very short and weird…)
I found this site some time ago, but didn’t dare to join before… :bored:

:wave: hello Mierin and Aino, welcome to the LD4all forum :grouphug:

Mierin, I always find introductions difficult too, since you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself to people you don’t know yet and so you hunt for something to say :help:
Since you love smilies … have you clicked the View more Emoticons link yet?
/me thinks pasQuale loves smilies too :grin:

The thing with SP is that you have to remember that the paralysis is temporary and that anything you see or feel isn’t real :content: We have a SP topic and also a BIG SP and Old Hag topic in the stuff forum :wiske:

Congrats on your success so far :yay: I hope you will post them in a post in the “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream journal forum or in your own DJ topic in that forum. It is always good to read about people’s first LD experiences :boogie:
I’m glad you finally got the courage to register with us :hurray: … I think this forum is one of the most friendly on-line communities around and so you should soon feel at home here :happy:

Hello, I’ve just joined yesterday. I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a while, and I’ve been keeping a dream journal. I’ve spontaneously had a few lucid dreams, but I’d like to be able to increase a the frequency a bit more, so that I can begin to relax and have more fun with them. I’m starting by clearing my mind of any negative thoughts, and convincing myself that I WILL have a lucid dream tonight.

First name: Ben
Location: Somewhere in Canada.
Age: Turning 17 this year
Interests outside of dreaming: Philosophy, science, math, cartooning, comedy, writing, art, technology, psychology. I’m fairly certain there are others.
Preferred Reality Check: Looking back and figuring out how I got where I am now. It forces me to be more mindful in everyday life. I’m often surprised how difficult it is to remember exactly what happened over the previous hour or so.

-Holycow81 (Ben)

Hi everyone :smile:

I found this site through casual conversation with someone on a gaming irc channel(yes im a big geek and damn proud :smile: ) Then after reading about lucid dreaming, it seemed so awesome i had to learn how. I have never had one, and rarely remember my dreams, but hopefully I can change that soon.

oh yeah… and my name is Teddy and im 17… nice to leave out the actual introduction
some interests: playing jazz trumpet, computer programming, learning about science, gaming

:wave: hello holycow81 and tkrulewich, welcome to the LD4all community :smile:

:eh: I hope you decide to post your previous LDs in our dream journal forum :content:

Oh, I think you will be a fan of our garden of creation too, since you list in your interests - writing and art :grin:

:wiske: I’m not sure anyone has found us by that before :eh: … I think you should definitely post in the Sticky: [ Poll ] How did you get here? Part II topic :grin:

just wanting to remember your dreams and setting the intention to remember them can work wonders :boogie: Keeping a Dream Journal is a good idea and also allowing your self 5 minutes or so in the mornings to try to recall dreams instead of just jumping out of bed :eh:

/me wishes you both luck in your lucid quests :thumbs:

Hi, my name is Maigan. I’m from Oklahoma. I learned about LD like a month ago. I’ve been keeping a DJ and last night I think I had my first LD. The only problem was I quickly lost lucidity… Still, it’s exciting!