How did you get here?

How did you get here?

  • Search engine
  • A friend told me about ld4all
  • Link from another site
  • Mention in a magazine/book
  • Subliminal message from aliens
  • from Sealife
  • from Dreamviews

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Yes, a slight variation on the ‘how did I get here’ RC :grin:

How did you get on the forum for the first time? How did you find out about LD4all?

if your choice is not listed, post below and i’ll add it.
please elaborate on your choice when you have come here from another site, which site, etc.

Search engine for me. I typed “Lucid Dreaming” or something like that in google.

I wanted to put a name tag to a lot of things I was experiencing and was looking for new ideas, things to try in LD. This forum has certainly helped me do that.

I used google and typed lucid dreaming forum. I had to look at quite a few sites until I came to ld4all…it was actually one of the older “incarnations” with a link to this website.

Search engine.
I’ve found many pages but ld4all is simply the best :good:

I registered on the dutch forum first, but it lasted about 5 months before I noticed there’s an english version too :wink:
I found the dutch forum with the aid of google :smile:

I think the first thing that brought the idea of lucid dreaming was Waking Life, i was at some friends house in northern Florida, and this kid had a waking life poster on his wall. He told me everything about it, and how it was’nt open towards the public for a while. I guess that search led me to other searches. He didnt explain Lucid dreaming to much.
Lots of influences came to me, so i figured to take alook on it, and see how hard or easy it seemed to be. Then i remeber reading everything from intro to take off, and thats my story of how i found this site. I could barely remeber it.

I got it out of the bookmarks of a friend. It had lots of links towards spiritual sites and lots more, including this one.

I don’t know where he got it from, but i suspect it would have to do something with those aliens :wink:

I go on GameFAQs, and I saw a board on LUE about lucid dreaming, I followed the link like a good boy =P

It’s becoming apparent that we’ve got Google to thank for the majority of our visitors. :wink:

Well, that night of my b-day (Dec. 10th), I dreamt some amazing dreams that made me realize that I actually miss being able to share and chat about my dreams… or even just to read somebody’s dreams. I also dreamt something about big forum based on lucid dreaming.

So I opened up my favorite searching engine… google and began to search. Then soon I found this website and registered the next day. :smile:

I actually came to LD4all website a long time ago before it even had a forum. :content: What a good memory. Love it! :wiske:

Wow! that is a good way to find this site.

I found this site by talking to someone on ICQ and they gave me to a link to a site i think it had the word astral or something in it and that site had a link to here. I read all parts of the site and then came to the forum, the old forum. That place is a mess compared to the wonderful new forum.

my friend told me about lucid dreaming, but not a lot. We didn’t really talk about it, other than when we were painting and out of the blue she said ‘are you dreaming?’. Anyway, I read some random dream book, that sortof sucked now that I know the facts, but it did tell me what LDing was. Then I was on some random forum, that I stayed on for about 20 minutes and never returned, but I saw someones user name was ‘LucidDreamer’ or something like that. I e-mailed him, and he sent me this site URL. Never heard from him again, but I bless his soal!

Friend told me about it! He got the link from gamefaqs! So I have to put friend, but if I could vote a second time I’d vote link from other site…

Accursed google users! Yahoo! is better somehow!!

Hey is there a poll about “How did you hear about lucid dreams in the first place?”? I’d like that.

Same here. :smile:

I followed a link on another forum that led me to the ‘Lucid Crossroads’ website. From there, I followed a link to ‘LD4All’.

I do remember passing through a long time beforehand, though I didn’t bookmark the site, so I ‘forgot’ about it. That was in the old forum days.

Fey~ :tongue:

Thats my post from the how did you learn about LDing topic

hey coolza well i heard about lucid dreaming off my twin and he said he heard it off me so we dont know how it started but i went on the net and in google typed in lucid dreaming. i got then birds lucid dreaming website and then this.

and by far this has to be the best one and i still keep to my word on this



I followed the link from Bluelight, a drug harm minimisation site where I’ve had many a discussion about lucid dreaming.

My interest in lucid dreaming really began about 6 years ago when I started reading Carlos Castaneda’s books.

So timeless, you have another being that looks just like you, and you both thought the other told you about this site? Pretty complex, maybe you guys had a shared dream :content: Twins are closer to anything :tongue:

I like Neo’s way of getting here the best. Puts a friggin smile on my face.