How did you get here?

I wanted a support group for lucid dreaming, so I won’t quit when I’m frustrated. I found this site when I typed something like “lucid dreaming forum” into a search engine. Good thing I found this forum; it’s great!

Came from another forum found the Lucid crossroads and then found this ite win the links.

Heh. I got here by a search engine once, and I didn’t like it. But then someone told me to go here again when I was asking advice, and that time I went to the forums and loved it. ^.^

I got the link from the GameFAQs Paranormal/Conspiracy board. That place is a joke now, though, so I don’t even bother going there.

You can find me there under the name “Sezril” on LUE, The Forum, Poll Of The Day, and Pro Wrestling.

my friend told me about LD ,so i searched for some sites in the net.

I had a dream that involved aliens and they told me to come here.

no really :razz:

ok ok fine. I was looking on topics including AP LD etc. and it was one site that just kept popping up so i added it to my faves :smile:

I has a shared dream in which a friend told me about Id4all.

I got here through the bathroom

JUst out of curiosity, when did the whole bathroom idea start

and all will be revealed. :wiske:

ahah, thanks moogle

Impressive :eek: Pretty original way to find this forum!
Was it a genuine shared dream?

Now even DCs know about this place… We’re getting famous :tongue:

I accidentaly came across a topic about lucid dreaming on a forum, which made me search for it on google :smile:

Cool! All of you have an interesting story at how you crossed to this forum! By the way Tomas, I loooooove your avatar! It’s very original and cute!!! It is making me say, “MEEEERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND GOOD NIGHT!” :biggrin:

Hehe it looks like sigmund :peek:

I honestly did not remember where i found this sight or what the heck i was looking at when i came across it. No short term memory. So i put the one with the subliminal messages from aliens. It could be true, they tried to abduct me once. I kicked them below the belt and ran inside though.

Quote—>It could be true, they tried to abduct me once

Ahh… HATE it when that happens :grin:

Yeah, but it’s ok, they are very similar to people, so you can kick them where it hurts and they hit the ground like a bag of rocks. It’s useful in fights against big strong people too.

search engin for me, I had learned of LDs a while ago, and had had a few. and never really thought much about it. Then i got this magical dream herb(celea) from my freind that was suposed to give you lucid dream. not suprissingly it didn’t work. But i got to thinking about it and dicided that there must be some way to trian yourself to have lucid dreams. so i typed lucid dreaming into a search engin. I actually whent to the lucidity istitute first and don’t remember exactly how i got here but i know it revolved around a search engin.

I had never even heard of lucid dreaming when I found!

I was at a site (can’t remember what it was) and someone placed a link for someone else saying “check this site out, its what your looking for” and i slipped my mouse and clicked on it by mistake! I was about to hit back and get out of this random site but the design caught my attention…cool design. I read everything on the whole site and fell in love with the idea of lucid dreaming! I read the site over and over and it actually took my a few months till I decided to look in the forum…i didn’t know how big it would be…I was actually expecting just a few people! But theres loads of people here! And no wonder! Not only my fave LD forum but my fave forum full stop! This is the only site i WILL check every single day lol.