My constructed language - Come and contribute!

Since Bengooder has been posting recently about Esperanto, I thought I’d like to share with you my (horribly incomplete) constructed language of my own. :content: It’s called Pomina (for some reason) and it’s based on the same grammar as English. It’s a bit like an English-Greek-Turkish-French-Spanish-Esperanto-Portuguese mix :spinning:eek:), but a lot easier. :grin: For example, there’s no irregular verb endings. It’s the same for every verb. :happy:

I’ll post some examples of sentences here:

Su etri la superástæ! - I am the greatest!
Alö móndo - Hello everyone
Su etri bien de lucído révar - I am good at lucid dreaming (phat chance :tongue:)

Here’s a pronunciation guide:

a – bat
á – llama (stressed)
æ – pale
b – bowl
c – car
č – chair
ĉ – loch
d – dead
e – pen
é – reverend (stressed)
f – farm
g – gas
i – bee
í – enfeeble (stressed)
ĭ – split
k – look
l – love
m – mumble
n – noun
o – pot
ó – body (stressed)
ö – pole
p – pepper
r – rust
s – song
š – share
t – tug
u – pool
ú – tandoori (stressed)
ŭ – sun
v – van
j – yacht
z – zebra
ž – jeudi (French)

I’ll get you some of the basic words soon, I’ll be back in a while. :tongue:

This is all copied from my big Word document, so my apologies for bad formatting. :peek:
what ca
who cu
where u
why erá
how com
which cora
when can
in aku
out eku
I su
you (singular) tir
he æ
she sæ
it ri
we nu
you (plural) tísir
they tiræ
me mi
him iæ
her isæ
us inu
them ætir
here rád
there tirád
the la / l’
at de


avrum / to have
su avri
tir avri
æ avra
nu avru
tísir avri
tiræ avra
su avrina
tir avrina
æ avrana
nu avruna
tísir avrina
tiræ avrana
su avrinæ
tir avrinæ
æ avranæ
nu avrunæ
tísir avrinæ
tiræ avranæ

etrum / to be
su etri
tir etri
æ etra
nu etru
tísir etri
tiræ etra
su etrina
tir etrina
æ etrana
nu etruna
tísir etrina
tiræ etrana
su etrinæ
tir etrinæ
æ etranæ
nu etrunæ
tísir etrinæ
tiræ etranæ

Plural: -ai
Superlative: -æ


a von
bird úzlin
I su
life lif
love amóra
peace píritz
food núto
water or-ta
earth or-art
fire or-fæ
air or-di
aether or-nö
nothing not
zero not
one un
two da
three tirá
four kad
five pená
six iká
seven epá
eight oktá
nine noná
ten dek
eleven dek-un
twelve dek-da
thirteen dek-tirá
fourteen dek-kad
fifteen dek-pená
sixteen dek-iká
seventeen dek-epá
eighteen dek-oktá
nineteen dek-noná
twenty daidek
twenty-one daidek-un
twenty-two daidek-da
thirty tiraidek
fourty kadidek
fifty penaidek
sixty ikaidek
seventy epadek
eighty oktaidek
ninety nonaidek
one hundred fand
one hundred and one fand-un
one hundred and ten fand-dek
one hundred and eleven fand-dek-un
two hundred daifand
three hundred tiraifand
four hundred kadifand
five hundred penaifand
one thousand mil
one thousand one hundred and eleven mil-fand-dek-un
two thousand daimil
two thousand two hundred and twenty-two daimil-daifand-daidek-da
five thousand penaimil
ten thousand dekaimil
twenty thousand daidekaimil
one hundred thousand fandaimil
one million mizá
one billion milaimizá
yes sai
no fi
maybe pæán
the la / l’
it ri
he æ
she sæ
you (singular) tir
you (plural) tísir
they tiræ
me mi
him iæ
her isæ
them ætir
house mezon
table tavét
chair žez
wall tórgu
paper pæpur
door portö
welcome biénavu
good bien
bad möv
okay okæ
hello alö
day jórna
to eat cosum
to drink borum
restaurant rezöron
waiter / waitress veter / vetrez
please plez
can vit
to have avrum
to be etrum
and i
if foru
to go alum
to come palum
road rúd
to call tilórum
to drive döarum
aeroplane æroplán
luggage bagörai
entrance intóra
exit ekóra
money curéta
bank bánca
autoteller / a.t.m. ótöbánca / ó.b.
car votur
bus caraž
taxi tači
lorry opaiga
there en
everyone móndo
Now, anyone can suggest words to add to the dictionary! :smile: You have to post the English and the Pomina translations, and also try to keep the Pomina translations understandable. You can use diacritics (accents) too, but don’t overuse them.

Please post your ideas here. :grin:

uh one question, why to make your own language? :E

I think it’s cool. I want to make my own language one day(s) when I find the time.

If it interests you be sure to have a look at Tolkien’s languages at The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, and also The Language Construction Kit.

Because it’s interesting and fun. :content:

Thanks Serbitar. :smile: I’ve looked at that Construction Kit site before, and it’s really useful.

wow, cool! I’ve moved this to the lounge as it would be a shame if this disappears after a while.

Ok, thanks Q. :smile:

Yes this deffinately needed saving from the playground¬!

Alóri, su etri paroli Pomína. Æ etra azu dróla áctuo! Æ etra notu pre finana, par æ anco fera sensi. :smile:

So, I am speaking Pomina. It is quite fun actually! It is nowhere near finished, but it still makes sense. :smile:

HRm, that is actually pretty cool.

Contage preapres to make the mightiest language of them all!!

*Contage gives up… :sigh: *

Mérsi Contage. :smile: Cretárum von lódiam grava pasións, i multía é æ. Persisti, i magnifía pöliai ocuranæ.

Thanks Contage. :smile: Creating a language takes patience, and lots of it. Persist, and amazing things will happen.

Me and a couple of guys have our own version of Dutch where we replace any vowels with “adi” (ah-dee). Double vowels (oo, ee, aa) are replaced with just one “adi”. J/Y are also replaced with adi. The rest is pronounciation-based, so “player” becomes pladijadir, rather than pladiadiadir. XD
It may sound easy, but we speak it like a mothertongue, and even faster, so it’s non-understanble for outsiders, they just hear “adi adi adi adi adi” with some consonants in between. XD

When I [used to] smoke weed (it was sort of a stoners language) we used it to say to each other “Hey lets do some weed after school” or shout “Im frikkin stoned” to each other without everybody knowing, so we could make appointments/arrange meetings with teachers, parents, etc around.

It’s fun.

(I’ll give it in Dutch and then an English translation but English words are just said in English, they arnt being Adisch’d to prevent confusion).

Dutch: Yo man, hoe gaat het? Ja lekker, met jou?
English: Yo dude, how are you? Im good, you?
Adisch: Yadi madin, hadi gadit hadit? Jadi ladikkadir, madit jadi?

Now, pretend that’s being said in a second. :razz:

Haha, nice language! It must be hard saying that sentence in a single second. :grin: But it’s probably more of a language game rather than a language (see Wikipedia: Gibberish)


The Pominanian flag:

The Pomina script with Romanised, Uppercase and Lowercase:

I would do handwriting in the script, but I don’t have a scanner… :shy:


Neko, I loved your language. Feels like French with a basic Latin–esque grammar.

Mérsi, Bruno! Sai, tir etra coreto; ri etra tresa simílo pi Frančaza. I multía é otur lódiamai aku un! :tongue:

Thanks, Bruno! Yes, you are right; it is very similar to French. And loads of other languages in one! :tongue:

Now this has taken up a lot of time. I’ve finished translating the Lord’s Prayer, which is commonly used for language comparison. Here are the English and Pomina versions, the English from Wikipedia:
Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial,
And deliver us from evil.
[For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours,
Now and forever. Amen.]

Itæ Pato aku siála,
Consacrana etra tiro nam,
Tiro rena pala,
Tiro désiro etra ferana,
On téra áli aku siála.
Donni inu préza inur perzo pánia.
Forgiva inu inur peseloai áli nu forgivu ætir cu pesela conta inu.
Rescara inu pila la témo é prosénia,
I delívera inu pila drelad.
[Por la rena, la fors, i la glori etra tiro,
Manito i tožu. Amen.]

Yeah it is. :smile:

but… but… but… your alphabet doesn’t have a Q! :cry:

:thumbs: incredible, you made your own script as well. I love it :smile: Nice flag too, does it symbolize anything?

Su etri asúri ria tir vit etri pasKuale aven fi probólai. :tongue: Mérsi por la complimonai, Q. :smile:
La baner etra totalo random, ri avra fi glifáto nor-ét. :razz:

I’m sure you can be pasKuale without any problems. :tongue: Thanks for the compliments, Q. :smile:
The flag is completely random, it has no symbolisation at all. :razz:

EDIT: We now have Pomina poetry! Clicky! :cool:

w00t! :woot: The script is now in action!

I wrote this just using a mouse, so it’s probably a bit different from real handwriting: Click here