The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 48

Hi my names is Ray but my nickname is Perrito= WOW WOW

:welcome: Perrito and everyone else.

:welcome: Perrito have a good one here also :content:

Hey, how ya doing fellow dream characters? Like my profile says, I’m using dream journaling and hoping to get lucid in dreams to unblock creatively. I have found LD4all to be super-informative.

Stress and the daily grind have built a pretty tall artist’s and writer’s block for me over many months. I can already see the positivity of dream journaling - it is writing after all - after one week. I can see some themes, although no LD quite yet. I will be posting my nearest result after this intro.

So cheers everyone, and sweet dreams. :smile:

cheers to you also ,welcome , also welcome to everyone else (dude , i have to check ,more often on this topic :razz: )

:wave: hello LDoneironaut, Perrito and tenaciousTJ
I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all :smile:

LDoneironaut, if you still remember your LD it would be great if you posted it in our Big My First LD Collection topic in the dream journal forum :boogie:
there is no tech that is guaranteed to work all the time. I would advise you to read the how to choose your technique topic and the Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
both topics are in the knowledge base

:welcome: Perrito

ooo I hope you will make a topic in garden of creation or fruits of lucidity :yay:

Hello, I’m Shawn, but I’d prefer if you called me Althander (Shortenings: Allie, Alt), seeing as I really hate using my real name anyway.

I’ve been to this site before, around a year ago (But never really signed up.), and I’ve always wanted to try Lucid Dreaming, but I was so busy with school that by the end of the day I had forgotten what I needed to do.

I call myself a writer, though in reality I’m just a lazy procrastinator who RPs a lot.

I also take the online persona of a dragon most of the time, though my size varies from small and cute to medium-sized to large and god-like.

And, well, the only other thing is that I’m terrible at writing introductory posts (Due to my nervousness being around new people, plus the aforementioned laziness.), and this one probably isn’t much better from my usual.

:welcome: hello Althander welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
there’s no need to feel nervous here, you will soon feel at home :happy: (the quickest way to make new friends here is to hang around in the playground forum a little :smile: )
I notice you like writing/RP you may like to try our vampiregame it will start when we get enough players for the next game :happy:

There is a lot of information, advice and personal experiences about LD that you can read about on the forums :boogie: … so dive in and have fun :happy:

Greetings from cold Switzerland.

I must say, that’s a nice community here with many useful topics!

I’ve first tried LD some years ago but stopped practicing since I didn’t get quick results and I was kind of busy at school. Now I’ll try it again (and hoppefully for a longer time than the 2 weeks I did last time.) and I’m looking forward to my first LD.



I am very interested in starting to learn Lucid dreaming but I don’t know the best way to start. I am so happy that this forum is here so that you can help me. I have never attempted to Lucid dream yet so please bear that in mind so please give me advice on how to start for someone who has never tried.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time,

:wave: hello MMDreamer and stevj016 :happy:

:yes: MMDreamer … 2 weeks isn’t a very long time :wink:
if you stay with it longer you should soon get some good results :boogie:
/me wishes you good luck this time around :thumbs:

stevj016 … first thing would be to make sure your recall is quite good (it would be a waste of time having a LD if you couldn’t remember it :thud: )

  1. set the intention to remember your dreams before going to sleep
  2. keep a notepad and pen near your bed
  3. spend a little time every morning just lying still trying to recall anything from your dreams

once your recall is good … read the choosing your technique topic and the list of all known techs (links are in my post higher up)
then once you choose which tech is best for you … you are on your way to your first lucid dream :yay:

Whoaaa alot of noobies since i last came…

Welcome everyone, enjoy your stay :content:

:welcome: Althander , MMDreamer and stevj016 to LD4all!

I hope you have a great time here on our great forum and have a wonderful time.

Hello, name’s Reno and I’m new here. :wave:

I’ve been able to LD in the past but have never truly cultivated it for lack of persistence. I’m hoping to be able to turn that around with my stay here and hopefully my dreams will again resurface from the deep depths of my subconscious from which they so stubbornly reside.

Also, I’ve been hanging out as a guest for some time now, and I have to say you guys have a great place here and I’m really happy to be a part of it, thanks for having me!

:welcome: Reno glad you finally joined us!

:wave: hello Reno welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
since you have registered some more forums can now be browsed … Dream Journal, Gathering, Garden of Creation etc :boogie: … so a lot more fun lies in wait for you :happy:

I hope you stay around here for a long time :boogie:

Welcome everyone to our little community we have here… enjoy your stay! :touched:

hello people, my name´s Pedro and I´m new to the site
erm, I didn´t know if I should introduce myself and didn´t know where to do it so if u want to move the topic it´s ok…
I´ve had two lucid dreams lately but can´t stand much in them, but I´ve already read some ways of staying in them so I´ll try when I have another LD
I feel I´m very close to get many lucid dreams because lately I´ve had many dreams in which I realize its a dream and then wake up in the dream, or in which I talk about dreams with other people
my sister is a natural born LDer she is lucid in every dream she is into, she starts the dream lucid with WILD and when the lucid dream ends she just wake up and go back to sleep having like 3-5 LDs per day, I´ve asked her to come to my dream and tell me I´m dreaming but it didn´t give much results lately… I thought maybe the placebo effect could make me lucid, or maybe she could indeed come to my dream but she tried once and said it was a little strange… maybe I wasnt dreaming at that time…
Well, I´ve said a lot! but it´s better to make one post than many right??

added last little bit to original post

;welcome: hello hawk eye, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

you mean those dreams where you get lucid … think you wake up ( FA ) and then talk about the brief lucidity you had just had? :thud:
they are so annoying :meh:

I’ve asked some forum members to do that for me. The closest I got was pasQuale being able to see my dream from a distance but she couldn’t get my attention :eh:

She only tried once? with multiple LDs per night :eek: … you should ask her to keep trying :grin:

Remember to start a dream journal in our dream journal forum if you want to post your dreams here :content: I would enjoy reading them :happy:

hey, sry for taking so long to respond, I didnt know my topic has been moved!
so, yes, Ill ask my sister to try to LD me 3 times per night, we´ve tried only once…

yes, I get several false awakenings it looks… today I woke up and looked at my clock and it was 12:00 then I just went back to bed a little, then got up and went to the kitchen and my homemaid said: “u woke up quite early today huh?”
“WHAT?” I said, “it´s 12:00!!!”
then she said " are u crazy take a look at the clock" and it was 9:00…