This is how far i've got, what's next?

Hey, doctorcontrol’s the name, new here. :smile:

So, let me give you some information about my dreaming first. I came into contact with Lucid dreaming after reading a couple of topics about the story in inception over at imdb (movies, tv-series etc). A movie i absolutely adore for it’s interesting approach to dreaming. And I read a bit about this lucid dreaming thingie, but thought that this was too much mumbo-jumbo for a guy like me (materialist, atheist, focusing entirely on my career). So i never went down that road…

The latest two weeks iv’e realised how much i actually remembers from my dreams, and a couple of days ago I accidently reached lucidity, if only for a couple of seconds (enough to realize that I was dreaming, then I drifted away). I felt really wierd waking up that morning, and during that day I couldnt think of anything else but this wierd dream, which felt…so surrealistic. It got to me later that night that is was a LD I had experienced. Got really exited. Wanted to try it again.

So I’ve been reading the topics and threads here and got the impression that most people thinks its a good idea to start with the dreamjournal before trying the different methods. And well, thats what ive been doing for the last three days. People tend to say that they dont remember that much about their dreams, well, that does not appeal to me. Downloaded a Journal-app to my iphone to capture my dreams when waking up. The last three mornings iv’e spent at least 20 minutes to write down as many aspects of my dreams as possible and heck, Im walking around with essays in my pockets. I can remember them so clear.

So i was thinking, even if I havent kept dream journal for months to train my ability to remember dreams, do you think its a good idea to start trying a method? I know the basic methods but I dont know what method i should start out with under my circumstances. So what do you say LD4all, should i WILD, MILD, WBTB, or should i just continue keeping dream journal for a while?

I can add that i’ve started to do reality checks to.


PS, Pardon my english. I’m from Sweden. :happy:

Hi, welcome!

My advice is for you to do Reality Checks every day as much as you can, every hour if possible. if not than you just as soon as you remember. This is vital because it’s your way to know if you’re dreaming or not… and you want to do it as many times as possible so at some point you will do it automatically during a dream.

I think sometimes people focus too much on the techniques. They are good, and they really do work! BUT… most important that anything else, is for you to develop Lucid Awareness. Once you develop lucid awareness, you will realize you’ll have LD s pretty much all the time. Constantly look around and analyze your surroundings… if you are driving… at work… in the bathroom… at lunch… anywhere… You must analyze the environment and start to distinguish reality from a dream.

If you want to try a technique, I suggest MILD. It is very easy and generally has quick results.

Good Luck

Thank you for the reply, LucidHVN. Definietly going to mainly focus on increasing vividness and repeating RCs.

Alot of people starting out always think of it as Follow the steps exactly or else it’ll fail, which isn’t true, It’s very important to improve your dream Recall and a DreamJournal is the best way to improve it.
Don’t worry about not doing Reality Checks all the time, i just do them when i notice I’m daydreaming (Which is alot), if something seems weird or your in an unfamiliar place and if i think about Lucid Dreaming (Which is also alot).
MILD is a good technique to start out with but everybodys different so check here [All LD techniques) for a list of techniques, find one you like and are comfortable with.
Good luck.

Thanks Minato, will keep that in mind.

i’m sorry but i don’t feel that the point is to remember your LDs…I have different opinion about this and maybe i’m stupid but for me it’s only necessary to be sure that you achieve an LD…when this happens and you ARE the Master…then teach yourself 20 ways of remembering!!write in 7 books allthe time…remembering it’s easy when you really want it…memorizing it’s better when you want it and you are calm…
It’s funny but most of us speak about memorizing and recall and I feel like all this are useless…
maybe because i’m a jackass and wrong…but i remember years before when i had memorizing problem I thought it in a LD and were “given” to me many ways to remember which maybe don’t help you because there mine…but you have yours…find them… …and i use methods in my LDs such as real life…find them by googling…
or when i am lucid dreaming i try to remember facts that happened to me in real life in order to achieve some kind of connection between the memories of real and lucid life…be aware that when you lucid dreaming you can place the seeds" in your brain…maybe in some years but it is happening…
My advice generally is to speak and listen more to your self…to your unconscious

So i gave up trying to get a LD by MILD for now, and focused entirely on remembering my dreams. When i went to bed yesterday around 01:00 am I kept repeating "I will dream, and when I’ll wake up, i’ll remember the dream. Because of this (probably) something pretty impressive happened. I had a dream, and woke up directly after it around 5:00 am. I wrote it down, fell asleep again while repeating the same thing, and dreamt again…and woke up by myself again after the dream was over. This time I didnt have the willpower to write it down, and fell asleep again instead.

I must say, from my point of view im making kinda good progress. Going to try WBTB and MILD the hardcore way tonight and see whats about to happen. Wish me good luck guys! :smile:

Doctorcontrol, I guess if you feel you’re making progress then you’re in the right track! As stated here, each one of us dreams and lucid-dreams differently.

If focusing on your dream recall seems to be working, by all means keep doing it!

For now i might just aswell use the time to increase my dream recall since that will probably increase my chances of having a LD. As we speak I am up for a WBTB, 20 minutes passed. Im about to go for MILD the normal way.

remembered the last dream i had since i went to bed pretty well if not perfect. I havent realised it yet, but even just remembering dreams every night is kinda cool in comparison of how few I remembered before.

Thanks for the motivation tukkek! :smile:

keep it up bro, sound’s like u r on the right track dude. i hav found that over the past couple months my dream recall has improved so much but i hav only had 2 ld’s so far :wallhit: but u r right even just remembering the dreams is great and has been very encouraging for me to bro.

Thanks for the encouraging comments guys.

I had a very thriller-like dream after my WBTB, not lucid though. But I feel writing my DJ is very interesting and I can imagine that looking back over all the derams in a couple of months will be a kick…

However I hope it wont take that long for me to get a lucid dream since I will probably have lost my motivation by then…

Anyway, good luck to you Gamblino! See you around.

Yeah, simply remembering dreams can be VERY fun. I try not to forget that but end up doing so :sad:

I focused on recall last night and had excellent recall. I ended up having a couple low lucid moments, without trying. But just the dreams were great! I woke up very happy :happy:

The better you remember your dreams the more awareness you have in them, even if you aren’t lucid per se. So it’s a lot easier to get lucid from there. Good luck!