The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 76

Welcome to LD4all, Curly :wink:

Good luck with your lucid journey. Feel free to open discussions about topics you find interesting. We also have a dream journal section where some members post dreams they had, so if you feel like sharing your nightly adventures, that’s also a good place :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Hello everyone I am Amir
Im 37 and been dreaming since I remember. Im very new to online communities about dreaming.
been practicing LD for years but not much luck, I almost dream every time I go to sleep usually about the last thing I watched or read(thats why I don’t like scary movies!) but everytime I get to the point that I realize Im dreaming I wake up except for last few times which I woke up mainly bc I didn’t know what to do in a lucid dream😅
Really hoping I could use ur experiences to get the train moving…

Welcome to ld4all, @Late4work ! With your sound dream recall you’re in a great spot to try and induce some lucid dreams. Like you sort of experienced last time, it’s good to have some intent prepared on what to do in your lucid dream. I suggest you’ll try to figure that out next :content:

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Hello everyone! I am glad to be part of this community.
I am 28 years old, I come from Italy and I am starting to explore the world of lucid dreaming. LD is something I often did as a child, but I forgot how to do it as I grew up.

welcome to ld4all @Agrimensore

if you have a quick look at


it should help you recall how you used to do it.

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Hello I’m new


welcome to the forum @Anansi we were all new once and it’s a great community with years of LD information at your finger tips. Hope you feel at home here.

Hello Anansi! ^^

hi lol

welcome to ld4all @PlayerPro342

Hi I’m just getting into LDing and found this wonderful place, I’ve spent hours reading through this forum in the past two week and I have already had two LDs following Ye Old LD Guide, wish me luck :upside_down_face:


Welcome to the community, @marek :wave:

Already two LDs, that’s great. Let’s hope there will be many more!

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Hi all, Em glad to become a member of this forum. :blush:

Welcome to the community, @Moira_1 :wave:

Have a look around and get into a discussion, ask questions or share your dreams with us :content:

Hi there, I’m Syval, living near Bordeaux.

I have a cat.

Nice to meet you all! :heart_eyes:


Hi and welcome, Syval :welcome:

welcome @Syval and your cat :cat2:

Thaaanks! :slight_smile:

Hi all! Great to find such forum exists!
Not sure how to describe my LD experience. Had unpleasant and unwanted OBE episodes in my teen years. Then I found a forum and a community - all was great and learned a lot.
Now 15 years later I’m 30! (oh… can you imagine? yes… that old.)
In short - I will be happy to chat again with people that do LD and examine these goosebumps things.