The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 76

Good morning, my Name is Fede i m from south america, and from years something strange have happening i m not sure if it can be qualified as Lucid Dream… or just part of the dream secuence…

On certain occasions I have the power to decide to wake up for real at will within dreams … added to frequent sleep paralysis which does not scare me because I know how to break , I am deprived of all senses when paralysis happen (there are no hallucinations) … it does not seem that I have the power to reform the dream at will i just can decide to wake up when I want to, does this mean that it is a lucid dream? … I have also had the strangest dream of my life which I remember it well … in which I mix several powers if it can be called that way from repeating reality … false awakening and … deciding to wake up ( i think this one was more than a dream… some sort of spiritual thing)

Also i m not complety sure If I M choosing to wake up… or just dreaming about it… same with some powers… inside dreams what i m 100% sure is that in more than 30 dreams from differents kinds since i was a kid if in the dream i decide to wake up… IT HAppen for real…

NOTE: in dreams i seems to be aware of this wake up Ability to scape any situation i want… ( tough, i cant be sure if this is part of a subsconcius decision (part of the dream) or a Concient Lucid decision

Note 2: Not on every dream i decide to wake Up… it happen randomly

Anyway , Thanks for the Attention!

welcome to the forum.

The definition of lucidity is being AWARE that you are dreaming while in the dream. So you have to remember what you were thinking and feeling at the time. If you decide you were aware, you can begin to work on making the dream more lucid instead of waking up.

I do remember those dreams… but i had no control… what we have here is something weird… i m pretty sure My Wake up decision IS part of the dream secuence… that doesnt change the fact IT does wake me up for real… and it happens in dif scenarios… somes very dark…

Fun Note: When i do decide wake up i do it in the same way like Jeanni on " i dream.of Jennie" Grants a wish… i just blink hard and then i wake up for real… this as goes as far as dream solely of an item i want to purchase… grab it on my dream trow trough my window… then wake up for real… 2 check if is there ( of course it was not, since dream items cannot cross the barrier to the real world haha )

Hey all! First time here.

So, my name is Almo and it’s probably the second time in my life I sign into a forum (last time was probably 6 years ago). I’m your local french dramatic shapeshifter dude who loves drawing and writing cute, poetic, action and drama stories.

I’ve learn about lucid dream about 3 years ago, but I really wanted to partice it about one year ago, the subject fascinated me, but I never was a big dreamer, I almost never remembered my dreams, so I decided to practice some techniques and eventually, tried to become lucid.

There is many reason I want to become lucid.
First, I want to communicate with my subconscious, I heard it can be very therapeutic and I want to help myself change some bit of my personality I find imperfect.
Second, I want to become the character I create. I create a lot of OCs with some kind of powers that are really close to me, I could even say they are me. I incorporate them into stories I write, but I think that my vision of them is “incomplete” because I don’t know what I feel when using the powers my OCs have (which is normal, because it’s real life dammit). And I feel like I must really put myself in their place to really know what they can feel like when I put them in different situation. Also, I just want to have fun with my powers, so why not?
And thirdly, I just want to let my imagination run wild with environments and situations. I’ve heard that lucid dream can boost your imagination and I totally want to do that, explore environment or species I’ve never thougt they existed, travel through a lot of locations with my (imaginary) friends. And then, when I wake up, get something out of it, new sights to exploit and have a story to tell to my (irl) friends.

The thing is (and this is the reason why I signed in on this forum) while I improved my ability to dream, and now I can remember the dream I do every evening (even if I must order my brain to do it every time before I sleep), I didn’t made a lot of lucid dreams… Like at all?
I’ve started to train for it about 1 year ago, and I manage to get only 5 LDs since then. I mean, it’s better than nothing I guess, but it never lasted long, or has never been very vivid every times. I trained all the way this summer (from June to right now) and I never had one. I will just try to talk more about it in other discussions, but it’s just to give general about my skills. You guessed it, I’m not really good and I’m feeling desperate :slight_smile:

I hope being on this forum will help me improve myself in this domain. Thank you for reading me and pardon me if my english is bad, as I sait earlier, I’m french ^^’

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Welcome to ld4all, @Almo :wave:

Just talking about it will increase your chances, there are many anecdotes about that for sure. If you feel the level of detail was not so good in your previous lucid dreams, how do you feel about the details of your normal dreams? Practicing better awareness in waking life my help your brain to home in on the details more.

hello @Almo
I think you will find it useful to browse our FAQ and Tutorial section

Best topics to begin with are
How to choose your technique "How to Choose Your Technique" - By Treader
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Thanks, you two for your quick answer! I’ll look forward to your advice.

Hi there. I’ve been reading several posts since I activated my old account. It feels as though I’m walking slowly through an old familiar road or hallway while happily reminiscing. It certainly feels good to be in a community of people who appreciate their dreams as much as I do mine (including the nightmares).

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welcome back :wave: I revisit very old topics sometimes. :heart:

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Hi everyone! In ancient times I used to come here, and now I am back. The new place looks fantastic. I hope to spend an inspiring time here, an meet some fellow travellers!

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Welcome back to LD4all, @Guido13 :wave:
Yes, the discussion board had a major software update at the beginning of last year. It feels much more modern now.

So I started practicing lucid dreams a year ago and I used to get small lucid glimpses, but now I have taken it seriously. I’m doing practises from 2 months and it has definitely increased my consciousness but I don’t understand why I’m not even getting a single glimpse ( I have pretty good dream recall and I have written a lot of dreams in my dream journal and I’m even doing RCs ). But for God knows what reason I haven’t gotten a single LD. If anyone can help me I’d really appreciate that.

Ive been lucid dreaming on and off and on since I was around 24. Sometimes the best LDs come when you slip the focus on LDing. Others come when you believe enough that they will come. And it is really important to try to be aware of what a dream is like, what is so strange or scary that it cant be real. And you have to be patient and trust and also you have to tell yourself you have time to LD and that you are safe and asleep and nothing bad will happen.

Hope that helped!

That’s exactly how I think of LDing. But how much time did it take to have your first LD? And I’m just 17 so I think teenagers can easily learn LDing and that’s not the case with me so it just feels a bit like I should have been able to LD by now. But it has increased my awareness so that’s a huge advantage. And BTW nothing in LDing ever scared so I’m not scared of anything in LD (even ghosts). The thing is I am just not able to see my progress. And I sometimes walk in real life when I’m dreaming so I don’t know if I can even get a SP.

welcome to the forum @ANI

That is the key to Lucid Dreaming, increasing your awareness so you realise you are dreaming within the dream.

Have fun on your LD Quest.

Hi im new and excited to be part of this site


Hi and welcome! :welcome:

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome @Neiluk2021 :wave:

What’s your experience with lucid dreaming so far? Have you just discovered LDs and want to give them a try or do you already have hands-on experience?

Hello!!! I’m new here! I have been working on lucid dreaming since March or so of this year, and have had around 6 lucid dreams, some really incredible ones… now I am in a bit of a dry spell and have not been able to get lucid for more than two months. Working on it every day though. I am happy to find this awesome place full of lucid dreamers. Would love to connect. I’m in BC, Canada!