the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 73

Hello Lady Yomi, welcome to ld4all.
I loved your artwork too and look forward to your next ones. :content:

Oh my—! Thank you lots Letaali & Moogle for the warm welcome! :happy: Im glad that you like my stuff, it’s amazing to be able to share my works with other dreamers for once! :content: ha ha

Hi everyone
My name is Ash known as ALS5, I’ve been into lucid dreaming and the mind for about 25 years although yet to go lucid (to be honest studied more than practiced). Hope to possibly help/find out as much info as possible it’s a pleasure to be surrounded by so many like minded people.


What the mind believes the body achieves

:welcome: hello Ash, welcome to the ld4all forum.

Just read and knew about it or got to know the various methods too? Is your recall good? Since if it’s poor it is possible to forget lucid dreams especially if they are low level.

Anyhow I hope your first lucid is now on the horizon!

Hi everyone!

I made a lucid dream this night and it made me think of coming in here.
I am French but since the French forum is closed, I came here, which is not a problem since I’m fluent in English.
I’m 16 years old, passionate about History. My hobbies are reenactment, figurine painting, drawing, writing… My favourite period is the 19th century but I reenact the Middle-Ages, the Napoleonic era and the First World War.
I am a literature student, specialised in English language.

My nickname is an old, 19th century French word that designated the guards of 19th century prisons, the ‘bagnes’ or more vulgarily ‘chiourmes’.

See y’all later!

Hello Garde-chiourme, welcome to ld4all :spinning:

Had you previously been reading the read-only topics on the French side?

Will you be keeping a DJ in our Dream Journal or keeping a private one?

I’m also wondering if you intend to set your LDs in the 19th century.

Hi everyone!
My name is Lucia and I’m 32. I’m italian :smile:
I’ve been interested in LD for a long time, but I’ve never really tried to have one until now. I have no trouble remembering my dreams (and I have the most complicated dreams :happy: ), but I’m finding it difficult to get lucid. I was able to when I was a child and I’m still able to wake up from a dream and go back to it. In june I had my first (recent) lucid dream and it was amazing! But it lasted just a couple of minutes (I’ll talk about it in another section). I really hope to get to know you better and maybe with your help become a more experienced lucid dreamer.
Bye for now :smile:

Hello Lucia, welcome to ld4all :content:

If I was able to do this, after waking in night I would tell myself
“When I see <insert main thing/scene from previous dream> I WILL be dreaming.”

It could help with your awareness when you re-enter the dream.

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum. :spinning:

Hi !
My name is Madison, I’m 15 and I’m french .
I don’t think that my english is really good but never mind , the world of lucid dreams interest me and this website is very cool :tongue: .
So I discovered the lucid dreams not long ago . At first , I thought it was impossible to do a conscious dream :eh: . But one day , I wanted to try something . So I read articles , forums about lucid dreams and the same night I had one :content: .However , it did’nt last long- I mean 10 seconds .
I would like to learn differents techniques to enter in lucid dream .
It’s so fascinating ! We can do all that we want in dream .
Ps : Sorry for my bad english .

Hello Madison, welcome to ld4all :welcome:

Your English is brilliant! :content:

Congrats! The first ld is often very short due to the excitement and strangeness of becoming lucid. The length and stability will improve.

I would recommend reading the topics

How to Choose your Technique
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

Have fun :spinning:

So nice to have found this place. I am Lakshmi.
I first heard about LD (around the time the movie inception came out :smile:
Friends of my teenage daughter would tell me about their dream practice and I couldn’t even begin to grasp what they are saying even though the concept of awareness and spiritual practice had been an important part of my life for many years already. Also I had always been interested in my dreams and what they might mean.

Next thing I find myself reading the book of Robert Waggoner and was instantly blown away. I started lapping up everything I could find on LD and practiced as much as I could for a year. The outcome was one LD of flying to music like a dance.
It was marvelous like an amazing real life enriching experience. But… never again.
After one year of intense practice I got frustrated and decided I have no talent for this. (After all my son was able to have LDs after I just told him about the possibility.)

Three years later I am ready to give it another serious try and here I am.
As I am also a student of Vedic Astrology I would like at some point do research on LD and planet constellation at the time of birth of successful LDers.

:wave: Welcome to the forum Lakshmi.
That first LD sounds awesome! :fly:

So had you practiced awareness in waking life?
You could find The importance of Awareness interesting.

It is good that you appreciate normal dreams

The above was taken from The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

Lastly my favourite scene in Inception was when all the street was bent. :eh:

Thank you for pointing out the article that was really interesting and helpful to get more perspective on the subject.

I love my ND’s. They are constantly teaching me about hidden fears and insecurities.

“The dream shows the inner truth and reality of the patient as it really is: not as I conjecture it to be, and not as he would like it to be, but as it is.”
― C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Hello everyone!

My name is Vince, I live in France at the moment, but I never stay at one place for long.

I’ve been lurking the forum for a while and thought it would be a good thing to finally join. I’ve known about LD for a long time, but I’ve always believed it couldn’t be learnt. I realised I was wrong a few months ago, reading about dream yoga. I’ve had my first LD after a month of practice (I was swimming under water and, thinking it might be a dream, tried to breathe. I managed to increase lucidity, but eventually woke up). No luck since then. I’m really interested in the spiritual side of LD, but I’d also like to use this opportunity to practice dream dancing. Anyone else using LD with an athletic goal in mind?

I’m really impressed by the community and I’m looking forward to sharing, learning and having fun with y’all!

Hello Prospero, welcome to the forum. :wave:

Congrats on your first LD.

Normal dancing in a LD? When I read ‘dream dancing’ I thought of the possible dream variations - levitating, spinning in air, flying etc.

Now you have had a LD, It should be easier next time. :spinning:

Hello there!

I read your answer before going to bed and thought: “easier next time? yeah right…” Guess what… I’ve had an amazing LD tonight! So, I thank you for your encouragement!

Although I’m interested in all the possible dream variations (I flew quite a bit tonight actually, it was the first time. I never flew in ND), I was talking about dance training. I’m a competitive dancer… my partner is away, there’s no school nearby and I read about a few sport dreams in Laberge’s book.

Great! :yay:

hello everyone i’m new here.

jessica patel
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:wave: jessica

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