the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 73

This is Part 73 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic.

The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.

Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

(please remember to not carry on long chatspeak conversations in here, we have a wonderful private message system, chatroom and playground for that :thumbs: ) :moogle: [/mod]

N! L! Glad you decided to stop in, welcome, welcome. For anyone curious, I met the two of them thanks to having kind of a similar thing going on inside, Ti has been with me since I was eleven. A dream figure who stuck around one morning and has shared day-to-day life with me ever since.

I don’t talk about it much, for obvious reasons, but I figure the last I can do is open up a little now that a couple of our good friends like us are coming along here. Looking forward to seeing this place offer you both lots of room to grow and cool things to learn from cool people, we’ll see each other around.

Greetings. We are yet another odd case of more than one individual sharing a brain, though those of us here did not originate through dreams in particular. In fact, how we came to be the way we are is quite a mystery. As with Onona, we are very much our own, separate people (certainly not ‘facets’ or ‘personalities’ of one person), only with a shared vehicle so to speak.

The oldest known individual among us, we will call him A, has lurked this site since 2008 in his early teens, but fell out of practice with lucid dreaming throughout high school. He never had an account, from what he tells me, though he does have many dream journals elsewhere. He has the most vivid dreams out of all of us, and frequently becomes lucid, though he has a strange issue he has yet to encounter among anyone else. He will likely discuss it in our on-site dream journal shortly. A is the more creative of the lot of us, which shows through the 3D animation degree he is currently striving for. He finds much of his inspiration through dreams.

As for me, you may call me M. I am a much heavier sleeper, and having dreams of my own is rare, though it does happen from time to time. I have met A in person on several occasions while lucid, though only for a fleeting, passive moment. My own personal goal is to stay more attentive while dreaming, as I fall asleep so easily it becomes hard to function in a lucid dream. I would like to be able to dream more frequently. Other than that, I will likely do much of the talking here as A is very shy. I am a bit more of a realist, I suppose you could say, and I do not share A’s creative talent, but I am good at keeping things organized and people herding. Although A was driven to leave university to pursue something more hands-on and practical, I would still like to go back one day and get a degree in history, if only for the bragging rights.

There are some others among us, though they come and go, and do not share our interest in dreaming. Anyway, it is a pleasure to meet you all, we look forward to getting to know you all and helping where we can.


Welcome to ld4all callut :wave: We do have a why your user name topic in gathering :wink:
You might like to enter the next LD challenge in the adventures subforum.
I hope you enjoy your time here.

Hello WakingEyes.

It’s much more fun with an account since you can join in discussions and create topics etc :smile:

Greetings! :wave:

How are you lovely folks doing? I’m Juno! I’m 25, from Cowtown, Tennessee. (That might not be the technical name, but that’s what it appears to be. :wink: )

I’ve always had a very “interesting” sleep life. All the friends at work have a collective SIGH! when I mention I’ve had another dream. :grin: They know it’s usually a pretty scary sight to behold! It’s all great fun, though. :peek:

Looking forward to friend-having!

Welcome to ld4all Juno Wolf. Now you have an outlet to talk about all those dreams :spinning:
I look forward to peeking into your DJ :grin:

Hiya Juno

Nice to meet you. Have a good look around - there’s loads to find! :smile:

Hi. I’m SoullessSingularity, Soulless for short. I mostly intend to lurk and such. I’m not very important or particularly interesting I think. I have strange dreams and I’d like to try and figure out some of them on this site.

A pleasure to meet you all. Thanks in advance for the warm welcome.


Welcome, Soulless :content:

Hello everyone! I’m Yanshuf (it means Owl ינשוף) . I’m some sort of lucid dreamer.
My main technique is wild with wtbt and I’m very bad at it.
I’m hooked on lucid dreaming since three years, and still going on hopefully getting better finally. I like to joke many times, mostly unfunny jokes :. I like fascinating things like science and everything related to dreams.

Nice to meet you all

:welcome: Hello SoullessSingularity and Yanshuf, welcome to ld4all.

Every ld4all member is important and interesting. :content: I hope you enjoy your time on the forum whether in lurk-mode or fully interacting. :grin:


You may like to join the next LD challenge, it’s fun and good motivation to improve LDing and recall.

Hello, Friske here! I’m 28, residing in Göteborg, Sweden. I joined up since I had my first deliberate LD last night! :partying_face: Short story: I was longing for an OOBE but someone mentioned LD as a more fun and easygoing way to begin the adventuring. As I woke up today I wanted to share my success with the world.

Looking forward to everything this place has to offer!

Welcome to ld4all Friske :welcome:
Congrats on your first deliberate LD :yay:

We have a sticky ‘My First LD collection’ at the top of the DJ forum where you can post the details if you wish. :thumbs:

Hello everyone :smile:

I’m Cubiculum_Nephili (video game reference), and I am 15. I first learnt about LDs when I was about 12, but I never got truly determined to lucid dream until recently. I have had many unsuccessful WILD attempts, and am hoping to have my first tangible LD soon :smile:

Nice to meet you all :happy:

Just read your LD Friske. [
I love the hand through the wooden ledge and going through the wall parts. :spinning:

Hello Cubiculum_Nephili :wave:
Welcome to the forum. Were you trying to WILD in the middle of the night/near morning? It’s more likely to work then. Good luck with your LD quest. :thumbs:

Hello my dear friends my name is Millie and I am very new to lucid dreaming. I have tried lucid dreaming on my own for years but have only experienced it once. I hoping that with the right help i will be able to experience it more frequently. Thank you! :happy: :colgate:

Hello Millie, welcome to ld4all :spinning:
I’m sure that you will get many more lds now that you are here. :thumbs:

Thank you for the welcome! :smile: I hope so too!


been looking for a forum like this for years and wasn’t able to find a decent one
after checking out some of the threads i am convinced you guys are more than worth discussing topics regarding dreams with

i’ve been dream bending all my life as far as i am aware, i don’t always lucid dream(as in realize i am dreaming) but my dreams always do what i want them to

Welcome misterA. Were glad you’re here too. Wow that’s amazing!

Greetings LD4all community!

My name is Andrew, and I came up to this site from searching some video sources that fascinated me a lot, from a youtuber, who is deep with trance, goa and so on, from where I got hooked up at binaural-beats, from which I found an article about a 100 year dream from this community. :happy:

Glad to be here and I can recall, that I have had several LD’s, most when I was a teenager. I thought it could be very healthy for my scabby mind and body, to induce some again.