Ysim's Technique

This is a technique for inducing LD’s that I figured out this morning. It resulted in 2 completely sucessful LD’s.

I start by waking up between 8 and 10 under my own power. I’m awake but still able to quickly fall asleep. I start by thinking of a dream, kinda like reliving a dream. After a little bit, I completely forget about my physical body, and I’m in a LD. I don’t really experience any HI, except whats in my imagination of the dream (if that would even be considered HI). The only down side is that I can only do it on the weekends when I can sleep in atleast till 10. (not 5:45 for school :cry: )

Here’s an example:
I wake up at 8:30 and look at the clock to make sure I had time to sleep in. I imediatly close my eyes and “see” myself walking down the street. I let my imagination wander and I soon see a few kids having an egg toss. I watch the egg toss and one of the observers with his magic watch. Soon I realive I can’t feel my phisical body, and I know I am dreaming.

I didn’t even have to do a RC! :content:
Although it’s a good idea to keep up that habit

So, what was this?? I think until I figure out what it should be called, I’ll call it YILD (Ysim’s Induction for Lucid Dreams)

I read somewhere this is called “dream chaining”, and i had some lds in this way, most of them accidentally.

:content: Hey WolfJsr, thanks for the thought, but its not really a chained dream. (From what I understand) Chaining is when you have a dream, wake up, then fall asleep and re-enter the same dream. Although, I suppose, this method could be used for that.

I didn’t start with a dream. I started awake and imagining a dream scenario.

Yay! A different approach to WILD!

/me is going to try YILD this night :content:

Is it definently a WILD (atleast a form of a WILD)?:???: I wasn’t sure. Thanks Bruno, good luck! :content:

This is actually almost exactly what I was doing a couple of nights ago when I got really close to a WILD. I will keep trying it now because it sounds like it worked for someone else, too. Thanks.

Doesn’t it look like the Dream Reentry/Dream Chaining techniques?

This is a VILD/WILD I guess. It isnt a dream reentry/dream chaining because you dont revisualize a dream that you had before, but you do visualize and enter a dream. VILD.

very cool
Do you recommend me to try to have my first LD using YILD?

You can if you want. :tongue:
I’m actualy planing to get to sleep before midnight tonight so I can try it tomorrow morning. I was going to try this morning, but I was out til 1am last night…which completely killed my recall and ability to wake up before 10 when my mom told me I had to get up :tongue:

Good luck LD’ing :grin:

This sounds like WBTB + WILD. The visualization part sounds like how I do it, though I see it the first time I go to sleep and not after waking up during the night. =]

Oddly, I can only do it at about 8-10am on saturdays and sundays. I guess I have to be awake enough to visualize.

I’m gunna try stealing part of your last dream, Wolf. (If thats OK) I wanna meet Death. I’ll visualize myself in Sam’s Club, then once I’m dreaming, I’ll walk through a door to meet Death. :content:

When you do, convince him to steal a different soul. :tongue:

Lol, I was just planing to beat him up, then steal his souls :tongue:

Wow, this is gonna get me going again. I had been losing motivation and had to do a lot of studying lately so I haven’t even been doing dream recall the last few weeks. WILD after autosuggestion to wake at the beginning of REM works best for me but I really don’t like the chanting part of it…especially when I’m not super-motivated that night.

This sounds like a good refresher that makes sense…it seems like technically it is a WILD but has a different feel to it.

:cool_laugh: YAY! I refreshed some ones motivation! :tongue: Good luck jcharney :content:

Hey, YILD sounds good.

I’ll defenetly try YILD out as soon as possilble. :ok:

Transpiring from the darkness, YILD comes to save humanity from its nights without ld’s. :tongue: i definitley have to try this. :grin: