the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 58

Hi everyone,

i’m a new member, have some experience with lucid dreaming, first because of sleep paralyse ( not very pleasant), than spontaneous OBE’s ( sometimes very pleasant, sometimes scary). Then i got to know “The Art of Dreaming” by Castaneda.

Does anyone have experience with the method in this book? He also mentions “Seeing in your dreams”, as in “percieving energy”.

I could also recommend the book " Yoga of dreaming and sleeping by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche".

Hey everyone, I was told about lucid dreaming so I decided to check it out, and I came across this really awesome website :content: It’s really interesting, seeing as I have had 1 Lucid Dream in my life, about 6 years ago when I was 12/13.

I’ll probably be active around here, I love these kind of things, and I want to start getting to know the basic steps on improving my way to have lucid dreams.

[color=indigo]hi, im sarah. i want to bcome a lucid dreamer so i can do what ive always wanted to. Get the boy ive loved. He barely notices me. i once had a dream of him, twice i think where me and him were on a patio having a romantic night. i was so shocked that i actually had a dream like that.[/color] now that i know im able to control my dreams, i want to do more!

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Hi to all!! Mary here. I dream vividly almost nightly and think with minimal effort I could become lucid. My dreams are pretty insane most of the time and when I woke up this morning at 4 am and after half an hour of analyzing the dream I was in I got stuck awake and finally at 6am got back to sleep. When I woke again at 10 there was a lucid dreaming topic on Yahoo. Serendipity!
I can remember my dreams clearly almost every morning, I already practice several methods of self hypnosis for alleviating occasional insomnia (say that three times fast!) such as the relaxation process, walking up/down stairs, or, my favorite, building my dream house/castle from the foundation up.
I would love to discuss some of my most intense dreams though most of them would make a good start on a horror short story.

hello my names brandon and well i saw the topic of lucid dreaming on yahoo today, went to this sites info page, read every inch of it and now im going to try to lucid dream, im just starting today, and i wish to look forward to sleeping every night

:welcome: welcome to the LD4all community Shetiger, I hope you enjoy your time here :grin:

*takes a deep breath, while thanking yahoo for the link :boogie: *

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Eric N

I’ve teleported in two LDs … you may like to read them, they are in my Lucid Leap topic (link in my signature).
Good luck with the teleporting, it’s always great when we manage to use a new skill in a LD :smile:


My first LD was an instant wake-up one too :tongue:
If you are prone to FAs, you should get into the habit of doing some RCs everytime you wake up. :content: It should get you some easy LDs :wiske:

I recommend reading the knowledgebase forum … especially the “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques.
Reading The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part V and Your Most Interesting LD may give you some inspiration. :grin:

vlinder you may like to visit Lucidity Centerstage … there are a lot of books, movies etc that are related to LDing in that forum. It’s great to have you here. I believe there may be some Castaneda topics in the beyond dreaming forum… just use the search feature :wink:
Ahh here’s a good one if you’ve read The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda and Castaneda’s View Of Dreams

it’s great that you have had a LD already, once you read up on the techniques, you should experience many more.

(have to go to church now … but I will be back)

Hi guys… im new here nd just wanted to say ive had several lucid dreams thorughout my lifetime but never even knew what i was doing was common. I would tell my mom and friends and they’d all think i was just making it up that i could control my dreams. Can’t wait to share my experiences.


Hey my name is David (obviously) and Im new. Like the site so far and looking forward to having my first lucid dream.

Hi, I am Christopher, lucid dreams really interest me, so I decided to try it out. I have experiences like an LD, but I don’t know if you can technically call them LD’s because although I knew I was dreaming, I couldn’t really control my dream. I just started a DJ, and I am looking forward to my first LD. Hopefully this may bring me closer to God, and give me a new understanding of Him.


hello sarah, we have a Love in dreams topic in the stuff forum. It shows that these dreams are often bitter-sweet :meh:



Sounds like you could use this method to incubate LDs through MILD. You may like to look up the VILD topic too. Part I and part II (read the very first post for the method)

/me points to the stuff forum … we even have a nightmare DJ in there :wink:


Don’t forget to read the topics in the knowledgebase too. :content:
Good luck, hope you get a LD soon :smile:

:wave: hello mandi15 and David83, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

David :welcome: I hope you continue to enjoy the forum in the years ahead :content:
Good luck with your lucid quest :grin:


If you really KNOW that you are dreaming then they are LDs. But I am sure you will be able to have controllable LDs too soon enough :happy:

That is a great goal and a tremendous way to make each LD a form of prayer. :content:

Hello all, I’m Mack. I recently read the post on the Yahoo main site as many people have and I was introduced to Lucid Dreaming by it. Not surprisingly I had never heard of Lucid Dreaming, and I now have a strong feeling like I’ve been missing out on a lot. The idea of LD is amazing to me. I’ve spoken to friends and family about LD and they already had an idea of it, where as i have always thought LD to be impossible. This being said, I’m a LD virgin and hope to have my first soon! :smile:

I have been studying psychology in college and came across hypnotism and the strengths of the human subconscious. Sleep and dreaming were always an interesting subject and I’d love to know and learn more about anything I can.

hey all!

i’m skyler. after reading for a while, i decided i want to put some effort into LD. i spent alot of my time playing guitar/writing music and hope i can find some inspiration through LD.

I’ve had an interest in LD for a very long time, but didn’t have luck with it before. After taking a psychology class about consciousness, I was heartened by hearing about other people’s experiences with LD. I often have near-lucid dreams, where I am an omnipresent person who will reason out and re-arrange the storyline trying to make more sense of it, so I just want to make the finally leap into LD.

I’ve had a lot of fun poking around here, and I’m going to eventually start a DJ. Hopefully as summer gets further under way, I’ll have some luck.

Woa! :wow: I just leave ld4all for 2 days and we get a bunch of new members :cool:

:welcome: everyone :grouphug: I hope you all will like this place :thumbs:

I like it a lot already. It’s a good place, so much discussion to read!

hey everyone, im jon
im new here too. im only 16, but LDs seem like they really can add new perspective to personal problems i’ve been having latly.

:welcome: jon to ld4all, Im glad you find some use to your LD’s :wink:

You might want to lurk in Lucid Adventures and find new ways to use LD’s on :woo:


i’m new here and enjoying all the topics! i hope to have many many lds and have had a slight ld the other night- i posted it in the dream journal :happy:

i hope to use my dreams as inspiration for writing as that’s what i love to do and most of my dream journal’s that i post will most likely be in story format. i also hope to gain control of my dream world as sometimes i have really aweful, horrible, terrible, scary nightmares and i need to learn lucidity to gain control of them.

wish me luck!

:welcome: to ld4all buttrfli, I hope youll find more ways to explore your LD’s, maybe through Lucid Adventure forum :grin:

As you wish, good luck :razz:

hello there Butterfli! Feel welcomed on this forum. its great and your dreaming will improve! :cheesy: